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Found 1 result

  1. Hello UK420 Family, I've got a quick question, so I've just gone in the room and thought I'll do the 'Paper test' where you grab a piece of a4 paper, hold it under the plant and shake the plant to see if any pests or anything falls off the plants. This is a method I've used since I had mites few grows back and have been clear so far, up until today. I did the test and noticed small worm like creatures walking around on the paper, I grabbed one of the most unhealthiest leaves in the room and lo and behold, there was a small fucker walking around on the back of the leaf as well. Now I am almost at week 3 of flower and have budsites show up since week 2 of flower, I've read a lot on neem oil but everyone says not to use it when buds show as it will taint the taste of the final product, so I've decided that if I need to, I will go the predator route to tackle the problem. Shaking a plant in a 20l pot, only produced about 3/4 of these so it must be very early stage, and on the leaf I could only see a single one. Only issue I have, is that I do not know what the heck these are, and this is where I need you guys help. Anyone have any idea what this might be? I've took these pictures with a digital microscope and the ones with white background is on the a4 paper and the one with the green background is directly on the leaf. You can see them with naked eye and there's literally no damage across the plants in the tent except for one which was a very old mother and I decided to flower her this round as I won't be keeping her around. Any help is appreciated