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Is 'Soap Bar' dangerous ?

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The OGD is now defunct but it's reports are/were pretty accurate and, better than those produced by the UN & US

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In France if you're british likely to be flogged cheap stuff (don't be so surprised). Now I laugh when people talk about how they acquired waulity morocain hash. I mean do thye realsie that most hash form there is processed into soap ? It's not very known thing but the kif over there is pure mank. Unless you get plants before they are mutilated into this cheap shite, chances are you're geting soap. Note not saying ALL of it is.


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It also makes me laugh when I hear VERY dumb friends talking about how good the soapbar in Holland is....

Hmm.... makes you think how dumb some people can be.


Peace, love and empathy.

blacKdeath :laser:

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well I'm ashamed to say that I've been smoking shitty soap for the last few years and I was completely oblivious to the crap that was in it , I've even sold the fukken shite . I always knew that it wasn't clean ( you can tell that simply from the smell ) but I never really realised how bad it actually was , I guess it's a case of ignorance is bliss . I'm now starting to wonder how much this rubbish has contributed to the health problems I've had recently ( my left lung collapsed on me last year ) .

Soap is most definately addictive , I find myself getting sweats and shakes if I go without ( although it usually wears off after a day or 2 ) .

I always buy good quality stuff when available , bud , leb , etc . but it's so hard to come by these days . I'm just thankful for my little babies growing away in the wardrobe cos when they're done it'll be no more shit ever again , I'd have grown before but I just never had the opportunity to do so .

I just feel sorry for all the poor mugs that have never known anything different , I've been smoking pot for approx 15 years now and it's only been over the last 6 yrs or so that soap has become so prevalent . I hate the fact that I live in such a screwed up country that this sort of thing is even possible , something has to change and it's way past time , I think it's partly down to the british mentality , ie. cheap = bargain , when will people ever learn .

I now have a new mission in life , to stop people from smoking that rubbish , if I could grow enough quality weed I'd give it away for free , but that's just dream and it ain't never gonna happen :ninja: , oh well .

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This weekend I visited a friend , I had no pot of my own and all he had was a bit of soap , it was a case of smoke soap or go without . My initial reaction was sod it I won't bother smoking it , then I remembered something I read on here about boiling it up un water to remove the impurities and suggested we give that a try , here's what happened :

we had 4.1 grams of average soap , it was tough to cut but crumbled ok , it didn't smell too bad ( still not great though ) and didn't give off black smoke or anything . We boiled this lump in a small pan with about an inch of water in it , after a minute or so we let it stand to cool down , we poured off the water which had gone a really nasty brown colour and removed all the bits of plastic we could see . All that remained was the solid matter in the bottom of the pan , we layed this on some kitchen paper and let it dry out a bit , while still a bit damp I hand rolled it into a ball , then let it finnish drying out .

The final result weighed about 3 grams , so it lost about 25% of its original weight , which is quite a bit of crap when you think about it , we were very very careful not to waste any of the solid matter , so the weight loss must have all been crap that dissolved into the water or bits of plastic . The resin itself was a lot lighter in colour than it had originally been ( we kept a small bit for comparison ) , and was kinda soft but not sticky like a black and it crumbled very nicely indeed . The smell and taste were also a lot nicer but maybe still not quite as nice as real clean hash , the high was a lot cleaner with no monginess or anything like that , my mouth didn't go dry when smoking it like it normally does when I smoke soap , and it didn't make my chest go all tight and weezy which is another side effect I get from soap smoking . The buzz wasn't all that intense I just felt really relaxed and a little bit giggly and my legs felt all wobbly , it was quite nice .

I was very surprised at the transformation but I still don't think I'd wanna smoke this stuff all the time ( give me bud anyday ) , but I'd rather smoke it like that than regular soap bar , this is deffinately worth trying if all you can get hold of is crap .

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I also clean soap, and it works. But lets face it if you are desparate enough to need soap you aren't gonna wanna clean it, soak it, strain it, leave it to dry then smoke it, so most of the time it gets smoked with out cleaning!!!!

