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Found 11 results

  1. Zkittlez Autos, day 51

    From the album Zkittles Diary

  2. #2F65cut.jpg

    From the album Zkittlez dinafem

    Hello @Dinafem-Mark @LA LUNA @Exhale @Asterion and everybody else. #2. Aka Fata Morgana
  3. Hey. I have decided to give growing a try. I have been smoking weed for years but I think it's time I stop breaking the bank. It's time I also get my friends to stop breaking the bank, so learning how to yield high will be very important to me to learn. However, I have got an autoflower for my first grow to gain an understanding of the basics of growing marijuana before I move onto multiple expensive projects. Pot: 6Gallon fabric pot Light: 600W Light from Amazon - Soil and Nutrients purchased/planning to use: BioBizz All Mix soil BioBizz Root Juice BioBizz Bio Grow BioBizz Bio Bloom BioBizz Top Max Aim of this harvest: To learn how to grow safely. And I mean safely because I want to experiement in the future and make sure it was my fault if it goes wrong by having the previous knowledge. I was told that I don't need to give no nutrients till the fourth week as it's an autoflower that could get nutrient burned? Basically, I don't want to hear from people who think my weed is doomed and give me advice I should have done. Or if you have advice that don't work here, then you're waffling and you're making the process longer for me to understand. That is called a smartass. Help me ahead and if you want to completely steer me off what I'm doing and make major flaws then have a better plan that has guaranteed results. Thank you.
  4. Zkittlez close up flower

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Zkittlez close up flower

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. Zkittlez fem

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. Zkittles root ball repotting

    From the album Summer 2019

  8. Hi all. My Zkittzo have all sprouted so thought I'd get the Diary going. I got a pack of 12 as I plan to do a SOG grow in the new 1.2 x 2.4 tent, not sure if I will take these all the way to the 12l pots, I may flower them in the 6.5's. See how things go when I get there. I got all 12 of the seeds to break through although one of them was very close to giving up, but she put up a good fight and made it out in the end. For the moment they're under a CMH which has done a great job of keeping them from stretching, they have really nice chunky stems. I do love those 942's. I dont usually do fem seeds just from personal preference, but every zkittlez seed I came across I just didn't feel I could rely on what the breeder was selling me. So fems were looking imminent and I got lucky and found RGS had a cross. Panic was straight up about his genetics so here I am. I have them tucked into some Plant Magic soil and they are being watered every other with a tiny bit of Rhizotonic for now. Looking for a mother plant in this lot too so fingers are double crossed run-outs style. Will update as often as possible. Take it easy all. GV.
  9. Hello everyone Second grow on the go now and have decided to give some autoflowering seeds a go. Everything seems to have gone OK so far until the plants started to look how you can see in the photos below. At first I thought it may have been nute splash burn as I knew I had splashed the leaves when watering, however, it seems to be getting a bit worse and is affecting some newer growth which makes me think it is more likely to be something else. They're 2 and a half weeks old from seed and are currently on 2.5ml/l of Growers Ark a+b (hard water), 2.5ml/l extra traces and 2.5ml/l of root tonic. Temperatures have been fine, got a tube heater on the go and an oil radiator coming on every now and then to keep everything nice and warm, temps are between 24-28. Humidity has been quite low, usually about 30% sometimes a bit higher, been giving them a mist with some water to try and make up for it and have got a large bowl of water by the passive intake to try and help bring it up a bit. I've got some calmag on hand just want to get your opinions before I potentially give the plants something they don't need. Cheers.