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Help Out A Newbie Guv'nor?



I think I have found y'all in the nick 'o time, please allow me to introduce myself.

... one chilly early march evening I was sitting, quietly, consolodating my position as undisputed crime boss of Vice City when...

".... oy Mrs D. Whats that horrible smell? Has somebody got the Vick Ointment out? Has the young 'un been dropping ear wax nuggets in the ashtray again?"

...sadly no. The truth was that she had just sparked a doobie from the bit of horrible council hash I had just aquired. Enuff is enuff i sez....

"... oy Mrs D what ever happened to that packet of seeds I bought the last time we were in the 'dam?"

... which brings us to the present day. (sorry for rambling a mate gave me a coupla' buds of something he called New York City Diesel - its a bit tasty)...

I have 9 Power Plants in rockwool cubes in a 400 nft tank under a 400w grolux. They have now been in the tank for about 4weeks and seem to be looking reasonably buff altho' they are now starting to look a bit cramped, I have decided to flower, probably a bit early but I am hoping to spot the lads and whip 'em out quick and hopefully end up with 4 or 5 healthy laydees with room to grow...

... a coupla questions if I may, any advice will be appreciated muchly

how soon (and how easy)after going 12/12 should I be able to spot would be daddies?

how do I get rid of them? Can I just chop off at the cubes?

Cheers Straw

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how soon (and how easy)after going 12/12 should I be able to spot would be daddies?

how do I get rid of them? Can I just chop off at the cubes?

Cheers Straw

easy dog,

welcome to 420 bud...the best cannabis site in the uk, no, stop, im kidding myself, and you. THE WORLD!

males usually show themselves before the ladys do, anywhere between weeks 1-3 generally.

dead easy to get rid of, just grab nearest cutting device scissors, knife, axe, chainsaw etc and remove from growroom!

it may be worth getting a microscope jobby so you can check em every day from 12/12, the gadget shop do a 'spy scope' and i was in there on saturday and it was £2.50! cheap as fries matey, and with 30X mgnification, you cant go wrong!

the males will have bollox, and the females will have 2 white hairs (pistels) emerging.....check out ot1's guide....never steered me wrong...http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?act=Faq&view=question&q=1

take it easy dog.




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cheers bud...

You make it sound so easy and those pix are gonna be a godsend. lol

I do have a groovy illuminated magnifier which I liberated from the corporate world some time back. It's a serious piece of kit and I think mags 11x so it should help.

...bollox you say? hmmmm.... I'm off for a look.....heheheh


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