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Found 58 results

  1. Morning all ,21 days in flower today and just noticed some yellowing so as the title says ,plants are wappa in biobizz allmix fed fishmix and bloom at 1.5ml fishmix and 2ml bloom ,mg def or underfed ? THANKS FOR LOOKING IN ODIEE X
  2. Wappa: The last few years have been big for Wappa and I am not just talking about her buds. She is an award-winning all-rounder that is eager to please. This beauty of Paradise has garnered a reputation on the expo scene as the `the new chronic' or `the new skunk`. Known for her impressive yield and easy temperament with novice growers, Wappa is a resilient strain that grows sturdy and stout, making it ideal beginners and pro's alike. In terms of the smoke, Wappa is nice for smoking during the day as it will give a gentle nudge, opposed to knocking you out and some of the feedback we've had suggests, Wappa, appeals to medicinal users as well. Strain Game: Cup winner: Copa de Canarias 2011 Cannabis Champs Cup - Toronto Canada 2014 THC*** CBD* Indica/Sativa Ratio: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa Indoor Flowering Time: From 55 Days to 60 Days Harvest Month (n.L): Mid October Harvest Month (s.L): Mid April Effect/Buzz: Happy, energetic Smell/Taste: Deep fruit Yield Outdoor (GR/PP)500 Gr Yield Indoor (gr/m2)450 Gr
  3. The reputable leafly have just published an article and it raised a smile on the faces of the pirates on the Paradise ship docking here in Amsterdam. In said article, it discusses how much THC is in certain strains. For the record it is not a bunch of stoners arguing about which kush is stronger or more potent, these strains have been scientifically lab tested by scientific scientists. Weighing in at 26.6 THC Wappa is doing Paradise proud and has shaped up to be a real contender. Read the full article here: https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/the-strongest-cannabis-strain-according-to-lab-data?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=B2C NEWSLETTER 2017-11-01
  4. Wappa

    From the album Paradise Seeds Strains

  5. Wappa day 43 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  6. Wappa day 41 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

    © Stonerwizard

  7. Wappa Day 32 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  8. Wappa

    From the album Dinafem grow

  9. Wappa

    From the album Dinafem grow

  10. Wappa

    From the album Dinafem grow

  11. Wappa

  12. Hi everyone, im currently growing 5 Wappa in a 1.2 meter tent. The last grow i did i had a Jacky White from Paradise Seeds, i thought it was a beautiful strain, tasty smoke great to be around friends with, great effect all round Im using 2 x 400w HPS with a 6 inch twin speed carbon filter and 5 inch twin speed intake. Oldtimers veg and bloom. Plagron light mix, bat mix. Its day 6 of flower plants are in stretch, i know itl probably get pretty busy in this space so ive done some defoliating, cut away lower small branches that wouldnt amount to much supercropped one plant and pinched branches on others then gone in with a baseball bat only messin' no it was a chainsaw and im mainly focusing on the top two thirds of the plants for hopefully quality bud. Hope its a good ride, i like my meds. Peace out brothers n sisters
  13. day28

    From the album Only tea fed - Wappa&IceCream

    1 week under 250mh, small for age, but new light helped.
  14. wappa and ice cream soaking

    From the album Only tea fed - Wappa&IceCream

    placed 6 seeds in to glass of water for 24 hours
  15. wappa 7w (4)

    From the album Flower

    Wappa's 7 weeks 2 days Flower.
  16. wappa 7w (2)

    From the album Flower

  17. Wappa 6 weeks flower

    From the album Flower

    Cola's gaining weight and crystal, still young looking buds this only has one orange hair so far
  18. wappa 6

    From the album Flower

    Bud thickening up and branches starting to lean. I'l be in with the string next.