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You cant polish a turd


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i would like to congratulate myself

i am officially :soap: free :flex:

although i must admit, 2-3 months ago it was a different story. i have smoked soap more or less every day for the last 4 years or so, i did acctually think some soap was proper hash, because it was better than some REALLY sh*t soap, and yes, i did enjoy it, well it was better than smoking fags anyways.

its because it was so cheap, if i was lucky my mum would give me a tenner on a friday night, with that i could either go halfs on a 1/8 of skunk (if no one will go halfs it will have to be a £10 bag weighing in at 1.3g, 1.5 if ya lucky) or halfs on a "ten pound quarter" as they were called, and still have enough money for a couple of super-t's, a box of fags and rizla. soap lasts long as well, you might have enough at the end of it to have a bedtime spliff ;)

just my £10's worth.... lol


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i smoked soap for year's and the most difficult thing to exept

is that on the 'TALK TO FRANK' advice site, the 'GOV'S' advice on cannabis

say's "cannabis is something that dealer's don't usually mix with anything".

i've questioned them on the phone and got lots of um's & r's and "well, we can't give personal opinion's," :nenenenene:

:furious: make's me mad!



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Do you have a link for this. I'd love to take this up with them.

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;) @ "Talk To Frank" "Wank" or :ninja: is a better description.

It's a bag of bollocks with misleading & inaccurate info to boot!

We've mailed them, spoken on the phone, ripped them apart, & will continue to rip them apart. But we're running out of energy. It's a Gov project afterall....we've even spoken to someone called Alex who was actually fuckin' paid to compile this compendium of wank - we will be in touch Alex - Oh yes!

Quote from Frank -

LSD is a fungus found on certain grasses

Is it really?


hey ho....

Talk To Wank

Edited by Mr.Bishie

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I've found the site, Ask frank about Cannabis, if you can't be bothered to look here's what it says.

The most widely used illegal drug in Britain. It's a naturally occurring drug made from parts of the cannabis plant. It's a sedative and mild hallucinogen that makes some people feel chilled out and others feel sick. It's not very expensive and widely available.

True so far.

ID: Bhang, black, blast, blow, blunts. Bob Hope, bush, dope, draw, ganja, grass, hash, hashish, hemp, herb, marijuana, pot, puff, Northern Lights, resin, sensi, sensemilla, shit, skunk, smoke, soap, spliff, wacky backy, weed, zero. Some names are based on where it comes from... Afghan, homegrown, Moroccan etc


Not very comprehensive and a bit random.

Cannabis comes in different forms.

Hash is a blacky-brown lump made from the resin of the plant. It's quite often squidgey. Grass or weed is the dried chopped leaves of the plant. It looks like tightly packed dried garden herbs.

I have never ever ever smoked "GRASS", or the chopped leaves. I've never even seen it for sale or known of anybody who has.

Less common is sensimilla which is a strong form of Jamaican weed famous for being all bud and no seed. And cannabis oil which is dark and sticky and comes in a small jar.

So bud is not very common, comes from jamaica and is strong. Right then. Oh and it's famous for having no seed. Like how much can they miss the point. Sinsimilla is a word derived from two other spanish words (correct me if I am wrong) and it means without seed. So the name kind of gives it away. I don't need to comment further on this.

Most people mix cannabis up with tobacco and smoke it as a spliff or a joint. Some people put it in a pipe.


Others make tea with it or stick it in food like cakes.

Hhmm tea eh? They know something we don't I guess then being as THC won't dissolve in tea. Who the fuck has ever made tea with cannabis. Where do they get this information from? Who checks it? Lets just "stick" some in a cake that's good english then. How much is safe, how much isn't safe?

About £7.50 for a 'teenth' or sixteenth of an ounce.

About £15 for an 'eighth' of an ounce. And about £25 for a 'quarter'.

Of what? Tea, Grass or some of the really strong Jamaican shit, or just plain old soap (that doesn't exists according to the statements made below about mixing).

Cannabis is not something that dealers mix anything with. But some unsuspecting people have been known to buy blocks of mud, stock cubes and garden herbs from people pretending to be dealers.

