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Found 64 results

  1. Grandaddy Purp #2

    From the album Bits and bobs

  2. Hi, I'm seeking some advice for my friend, he's got a couple of plants under a 315 in 20ltr or thereabouts pots of Bigroot zsoil. He has a humidistat and humidifier in the tent and it's adequately ventilated so the temperature and VPD are good but his leaves are showing deficiencies and I'm hoping someone here can advise please. The soil claims "No nutrient needed just pH 6.0 water".....
  3. Auto Amnesia

    From the album Journey

  4. From the album Zkittles BX1 (Purple Caper)

    22 days of veg (from seed) 66 days flower
  5. Pink Kush CBD Auto

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  6. Critical Purple Kush - main cola closer

    From the album CPK & BS

    Nomnomnom Approx weeks 7 of 12/12
  7. Critical Purple Kush - Main Cola

    From the album CPK & BS

    Main cola on the biggest of the two CPK Approx weeks 7 of 12/12
  8. Critical Purple Kush - side bud

    From the album CPK & BS

    These lower temps at the moment are giving the girls a chance to show their colours Approx weeks 7 of 12/12
  9. Black DOG

    From the album Collection of old and new photos

    Black DOG at probably around day 53 flower. I'd guess about 7 - 10 days flush at this point
  10. UGORG Girl Scout Cookies

  11. First Coco Grow Week 6 Flowering

    From the album First Coco Grow Flowering

    Lowest temps have been a couple of nights around 18ºC-enough to send this Girl Scout Cookie pheno purple.

    © UK420

  12. blackberrykush.jpg

    From the album Blackberry Kush

    blackberry kush
  13. PAK Day 39

    From the album Dinafem

  14. Violeta BX1

  15. Hi there, pretty new to growing, but I know how to, but usually I just stick to autos. I am growing this Purple Bud strain from SensiSeeds and I am having a few problems with it. I have noticed my leaves looked kind of krinkled and shiny just in the krinkled bits. They are canoeing (this has got better over the days as I started flushing) and I have notices these yellow marks on the leaves (In pictures) and I have seen 3 tiny holes in 3 of my leaves. Also the plant is 4 weeks old and it's quite short and very very bush and stubby with the thickest stem I've ever seen on a plant this old. I was just wondering whether the stubbiness size, bushiness and thickness of this strain is normal? How can I treat the leaves? And also, When should I switch to 12/12? I'll try and upload some photos via another website and enter the URL here. Thank you.
  16. Happy Jam Purple Male

    From the album Happy Jam

    A male out of the 16 that looks a lot different the the rest of them as it has purple tinge on the veins of the leaf. It doesnt look like a defiency to me, I think it's genetic. Its been a while since I grew Smile seeds, do you think its from the mothers side? I might keep hold of it to collect some pollen from so I can pollinate the best female from this bunch and create an F2, next crop.
  17. Rock On! Purple Cheese - Outdoor

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Purple Cheese - Outdoor
  18. IMG 20161013 094516

    From the album 2nd grow 2016

  19. Evening guys, welcome to my diary! I'll be growing 9x Dinafem Purple Afghan Kush & 1 Dinafem Amnisia Kush this time round. Firstly, thanks to @@Dinafem-Mark for selecting me to participate in this seasons grow - I chose the Purple Afghan Kush because the quality of the end product is very high, the weed smells and tastes fantastic and it was a straightforward plant to grow in my previous experience. I have nothing but positive feedback from friends who have sampled PAK so I am excited to be growing it again. I haven't sampled Amnesia Kush personally, however I have consistently heard great things about Dinafems Amnesia, so I am hoping for something special. Grow Room Profile Fan1: 125 2 speed fan – 230/360M3 per hour, inc silencer. Fan2: 420 m3 per hour fan with temperature setting and speed controller,inc silencer. Filter: 2 x Prima Klima K2601 360m3 Ballast: 2 x Lucilux 600 Watt electronic ballast with dim function Lamp: 2 x 600W Sunmaster Dual Spectrum with Adjust-A-Wings reflector. The cabinet is pre-made by G-Tools and is called the 1200W Adjust-A-Wing and gives approximately 2m squared of growing area and I would recommend it to anyone looking at something other than a tent-style of indoor growing. More information can be had here: I had originally planned on doing 10 PAK's on their own to keep things as simple as possible, I did my usual routine of soaking the seeds in plain tapwater for approximately 4 hours before placing them in rootriots, soaked in non-PH'd water (1lr containing a few drops of Plant Magic Rootstim) in a propagator sitting on top of a rootIT heat mat set to 23oc.. The seeds were very viable and 9 had popped within 2 days, by day 3 and 4 they were all showing their first leaves but the remaining one hadn't emerged from the riot ... I opened it up and it had sprouted but grew back within the riot in a loop and I popped the head off the seedling by mistake trying to ease it out - I wasn't sure what else to sprout but luckily I have 5x Amnesia Kush in storage and so I germinated one of them. It took around 4 days to show above the rootriot so I have one which is a little behind the others - I'm just hoping they finish around the same time, I flowered for 64 days in total in my previous PAK grow. Currently, they are about 14 days in to veg give a day or two. They've been fed 3 times, the first being only a few drops of PM rootstim - The second feeding a very weak rootstim/PM coco grow mix containing a ml of each in 2 litres 4 days or so ago. I have just spent the evening repotting them to their new homes, 8l airpots and have given them their first 'proper' feed - 4ml per l of PM rootstim, and 1.5ml/l of PM's coco grow nutes, the EC came out around 0.6/7 and I PH'd to 6.2. They've all had a good drenching, nearly 3l each so they'll be okay for approx 3 or 4 days - I plan on vegging for 5 weeks in total, and they'll stay in these pots for 2 more weeks or so. Here's how things looked before I repotted them: They are in 1l's in the above picture. The rouge Amnesia Kush is top right. One random specimen of PAK, they were about 3.5-4 inches tall before repotting. After repotting, just to show how different the PAK and (erm) AMK are looking (AMK at the top) ... and a group picture of everyone after a good feeding. (AMK top left) They're under 400w at the moment and happy enough I think. I'll see how things progress over the next few days and I'll probably update the diary in a week or so. Thanks for looking in and thanks again Mark & Dinafem - Top company.