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Found 4 results

  1. Newbie on here but been growing for percy for several years, not a novice but by no means a master gardener. I've been trying to grow bud to the same standard that I can purchase, ie some serious sticky stinky dank. I grow in a 1.2 with 1000hps, in soil, usually 4-8 pots depending on time. I have around 12 completed grows, all with reasonable results, yeild wise (from 23-34 oz). My temps, water/feeding, air circulation, rh etc are all pretty good and consistent with the odd hiccup due to weather. I have only ever grown with feminised seeds and now know this is a mistake in my quest for icky. I also know 1000hps with 7' ceilings is not helping. That said I have still grown acceptable bud that gets you high, but nothing close to the import treasures I can buy locally. My next grow will be using reg seeds from either FDM, Ugorg, ACE or Oni, maybe subcool or purple caper. So hopefully thats the genetics sorted. I have also swapped out my 1000hps for 2xcmh, which should bring some UV to the potency party. I have been pretty unimpressed with every female bean I have grown in regard to it being high grade. They have all got me stoned. But that's like saying electric white is great cider cos it still gets you pissed.... I'm hoping some more experienced soul's on here might be able to reassure me that I'm not on a hopeless quest or even give me some pointers in the general direction of where the fire lives.....
  2. so my local seedbanks has stocked some of the pheno finder sunset sherbet. 5 regulars in a pack, im just worried im gonna get hermies and males. i am gonna be having a couple backup seeds just in case, im gonna pop with em just so i dont waste 5 weeks waiting for pre flowers. any advice guys ? iv been obsessing over this strain so bad aswell.
  3. Sorry if I've already posted this somewhere else this morning, I thought I had but I now can't find it, wake and bake has really thrown me off today haha but anyway . . . I was going to get a whole new set up but circumstances say that I have to stick with what I've got.. I'm using a DR60 and have a little cabinet that I'm going to turn into a home for a few mothers of my go-to strains under T5's. So, what I wanted to know is, whats the best way of picking a mother plant in such a small space? My thoughts were; Plant all 10 regs in 1L pots. Root out, trans to 3.5L's. Wait for sex, kill any males, let the 4 strongest plants survive and take cuttings from them. Trans to 6.5L's, lst/scrog, flower asap. Test smoke, pick a favourite, flower the other 3 clones. I've heard you should wait for the plants to reach a certain level of maturity before you clone/flower, but I've seen people flower plants after 2-4 weeks veg with no issues. . . . Does anyone think that this will work, or have any other ideas/methods that they use? Sorry if this has already been asked and thanks in advance!