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Found 1 result

  1. This was my first grow This grow was remotely watched assisted and contributed by AutoMaster!! I started with 4 plants but one of the plants wouldnt show me female conditions after 35 days while the 3 other plants throwed their female pistils. The plant was chopped down Topped method was applyied on the 4rth node arund day 25 My setup was basic: -AirCooled Reflector with 600w Dual Spectrum -1.5x1.5x2 meter tent -580m3/h extraction fan -580m3/h insert fan on fan regulator -all my ducting and fan @ 150mm (6inch) -2 x 20 litre fabric pots, 1 x 15 litre fabric pot -With the guide and help from AutoMaster i used 2 x 150mm carbon filters @ 500m3/h each connected on a Y piece and then on the extraction fan -Advanced Nutriets Micro Grow Bloom, B52, Voodoo Juice, Piranha, Big Bud, OverDrive, Sensizym, RhinoSkin -Ph Down by Votanicare Phos ph down 0-15-0 -Pk 13/14 by Canna My water was from a bottle water company and it was @ 0.3 EC. I was using air pump and water pump to get it aerated at least 24 hours before feedings. I started with 0.7 EC and on the boost time i took it to 1.7 EC including the 0.3 bottle water EC Some photos throu the flowering period until harvest time Final weight is 800gr+-...Thats 1.3gram per watt! I was desperate to start growing and i was thirsty for knowledge! The first seeds i planted were removed after 20 days because i was feeling they was not going well! It was then when AutoMaster helped me out. He explained a lot of things, it took me some time to synchronise my thoughts but eventually i got a grib of all the knowledge he was throwing. Countless pages of infos, a lot of patience after and this is the results! Big fat buds, smelly jars and a yield to survive for a loooooong time xD I was really consisted on my enviromental runnings. The water temp that was going in etc etc. In the middle of the grow there was a ph punctuation after run off test and we had to apply soda bicarbonate treatment to raise the soil ph. It went fantastic! That blew them off to what was coming. I want to point out here that from all the seeds i germinate using the paper towel method, Dutch Passion seeds where 100% on germination and until now 100% on the female genetics. A big thank you to AM for all the assistance. It was a lovely grow with a fantastic yield! It couldnt be any better!