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Found 17 results

  1. Hi so first of all id like to say I'm new on here, but really glad that I found this forum. So on to my topic, Ive germinated and planted 18 different plants (5 strains) and as of now they are in 3,5l pots. But I've read so much about that the size of the pots can really determine how big the plants get, and my plan is to put them into 7l pots when they are at day 18. As of now the second set of leaves have sprung and are starting to grow. I feel like there are a lot of experts here from which I could benefit, are 18 plants in 7l pots suitable for the 1 square meter tent Ive got or should I sacrifice some of them to let the others have more space? And is a 7l pot too small or is it fine? (they are all autos) As of now they are growing well and seem to have it great but I'm just worried that it will be too crammed in there when they get bigger. Ive also thought about maybe only having 3 of each strain, as I now have 5 of each... I would really love some input!
  2. Evening uk420 Happy new year to everyone. After some help/opinions im starting another grow soon having a go with the ecolife organic soil I’m usually a hydro guy in rdwc so all new to me. Also in a very small space compared to what I’m used to. Headroom I’ve got 1400mm and will lose some of that due to carbon filter/lights hanging. Due to this reduced head room I’m trying to save as much of it as possible by scroggin I’ll be doing 2 plants in 45litres now would they be ok going in a 50litres underbed storage box with some holes drilled or a big 56litre fabric pot which is obviously a lot taller which will reduce my space even further. I will be doing a diary of it once it’s all set up and ready to go still got a few things in the shopping list. cheers in advance
  3. Just a quick bit of advice please all. I've got my 2 emergency outdoor autos and they're looking ok so far and about 4 weeks or so into flower. The problem is I only left them is smaller spots smaller pots for stealth but then larger one is needing feeding every day. Is it too late to transplant and if not how to best minimise shock
  4. Good afternoon all, I read so many different opinions on this subject so i thought id ask for what works for you? Ive got a seed ready to go in the paper towel method, tap root has come through. So what do you think is best, and why? going straight into the final pot? in my case itll either be an air pot or fabric pot around 7.5 litre. Or going into a nursery pot for 10 days or so? This plant will be going in a greenhouse.
  5. Looking at pot options for 60x60x1500 tent. There is space for 4x 11L pots but I'm wondering if they will be too big by volume? Or even too many by pot number? Once fan, filter and light is accounted for, looking at a vertical height from the top of the pot to the light of around 800mm. So would 4x 20cm (or ~6L) pots be a better idea. Not looking for award winning yields or masses of effort required to LST in order to keep them low.
  6. Afternoon. I've mixed my own living soil and have some spare 20L air pots that I'm thinking of using outside. Being pretty new to growing with living soil, will these pots be big enough given they will purely be living off the soil? Should I just keep an eye on the nutrient/microbe levels or just start with bigger pots? Cheers
  7. Hi everyone I've got a pile of massive 11l air pots at my disposal if I need them and was wondering if these are any good ? Or are they just gonna take an age to "root out" ? Are they only for coco really Or are they not really fit for purpose as I don't see anyone on here using them ?
  8. Tent Setup - Day 9

