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Found 4 results

  1. Afternoon all, right I’m after some help with a controller a friend gave me it’s a old unit but I can’t seem to figure it out for the life of me. I’m not sure if it matters which fan goes into which socket but I’ve plugged my carbon extraction into the bottom and my intake into the right hand side socket, they are not marked with anything and the tent has got negative pressure. Problem is both fans both seem to be running on very minimum even when the lights are on. I’ve set the dial to 26/27c and my external thermometer is reading 32 when lights come on but the fans do not kick onto full power ,which then the temps start to climb. I’ve had to just plug the fans directly into the wall and have them on full power constantly which is not ideal for when lights go off. Does anyone have experience with these as local shop said he’s not seen this unit and wants me to buy a new one. Thanks in advance.
  2. Morning all I'm in the process of setting my 1x1x2 tent up, I’ll be running a 600w mh/hps I’ve got a 6 inch extraction I turned it on yesterday and the negative pressure was ridiculous thought the tent was going to implode on its self I managed to get hold of a SMS Hybrid Twin Fan Controller 2amp version which I plugged the fan into but the fan only seemed to run on a really slow speed so do you think this controller has to have two fans in/out plugged in for it to function correctly?? Also this unit only has one dial on it and that’s for the temperature. I was hoping it would just work on the extraction as I was going to have just the vents at the bottom of tent open for fresh air. Any ideas or experiences with these units? Much appreciated.
  3. My 4 inch inline fan / sms twin fan controller are playing up... Not sure which though Funnily it was working fine on my last grow and this time I turned the speed below 40-50% to see how quiet i could get them. Sounded like a light bulb going out so i checked the tent and the light was still on, and then started smelling a bit like plastic and fireworks. Checked the fan which is an RVK sileo from 2013 but used only in 2 grows.. It was running very slowly at full power and eventually was fried. Its currently at the hydro shop they gonna 'look at it' or send it off and let me know what the 'outcome' or should i say 'income' is.. Got a new fan... plugged it in the same way and everything into the SMS controller... left it a while I come back and theres a PULSATiNG ... WHOMMMP ...WHOMMMP . sound coming from the fan at 2 second intervals and a faint smell of fireworks and plastic again. I have turned the fan speed up to around 50% or a tiny bit less. It seems to be managing ok but I feel like the fans bearings or something have been ruined somehow. Can running a fan at a really really low speed affect the internal parts and make them overheat maybe? Anyone experienced this or maybe an electrician who can help?
  4. SMS hybrid controller 2A

    From the album Killerskunk