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Found 10 results

  1. A few pics of this years Sweet Seeds Greenhouse offerings Just did a bit of re-potting and bug hunting, no feed just a home brew soil and later feeding will be Richard Jacksons Flower Power as always, had great results, not had a bad plant yet and with me working away so often i cant keep a regular feeding schedule so the RJ stuff is great as it is great for just watering on. All will be placed outside very shortly to make way for a late run of Sweet Seeds fems when they arrive. A mixture of fems & autos - Cream Caramel, Wild Rose, Cream Mandarin, S.A.D. A pic of one of the buds from a Somme Anniversary Rose , stunning and smells divine.
  2. Sweet Seeds - Auto S.A.D.

    From the album Sweet Seeds Greenhouse

  3. Sweet Seeds Auto S.A.D.

    From the album Sweet Seeds Greenhouse

  4. Sweet Seeds Auto S.A.D.

    From the album Sweet Seeds Greenhouse

  5. Mixture of Sweet Seeds

    From the album Sweet Seeds Autos

    All autos and all healthy, outdoor / greenhouse grow in low temps. Looking no worse for the cold other than smaller and behind normal stage of development but they are packing the weight on now and fattening up nicely. Can see them getting fatter by the day now. .3
  6. Hola Sweet Seeds! It's that time of year when I get growing and rather than being a lurker like I have been for the last 7 years I thought I'd become a contributer as I'm trying out some strains I've had in my seed tin for some time. I love Afghani strains and I need to top up my jars pretty quick this year so I ordered the Sweet Afghani Delight. I thought I had ordered the normal photoperiod strain but these F1 Fast Versions were in the parcel I opened so I put it down to stoner error and thought this earlier finish would benefit me anyway, I hope the claims of them being a week quicker ring true as 6-7 weeks rather than 7.5 for an Afghani would be quite nice as a rotational top up/extraction strain. I got a 5 pack with 2 free seeds, all of them have been germinating, I will use 4 for my flowering space, which is undergoing some refurbishments, the others that grow out will be used to take cuts and build up stock in my mother and cuts space. I'll be using Plant Magic Soil Supreme as my potting media and combining it with ecothrive charge in the growth stage and adding bat guano also in the flowering stage. As the seeds have been in the fridge for what must be a year or more now I started them off in paper towel and moved them into peat pellets in a heated propagator sat under a T5 unit. 5 so far! not sure if the other 2 want to say hello as they've just stopped at the surface, will leave them be for now. Any questions or banter is welcome, will update as much as possible without boring you and me through the veg phase!
  7. Did someone mention the chance of free seeds for a Sweet Seeds Grow diary?? I recently started a Sweet Seeds auto grow, after reading great things about them on here and since I've now moved to the Alicante region of Spain, I'm local to them and thought it would be good to grow seeds from a local supplier. Keen to get some Jars filled and also looking for some good quality smoke over Christmas, so the Auto's seemed a good choice. I'd already started a diary about my G13 Haze and Critical Kush grows (first grow) but the diary was getting pretty full after I decided to keep them vegging whilst I grew these auto's. So makes sense to start a separate diary for these Autos here, and continue the previous one for just the Kush and Haze... If I'm lucky I might have to buy a few less seeds next year as I'm keen to start some Autos outside as well come spring time So here's the first post from last week at Day 7 for the S.A.D's and Day 5 for the Black Creams. Sweet Seeds S.A.D. Day 7 & Black Cream Auto's Day 5 These are in the flowering tent with a 400W HPS that is being gradually lowered, currently about 3 foot from their tops and a couple of blue CFL's in there too. The HPS had been on 24Hrs but I switched it to 20/4 yesterday, only to realise the CFL's were still 24 this morning. So, I'll try and fix that somehow today. So far, so good I think, although I'm struggling with humidity! In the temp veg room it's been pretty much matching the ambient humidity ranging from say 40-70% but I can't get the flowering tent much above 10% !! I've tried spraying the walls inside with water once or twice a day, even sat a bowl of water on the floor hoping that might help but nothing seems to have made much difference. All I can think now is I need to try and get a little fogger set up near the inlet tube, will see if I can get that sorted this week. Group Shot SAD
  8. Heya Sweet Seeds sub-forum Some of you may know me from the chatroom, others from my Auto Anesthesia/+Speed diary (shameless link ). In any case, I am Day 32/33 of +Speed at the moment but have already got 3 more Auto Sweet Seeds on the go. They were in my PC veg box (which is detailed in the other thread) for 11 days after popping their pretty heads. But to give a clearer view of my grow 'rooms': Veg box: three 23w 6500k CFLs; two 120mm Arctic fans (in and outtake); one 80mm antec fan over canopy Grow-room: Hydrolab60 (60x60x140cm); 250w HPS; 200w dual spectrum CFL; 100 RVK outtake fan in a leepy box with carbon filter inside tent; 100 unknown brand intake fan; desktop oscillating tower fan for canopy/circulation; Tent is in a cupboard of 1m2 with ducting going to vents made in door. My method of germination is: Submerge seeds in (separate if more than one strain) cups of Highland Spring mineral water (about a centimeter) until they crack and the taproot spurts. Usually this takes 24-48 hours, and I keep it in a cardboard shoe box near a radiator under my desk. I also tried using a lizard heat mat this time around and that helped somewhat. Plant ~3cm/inch under B&Q seeds soil in a pot of 0.75ltr or 0.5ltr. Cover pot with cling film for humidity (Seed/lings like 60-70%) Wait for them to pop out of soil Uncover pots and place them under a desk CFL for 24hours before putting them into my veg box. 100% Germination so far, long may that continue. As mentioned, they have been vegging for 11 days in the veg room and I initially fed them only water, with some weak strength PM beneficial (Catalyst, Root Stimulant and Bio-silicon). I only fed them twice with these beneficial: Added 0.25ml catalyst, 0.3 root stim, 2 drops silicon to 250ml tap feeding 50ml to each (I had some chillis too) 1 ml root stim; 0.5ml cata; 0.25ml grow; 6 drops silicon (0.2-0.3ml) to 500ml, feeding 100ml each These were in-between feeds of 50-100ml water only, somewhat 2-3 days apart. Today was Day 11, and I transplanted them to 6.5litre pots, which were filled with sieved PM supreme soil, sprinkled hole with PM granules and then fed: Mixed up 2ltr of 3ml catalyst, 5ml root stim, 0.5 silicon to a liter of RO water and a liter of waitrose mineral water (2liters total) Fed 500ml to each plant I had seen either Tommy or Jaypp, amongst others, doing a transplant where you cut off the bottom and place it into the final pot. So I decided to do that with the SAD and transplant the other two normally. Without further ado's, some pics and hopefully some better pics 60 days from now I apologise in advance if I don't update as often since I'll have two diaries for the time being, but knowing the procrastinator and work-dodging git that I am, I probably will update more often than not! Day 2: Day 3: Day 8: Day 11 - transplant (SAD left, Cream Caramel back, Sweet Cheese front) Thanks for reading/popping by Sending good vibes to your grow rooms
  9. New Gen

    From the album misc

    Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel, S.A.D. and Sweet Cheese (All autos)