    From the album 2nd Grow

  9. LED To Pots

    From the album 2nd Grow

  10. This project is intended for 18L square pots - if using round pots or alternative sizes then be aware this will affect dimensions and /or instructions - do your research first. I have found that fixed, one piece scrog nets spanning your entire grow space or tent can be quite limiting - this thread is therefore my own DIY attempt to improve my set up and to give me a more sturdy and accessible "scrog per pot". For each scrog pot you will need:- 18L square pot - this should have a rim (see photos) and be sturdy. 56cm x 56cm (22x22") mesh - stainless or galvanised steel to prevent rusting. I went for mesh with 5cm (2") square holes with a wire thickness of 2.5mm - very sturdy!! 4 lengths of 4.75mm thick galvanised / stainless steel rods each at 76cm (30") length 4 x rubber bungs with pre-drilled 4mm holes 4 x rubber end caps - black preferred - because you definitly dont wanna have you eye out on these rods! You will also need a drill with a 5mm bit suitable for drilling plastic. Ok, so here is the pot I am using - it's an 18L square pot (which came with my Wilma big 4) Firstly, you want to drill a hole in each corner of the pot, through the rim - make sure it's exactly in the corner as much as you can - repeat for all 4 corners:- Next, flip the pot over.... you now need to drill a hole through each corner on the underside of the pot - the hole should be drilled diagonally and emerge at the bottom side in the corner - repeat for each corner and see the picture for what I mean:- Now, take one of your 30 inch rods and insert it through one of the holes you just made..... it should go through the underside first and out the side of the pot as you drilled it:- Feed the rod all the way up and through the hole you made in the top rim - like so:- You want to ensure you pull it all the way through so it is flush or better still, slightly recessed with the bottom of your pot - as pictured - this will ensure any sharp edges wont snag up your tent or floor covering:- Now, repeat the above steps for each corner and you should end up with a pot with 4 long rods very firmly attached like so:- Right, thats the end of part one.... stay tuned for part two (when some bits arrive from flea bay in a few days)! Thanks for tuning in!
  11. Hello guys, im about three weeks off my first harvest, its been ok but I think I can do alot better. Firstly id like to understand abit more about the diffrent ways people grow then id like to pick witch way is best for me, im a complete novice still. Fir my first grow Iv used a barky mix from homebase( I want to use something better for my next grow possibly soil) Iv used five gallon pots( cheap things frm Bnms bulky and I forgot to put drainage holes in) definitely want some better pots for next grow. As for nutes Iv been useing old timer Bloom for flowering and I used some pound lqnd nutes for veg( I know I can do better than pound land nutes)reading through alot of topics im seeing alot of this soil need to be used in these pots with this feed and thats that, so im not even sure if the nutes I have old timer is doing anything for the kinds of barky soil mix im useing or whether my pots are good enough. Im currently looking at biobizz all mix/light mix on ebay, if I brouht some what nutes would I need what are the best pots to buy? Iv seen some air pots for about a fiver for one 10l is that good, do I want air pots? This can all be a little confusing, and some of you might think these questions are stupid but this is something I wanna do for the rest of my life so I wanna do it right. Peace and one love everyone hope your days been good, any and all feed back is very much welcoming.
  12. Hello All I have just ordered my kit which involves a DS60 (60x60x140) a 250W HPS light and i'm planning on growing 4 OG Kush. The thing that is making me wonder is, once i have germinated my seeds and i put them in soil in small pots, what do i do with them now? do i just put them in the tent? with the light on? if so how hot is too hot? sorry if i seem a noob...
  13. im new to growing and im growing in a 1.2 m grow tent so 4x4 foot and using a 1200w led, can anyone tell me whether it would be better to use 3/5/7 gallon pots? the strain im using is heavyweight fast & fast auto from herbies thanks
  14. Hi peeps Just wondered how many folks on here are using Rhizo pots? They sound good, just wanted first hand experiences, pros, cons etc I'm a coco man, run to waste, hand watered or drippers
  15. I thought I would find the answer somewhere on the internet, but either nobody has thought to mention it or it's so obvious they didn't think it was worth mentioning. You take your plants to a grow site, and then you put them in the ground.. but do they stay in pots or do you take them out of the pots? I see people in GG YouTube videos sometimes using pots and bags, so I'm not sure. Does it depend on the strain? Do some plants grow well in pots and some not so well?
  16. hi all i've been growing a while now with not so many issues of late, unfortunately my mom started flowering and still hasn't returned to vegetative growth i needed to take cuts like a week+ ago. so i popped down the 'local' shop and got me some big buddha blue cheese auto's just to keep things rolling. is there a guide ? i did a search im planning: 1.2x1.2 tent 600w hps 9x blue cheese auto's 6.5L square pots? i just whack these in the finals 6.5L pots? what about watering wet/dry from the start? i dont see the pots drying for a v long time if i do that. i normally scrog i'm guessing i just let these grow el naturel ? all advices wanted many thanks
  17. SmellyBerry & UGORG#1 Week 3 Flower

    From the album SmellyBerry & UGORG#1

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