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Found 4 results

  1. Tip burn and rust spots

    From the album Cheese wreck, gorilla zkittlez

    Fan Leaves exposed to light show spots starting from top
  2. Hello yet again ok so its my first RDWC and ive been getting great help from everyone but when I went in my room last night I noticed these rusty spots on the leaves mainly lower and midd now to me it looks like a mag defiency but its too early in the plants life or so I think because this rdwc lark is totally different from what I know so any help identifying this problem would be great ty.
  3. Hi all. I noticed what I would call rust spots on my Sweet Seeds Auto SAD couple a days ago and wondered if it was Leaf spot fungus. The offending spots are on the larger fan leafs which started out at the bottom up and not limited to the older fan leaves i.e. spread to other nodal stems' fan leafs. Some pics of the spots: A picture of some leafs I removed a couple of days ago. They started out in 500ml pots which were started in B&Q seedling soil. Was water and some PM beneficials (root stim, catalyst and bio-silicon) every other feeding. They were transplanted to 6.5ltrs, with some PM granules. Since then they've again had PM beneficials every other feed, which I stopped last watering and decided to put 1ml /ltr of PM Bloom. They are fed 3L of this mix at the moment every 3 days. This particular plant was closest to the inttake fan which is directed upwards at a 6" clip on fan that's directed towards the HPS. I'm curious whether my decision the other day to put the intake duct from the window has affected them. I did this because temps were getting slightly hot due to radiators, Room temp as a result, hotter than usual from the cold lately. The intake is usually just taken from outside the room rather than from the window/outside. ETA: temperatures - at ground level, ~18 to 23C; at canopy level, ~20 to 25C (the day I took the duct to the window drawing fresh air in was at 28C); Humidity is around 40-50% Lights are currently ~25cm away. Can it really be nute burns? Seems strange from just water and beneficials up to their first feed of Bloom... Or Mg deficiency ? They're not in a "praying" shape though... and not really yellowing from the tip. ETA2: added some whole plant photos: