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British Medicinal Cannabis Register

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CLEAR=Peter Reynolds: doesn't it?

Not so sure...... consider what Tevion said earlier...

I think his own appointed commitee is coming round shouldn't be long now perhaps a few days if he clings on (which all dictators do)..

However, I know nowt about the internal machinations of CLEAR, so you might be correct.

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Please everyone, do read this brilliant piece by James Collins, about CLEAR and their racist, homophobic leader Peter Reynolds:

Source: h ttps://www.facebook.com/notes/james-collins/time-to-clear-the-air/10150452222865773

Dunno who James Collins is but respect to him, that's a superb piece :notworthy:

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Please everyone, do read this brilliant piece by James Collins, about CLEAR and their racist, homophobic leader Peter Reynolds:

Time To CLEAR The Air

by James Collins

Wednesday, 4 January 2012 at 04:41

Source: h ttps://www.facebook.com/notes/james-collins/time-to-clear-the-air/10150452222865773

Has PR had this removed or do I need to be friends with James Collins to read it? Link doesn't work for me. Really well put, shame he's probably tried to have it censored (assuming why the link fails) - it should be posted more though any of his platforms he'll just remove it, he doesn't like people thinking for themselves.

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On freedom cannabis watch

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I'm going to close this topic now as it has run its course and most of the more recent posts are off topic

The BMCR is now closed so discussing it further is wasted energy

Just came across this on Facebook. :!:

British Medicinal Cannabis Register (BMCR) To Close

It is with great regret that the BMCR announces its closure.

Founded in 2010 with the intention of creating a database of medicinal cannabis users and a source of information for education and research it attracted immediate support from leading politicians, scientists and doctors. Unfortunately, the more mainstream support it attracted the more that some elements in the cannabis community turned against it. Initially it was opposed by a small group associated with UK420 including the site's admin Joolz as well as Jeff Ditchfield. Derek Williams of UKCIA campaigned against it and there was a great deal of damaging speculation as well as wild and scaremongering accusations about its purpose and its data protection policies.

These attacks meant that the register was permanently handicapped shortly after its birth. From a very encouraging start, within a few weeks those opposed to it had sown sufficient fear and uncertainty that registrations dried up. Medicinal users had been terrorised into fear and silence.

I would like to take the opportunity to point out another of Peter Reynolds mistruths, in the above he claims that I was opposed to his BMCR idea, my own unedited words in reply to Peter in this very thread tell a different story

The admins of UK420 were invited to nominate a founding council member before the register was even announced. They have also been kept fully informed of all developments by regular emails. For reasons known only to them, they haven't even acknowledged any correspondence let alone had the courtesy to accept or decline the invitation.

Hello Peter

Thank you for your recent invitation to sit on the council of founder members of the BMCR

The reason you haven't had a reply was in part because I've been extremely busy elsewhere and also because you asked for us to nominate a representative, which I did , via our chosen rep himself, when I saw his name listed in the opening post of this thread I assumed that my bit had been done.

Your email also implied that nothing much would be happening until the first council meeting sometime around next march so I didn't think there was any great rush to commit one way or the other.

Personally speaking I don't have the spare time needed to commit to any other projects, this place takes up a massive amount of timeand I've been involved in these kind things over the years before only to see them fail at the first post due to misunderstandings, clashes of personality and petty squabbles so I promised myself never again lol

The invitation to the admins of UK420 to nominate a council member remains open.

Our nomination was made, I can't think of anybody more qualified or who i would trust more to rep UK420 than Jeff on the medical issue tbh and as he has resigned for reasons he has already stated then I'm afraid I won't be nominating anybody else. Of course any UK420 member reading this who may want to put them self forward is more than welcome too but they will be doing so on a personal level and not on behalf of UK420

Good luck with BMCR



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