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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, Just sorting out a permanent veg area so I can dedicate my groom to flowering. Main reason being I want to grow some long flowering pure Sativas up the walls of my room (thanks @@distracted for the wall idea) while the rest of the room keeps turning over my normal hybrids. Also looking into some UVB lighting for these. My favorite strain I've smoked is Lot#5 Evo from Ot1, most psychedelic trippy weed I've had, also the strongest! Comes on in roller coaster like waves that I've not really experienced with weed other than this. In edibles its unbelievable, closer to a trip experience than it is weed. The other is Smile, when taken early in the right phenos this stuff is just fantastic, high, clear, motivating, get up and do stuff weed. I also thoroughly enjoyed both SSH and Dr Grinspoon in the dam, just get you higher and higher with no mongyness or body load. So I'm looking for Sativas that have Highs with similar qualities to the above. I know there are plenty hybrids in the 12 week range but IME most tend to still show quite a bit of indica like qualities in the effects. Fully aware that long sats aint easy to grow. Probably just pop one of each of whatever I buy to start with as its all going to be a learning experience. So far I've been looking into all of Ace Seeds range, they rarely get a bad word said and the OT Haze seems like a must do. Cheers all
  2. i've not posted for a while as i have been moving house just about halfway down my tin now so i am able to let this new grow run as long as is needed which is nice because i have a couple of sativa dominant strains in the fray along with 2 lemon kush ,2 white widow x big bud and 1 master kush. i've got the luxury of a 2m tent now plus new cooled enclosed reflector for my 1000w hps and new fans with filter etc. the kush all yield around the 750 per sqare meter dry and i understand that the ww x bb is a big yielder but as for the strawberry blue and the super silver haze i have no idea what quantity i'll get but i'm not so bothered about the yield on the two sativas i'm more concerned with aroma and flavour with potency taking second place. i was going to go with hydro but in view of having to move house i went for compost grow medium and i am giving organic nutes plus kelp. I do have a question for all you wonderful knowledgeable chaps (and chicks) . i supercropped the last lot of plants i raised and it resulted in a good yield and kept my bud in the sweet zone, i wanted to do the same with the strawberry blue and the super silver haze has anyone here supercropped either of these strains before and what was the outcome ? oh and as i have discovered sativas are more sensitive to over/under feeding but i was wondering now that i've ramped my nutes up to full strength can i just start giving bloom nutes (they are 2 weeks after flipping now) or do i need to introduce it slowly, i don't want to mess them up just because i couldn't be bothered to find out ( im a virgo ). any info would be appreciated and thank you in advance Peace out G
  3. Hi everyone, The tastiest smoke I've had so far was Super Silver Haze and I'd love to grow some. When I'm allowed to buy seed packs again I intend on buying some of Mr Nice's SSH as I've heard good things. I saw at Attitude GHS have a super silver haze fem available on the pick and mix and I'm just wondering whether it is worth a space in my tent?
  4. Hi all, just got my hands on some MNS SSH seeds. got 5 beans and gonna pop all of 'em on my next go. Any advice would be appreciated It's one of my all time favourite strains and it's been years since I last had it. I hope I can do it justice. I will be using coco and 600hps Also got some freebies, Kannabia-- speedy gonzales, bcn diesel, powerskunk and white domina. Got the WD in to try before the ssh. Anyone had any experience with Kannabia?
  5. ssh seedling

    From the album Grows

  6. mns ssh seedlings

    From the album Grows

  7. mns ssh

    From the album Grows

  8. Hi 420'ers! So i went to clean my 90l dwc today and as i picked up the pot to move it the root one thick strand had fell off im pretty sure its root rot. The roots were brown slimy and smelly. Havrnt tended to it as much as i should have due to extra long hours at work. The plants are in 2nd week flower and i wanted to know what should i feed them to regen fresh roots quickly, any ideas? Strain is dinafen ssh so long flowering period is expected in time would it even be possible to get the roots going and catch up to where it would have been or close . .. . ?
  9. F13 and Super Silver Haze

    From the album Sativas

    3x f-13 and 3x SSH seeds added to the next grow.