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Found 17 results

  1. hi guys, first grow, thanks for clicking this site has already helped so so much but im struggling i have three auto white widows, i soaked my seeds 36 hours, planted in 1ltrs on monday and under light one seed from the start had thrived the other two not at all! two of them look like they havent grown at all and im worried. ive got a 600w led light on, 45 cm from plants i struggled a bit with humidity, i thought it was that, it was 30% monday and tuesday, i have a humidifier now and its up to 70 but they arent looking any better id be greateful for any advice, already have a few things i know ill do differently next time.
  2. Ahoy me' hearties, Glad you could all join me for this special voyage into uncharted waters for the 2019 season - lets hope its a good'n! Firstly many thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and Dinafem for making all this happen, providing the beans and running this successful competition for multiple years now! Its a first time for me, I just hope I can do the strains I opted for justice. The girls will be getting under sail at Lat 51 and will be growing in the greenhouse and in the garden. I have opted for two strains, the first being the infamous Critical + 2.0. The hardiness of this strain due to the inbred lineage of a moisture resistant phenotype attracted me, as any outdoor grower has surely ran into the dreaded botrytis when approaching harvest time. Also a 70/30 indica/ sativa hybrid, coupled with a late September finish ticks all the boxes for me. The second of the Dinafem selection I have opted for is the White Widow Auto. Ive seen multiple posts on here praising this auto strain - I believe the aliens had several good results and remember one or two others commenting that it was always a solid performer even at lats several degrees higher than me. Ill be using Jacks Magic (50%) with perlite (50%) to loosen & aerate the medium. In terms of feeding - ill probably use Tomorite or something that I have to hand. Generally i've done just fine without worrying too much about feeding and all that jazz. Cheers and all the best!
  3. Hi guys just a little update on my grow. As many of you will know I’ve had various issues past few months but seem to have everything dialed in with the help of a few people on here. I have in the two grow rooms. Royal queen seeds - northern lights barneys farm - sweet tooth dinafem - white widow xxl dinafem - amnesia xxl. All I have is praise for dinafem their autos are so easy to look after and the white widow xxl started to pre flower after only 17 days!! Again the customer service from dinafem is second to none @Dinafem-Mark helped me with numerous questions I had and even sent some free seeds out after a few failed to germinate which was probably my fault anyway! Any way just just wanted to give a little review on each strain after 5 weeks of growing today. Royal queen seeds - northern lights - this is my second favourite strain so far apart from the white widow xxl it is literally 5ft tall and the buds are piling on. barneys farm - sweet tooth - after 5 weeks there are barely any pre-flowers showing but again about 5ft tall so if you’re not after a quick turn around and big yield (which is looks like to be at present) this could be a good strain for you. dinafem - white widow xxl - I have no words for this strain I have used 11litre fabric pots and a couple are 5ft tall after 5 weeks! Look at the amount of colas already!!(I know they’re slightly over fed. They really don’t need much mutes compared to the other so tried to keep a happy medium keeping all autos happy with 0.9 ec at present) The two photos below are the smallest white widow xxl I have but even still they’re piling on the weight. Dinafem - amnesia xxl - I got 2 of these seeds free and again they’re 5ft tall and piling on the buds. Very easy to grow. Sorry for lack of photos with other strains the grooms are packed at the minute so struggling to get decent pics haha. Will post some if interest.
  4. white widow photo

    From the album Seedsman

    tied main head down to let other bud sites get to light.

    © bluntz27

  5. Plant 1 Pic 2

    From the album Mediterranean Outdoor Grow Auto W.W.

    Some eaten leaves.
  6. Plant 1 - Pic 1 Week 8-9

    From the album Mediterranean Outdoor Grow Auto W.W.

    Top view of Plant 1.
  7. White Widow

    From the album White Widow

  8. Ww1

    From the album Double White

    Sweetseeds Doublewhite 4 weeks bloom 6.5lt pot coco

    © lasouris

  9. Ww2

    From the album Double White

    whitewidow @ 4 weeks bloom (sweetseeds doublewhite)

    © lasouris

  10. 3 days later

    From the album Double white 12lt coco hempy scrog potty

    This scrog business is very easy, so far any way, will flip 12/12 tonight.

    © lasouris

  11. smellberry &ww

    From the album smellyberry

    Week3 bloom All was amber ,amen!

    © lasouris

  12. WW2

    From the album Double White

    Whitewidow No2 at 3 weeks bloom

    © lasouris

  13. WW1

    From the album Double White

    Whitewidow no1 at 3 weeks bloom in 6.5lt pot

    © lasouris

  14. Diesel removed, plants thinned out

    From the album Double white 12lt coco hempy scrog potty

    Removed the diesel plant as it will out grow the 2 ww and cause mayhem. Thinned out much of the lower canopy.

    © lasouris

  15. White widow 1st week under 400w

    From the album Double white 12lt coco hempy scrog potty

    View from the clouds, ahoy!