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% Humidity For Carbon Filter

Just read on the Gr**ns site about the rhi*o filters that they will work in high and low humidity's. What is the highst they will work in, if anyone knows. Its the lights off time I'll be woried about, when I'm not around....

Anybody know?

Also do they completely stop working in high conditions or just a % of it doesnt............ And so what %, if known............

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this was on a gardening site

'Humidity and Temperature Considerations

High temperatures and humidity adversely affect on the filtration capacity of activated carbon. It becomes important, therefore to adjust air flow into the filter with temperature fluctuations for effective functioning of the filter. One simple control method makes use of a thermostat to adjust the air flow with temperature variations. Besides temperature variations, extremely high levels of relative humidity also lead to diminishing absorption capacity. A relative humidity of 60%, it has been observed, is the upper limit beyond which filtering performance drops sharply. The relative humidity should therefore not be allowed to exceed this limit.'

iv'e also read on other sites to keep the RH below 70% for maximum usage so i'm not really sure, i have always tried to keep me RH at around 50 to 60% in veg,just something i was told years ago and stuck to,i could be wrong though.hope this helps



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