Can you believe this bare faced lie. Or is this just plain ignorance, or burying their head in the sand? Perhaps they can't face up to the fact that current prohibition laws create this problem and little old Samantha's mum from middle England may be able to figure this out.

The effects of any drug have a lot to do with who the users are with, what mood they're in and how much of the drug they take. Cannabis is no exception.

Much like a cigarette, the effects are immediate and last from about an hour to a few hours.

Smoking a spliff makes most people happy, relaxed and at peace with the world but the effects vary from person to person. Some people have one puff and feel sick. Others get the giggles until the muscles in their face hurt.

Cannabis is quite an introspective drug. Once stoned, users can find hidden depths in daytime television/ the most unlikely song lyrics.

It's a mild hallucinogen. Colours and sounds appear brighter and sharper.

It affects co-ordination. So it can make people a bit unsteady on their feet. Doing complicated things like operating machinery is not a good idea.

Some people use it to relieve muscle pain associated with illnesses like MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Someone who's been smoking a lot will have bloodshot eyes, a dry mouth and may well have their head in the fridge. Hunger pangs are known as 'getting the munchies'.

Hhmm nothing too bad there.

There is a flip side:

Some people get so chilled they lose their inhibitions altogether.

Even hardcore smokers can get anxious, panicky and suspicious.

Cannabis screws with short-term memory.

Eating or drinking the drug delays the effects and can make them stronger and longer lasting.

Unlikely. There is a minimal risk of physical dependence. Psychological dependency occurs in about 10% of users.

Users are more likely to get addicted to nicotine if they roll their spliffs with tobacco. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms if you've only been using for a short while and there should be no problem stopping (unless you get addicted to the tobacco). If you have been using for a long time, you may be psychologically dependant and if you have difficulty stopping you might want to think about counselling. Your local drug agency can offer help and advice.

I think some of this advice is reasonable if not a bit over hyped.

Most of the risks associated with cannabis are linked to regular, heavy use.

Smoking cannabis may be more harmful than smoking tobacco. Cannabis has a higher concentration of chemical 'nasties' that cause cancer.

Smoking anything can give you heart problems, bronchitis and cancer. Smoking it with tobacco can get you hooked on tobacco.

Cannabis can make asthma worse. And it's not a good idea with heart disease, high blood pressure or at risk from strokes.

Good advice.

Regular, heavy use makes it harder to learn and concentrate.

Bollocks quite frankly. I have been a heavy user for about 2 years and an on off user since I was 14, I'm 27 now. And the last two years of my life have been the most enlightened ever!! I have moved away from society true, but that is only because of the enlightenment to the world that cannabis has given me. It has given me the strength to stand up and face my greatest fears, my greatest worries, it has helped me become and individual with a mind of my own again. It took me toward the protest movement where I have met some of the most intelligent, well mannered, mature, sensible, literate, humane, caring people that walk the planet. What the fuck are they on about quite frankly.

Being stoned all the time isn't going to win anyone 'Employee Of The Month'.

This is the best bit of the whole damn page.

Well fuck me if I don't want to. So on balance being pissed all the time will, wreck your marriage, lose you your job, lose you your house, your dignity, everything that you hold dear to you in life and then kill you and we build shrines to it all over the world and call them pubs. Yet cannabis may not get me employee of the month - that is if you have a job if you smoke canabiss in the first place according to the likes of the Daily Mail - but it is this devil incarnate in the form of some strong tea and some leaves chopped up in a bag.

Frequent use of cannabis can cut a man's sperm count and suppress ovulation in women.

Some people begin to feel tired all the time and can't seem to get motivated.

Some research has made a link between cannabis and mental illnesses like schizophrenia. If you've got a history of mental illness in the family you should think very carefully about getting stoned.

Cannabis can cause a range of mental health problems from short lived and more common problems such as anxiety and paranoid feelings, to less common difficulties with actual psychotic states that may require medical treatment.

These problems may fade away over several days after stopping using cannabis but occasionally may require a stay in hospital.

Smoking cannabis when pregnant may harm the baby. Babies tend to be lower in birth weight and to have developmental problems.

