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Seed Collection....

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been on a little collecting mission myself lately,just started to build up the vault mostly from other growers but happy so far. here goes

Black Rose f8

Happy Rose, (Happy brother x Black rose)

White Rose, (the white x black rose)


Orange Cat, (agent orange x Catalyst)

Kens GDP

Arctic Haze, (sshf3 x Pehkuruder)


Vipers Venom KUsh , I think lost the label!!

Jungle juice f5

Blue ruder sativa haze Auto

Hoping to add some more soon, ;)

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Blimey :( That IS a collection and a half maccafogo. ;)

Edited by rubbabudbud

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Fucking ell, you lot have a lot of seeds, I have a couple..

Barneys Farm - LSD X4

GHSC - Trainwreck X2

White Russian - x5

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I cannot help it ;) I just keep reading up on strains and seeing the pictures and thats it 24 hours later I have a pack :( Some of these seeds as well where bloody hard to get hold of and come from near and far, very far :yahoo: They are all stored in a tupperware container in the fridge with silka gel packs.

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5 x Test Seeds that Oldtimer gave Mr Mullen (from which i won in his auction)

10 x Blue Berry x Lot#5

7 x El Nino/The Doctor - Greenhouse Seeds (Fem)

5 x Chronic - Serious Seeds (Reg)

9 x Killer Skunk- Ugorg (Reg) -

7 x Blue Cheese - Big Budda (Reg)

9 x Bubblegum -Serious Seeds (Reg)

8 x White Russian -Serious Seeds (Reg)

7 x White Rhino - Nirvana (Reg)

10 x Safari Mix - Mandala Seeds (Reg)

6 x Mazar - Dutch Passion (Reg)

7 x Master Kush - Nirvana (Reg)

4 x Hashberry - Mandala (Reg)

7 x Leda Uno - KC brains (Reg)

10 x NL Special - KC brains (Reg)

6 x Smile - Ugorg (Reg)

2 x Oldtimes - Ugorg (Reg)

4 x SmellyBerry - Ugorg (Reg)

5 x Little Hands - Ugorg (reg)

5 x Otbx - Ugorg (reg)

10 x Iced Grapefruit -Female seeds (fem)

6 x chocolope-DNA (fem)

5 x Jack 47 -Sweet Seeds (fem)

5 x Super lemon haze -GHS (fem)

and a few attitude freebies all i need now is to win the lot5 lottery and my list will be complete....;) and how could i forget my blues trial beens from vrg thts still to arrive.

Edited by Shairiley

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Any one remamber Green Dreamer ?

That lad used to spend a fuckin fortune on seeds :wassnnme:


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Any one remamber Green Dreamer ?

That lad used to spend a fuckin fortune on seeds :wassnnme:


dunno about him but ive spent a fair wack jus in the last week :headpain:....all in a good cause though.

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I only have a bag of about 300 Super skunk back cross. made myself but as the mother and her sisters didnt impress on long term abuse(great yeild and lots of resin though) i doubt any of the seeds will be potent enough.I had intended to scatter them everywhere i go, kinda like a johnny hempseed. :wassnnme: When i buy seeds i grow them.

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My seed collection is.>

10 Smile.

6 Killerskunk.

5 Iced Grapefruit.

5 Extreme Indica.

3 Bubblegummer.

3 PureAK.

And i also have these freebies from Attitude.>

4 Sleestack x skunk.

4 LA Confidential x Skunk.

3 Kandy Kush x skunk.

3 OG18 x skunk.

3 Kushberry x skunk.

1 Lemon skunk.

1 Pineapple chunk.

1 Vanilla Kush.

1 Wappa.

1 Sensi Star.

1 Warlock.

1 Motavation.

1 Sour cream.

1 Sour Kush.

1 Chronic.

1 Cole train.

1 Sharksbreath.

1 Rocklock.

Currently indoor growing 2 PureAK's and 5 "Blues" test seeds kindly donated by UGORG :wassnnme: , and outdoors i have 5 PureAK's from clone and a Lowryder 2 and Flower Power both autos.

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I currently have:

Flash Back

Wild Rose

Blue Hash



Iced Grapefruit

Kiss Dragon

Early Misty (nasty hemp smelt like wet dog and ballbags, might feed them to the birds)

Lemon Skunk


(Sour Cream

Sour Kush





Sensi Star ) - Attitude freebie offer

Purple Haze*

Awaiting delivery:

RSC Parvati

RSC Pahari Farmhouse

Blab's Witches Brew

Blab's Pink Panther (courtesy of the lovely Withnail)

I think that's it. Honestly I'm not addicted to collecting seeds, I can stop whenever I want! :wassnnme:

*Edited to add Purple Haze, I forgot about that one.

Edited by RubyMurray

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Me, I Have;

DNA's Lemon Skunk



LA Woman

Anethesia F1 & F2

KC Brains' Mango

Unknown White Widow from '99

Shiva Skunk


Mr. Nice's G13 Skunk

Jorge's Diamonds #1


Fulff's Froot (My own accidental heat-stress-induced Strawberry Haze x Jorge's Diamonds)

Durban Skunk...

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Violator Kush

Crimea blue

Northen soul

all femmed but I recently got some smellyberry for a 'proper'grow to see what the fuss is about :yahoo:

I just love the fact seeds are available at the click of a mouse :v:

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What`s left in order of purchase;

8 Strawberry Cough

8 Armageddon

7 Mazar

7 Lebanese

7 unknown (can`t read the writing) :mashed:lol

5 cheesewreck

1 Pineapple Chunk

1 Flower Power

1 Vanilla Kush

1 Rocklock

1 Lemon Skunk

Just donated

5 Bubblegummer

5 Blackwidow

5 Extreme Indica

6 Smellyberrys ( will regret that if my cutting dies) lol

Just planted 5 Blues :yep:

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Not a great deal but enough to keep me going :guitar:

Crotchless cindy x 5

Holy Diesel x5

Ice cream x 5

Northern lightsxBigbud ( vintage 2000)

blueberry bag seed

some unknown sat doms

enjoy thy fruits lollol

Edited by troopa

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Powerplant - freebies

Daddies Girl - freebies

Cheese x Haze (Kiwi)

Little Hands (Underground Originals)

Oldtimes Bx (Underground Originals)

Oldtimes (Underground Originals)

Killerskunk (Underground Originals)

Smile (Underground Originals)

Smellyberry (Underground Originals)

And finally and to be popped in a fortnight - Blues and Noname (Underground Originals)

Warlock, Extreme Indica and Headband are due to be purchased soon too... :guitar:

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