Fair advice I would say.

Cannabis is currently a Class B substance like speed. It's illegal to own and illegal to supply it. It's an offence to grow cannabis, but it's not an offence to have the seeds.

Possession can currently get you up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine. Supplying cannabis (which includes passing a joint to a mate) is punishable by up to 14 years in prison and an unlimited fine.

Powers of arrest

The Government intends to bring forward proposals to Parliament later this year to reclassify cannabis to Class C. The police are developing guidance for enforcing cannabis possession offences. It is expected that, in the majority of cases, a warning will be given and the drug confiscated. But where there are aggravating factors, for example where public order is threatened, the offender could be arrested and charges could follow.

Driving while stoned

Cannabis affects your ability to drive safely. This puts other road users at risk. The police are using new roadside tests known as Field Impairment Tests to determine whether motorists are unfit to drive. You could be required to provide a blood or urine sample for analysis.

If you are convicted of being unfit to drive you could face prison, heavy fines or disqualified from driving.

Fact: Passing drugs among friends is supplying in the eyes of the law.

Fact: Allowing people to take cannabis in your house is illegal.

Fact: A drug conviction could stand between you and your ideal job.

Reclassification of cannabis

Cannabis will soon be reclassified from a Class B to a Class C drug. This means the Government acknowledge that it's not as as harmful as other Class B substances like amphetamines and barbiturates. Or Class A substances like heroin or cocaine.

The Home Secretary's decision will be made when all the laws have been changed. This hasn't happened yet.

In future the maximum prison sentence for supplying or possession with intent to supply Class C drugs will increase to 14 years.

The maximum sentence for possession will go down from five years to two. Fines and other non-custodial sentences like compulsory community service will still apply.

It will also be illegal for occupiers or people concerned with the management of a premises like pub landlords and club managers to produce or supply cannabis. So if a dealer is caught in a club or pub, they could be charged.

If the police catch someone smoking cannabis in a club they will have the power to prosecute the landlord, club owner or person holding the party.

Using cannabis to relieve pain

The possession of cannabis is an offence whatever you're using it for.

The Government is exploring cannabis-based treatments. These are being tested at the moment and if they prove successful the Home Secretary has said he's willing to change the law to allow cannabis-based medicine. These could be available in 2004.

I say just get on and legalise it NOW.

There is no advice on this page saying how much is a safe dose. How much will kill you, what to do if you have a whitey. Did they get some kind of cultural cannabis retard to write this stuff? To give information on safe doses I guess they'd have to say you can't over dose on it, it wont kill you ever. But to do that wouldn't really give off the right signals now would it?

I can't believe the amount of people I speak to that don't have a clue about thist stuff. They think that bud is called Skunk, and all "skunk" is a class A drug.

My two pence,


PS I am going to re-write the above in a different kind of way and send an email about it to them.

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wtf is soap

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soap is that rock-hard, cheap, nasty hash which you can buy pretty much anywhere

it sometimes has an obvious plasticy smell, it sometimes has bits of plastic in it

and it contains virtually no THC (the stuff that gets you lean)

if you have ever bought hash that is cheaper than bud then its probably soap ;)

in london we get quarter Oz's for £10, a Q of decent bud will cost at least £30


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Well some of that article was crap and some of it was factual seperating the two needed a 160 micron screen!

Truth is the solid stuff comes in from where ever and lands here in the UK, the stuff is then remixed an repressed after being mixed with various organic substances and re moulded under extreme heat to re form them into cakes.

The resulting substance has been doubled in quantity or even quadroupled and then the mug/sucker/punter in the pub buys it and is only getting half or less of what they are paying for...

You cant do that to the green stuff, so you get stuffed on ya weights as deelas never weigh infront of you and still get robbed, but saying that its no garantee that the growing soloution hasnt been beefed up with Ketamin/morphine/LSD/Rhohipnol if the bud is a weak strain and the deela dont wanna loose out on his investment.

So eash source has its pitfalls, the only soloution is to grow your own and then you know its pedigree and that it hasnt been queered in anyway.

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