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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys looking for some net pot help. either going with 96l wham heavy duty storage or the 150l model. 2 plants to a bucket. Planning on 4 inch rocwools as i have loads about. Any advice on net pot choice ? Guessing something with a bigger lip is better ? Any one recommend a size and brand? cheers in advance
  2. So after attempting to dig my holes at one plot, I've realised the reason it's so clear of trees etc. is because there's only a few inches of soil before you reach a massive rock. My plot is perched atop this massive rock and is surrounded by thick foliage. Basically, there are no digging alternatives, and it's a great plot with near-all day sun (just a cunt to get to) - so I'm going to plant out in fabric pots. It's within a reasonable distance (just fuckin awkward terrain) so I can get up there to water when necessary. I was also going to mix some water crystals into the compost to help with dry spells. My current thinking is this: -Germinate the seeds in 1/2L peat pots -Have them in my LED cupboard on shitty days and out in the sun whenever possible (16/8 cycle) -After approx. two weeks, assuming they're alive and healthy, soak and rip the peat pot and plant directly into fabric pot full of 100% compost (w/ bit of perlite) -Because I don't have time to let natural fertilisers break down, feed with liquid nutes as and when required This is my first grow and I've already managed to butcher a fair few of my photos. I have two Auto Mazars just sprouted and they will be following the plan above unless someone intervenes (lol). I'm considering buying six Auto Lemonade OG from RGSC, because a few photos will be going out today and there will be more space in the cupboard. I've invested £hundreds in this already, I really want some smoke out of it! The first is always going to be a massive learning curve and next year I already know what I will be doing differently. But I know how much I'll kick myself if my only survivors don't make it to bud. I have three decent sized photos about to go out but I'm very aware of how vulnerable they are. Any recommendation on pot size? I currently have a few 40L and 50L fabric pots which I bought a while ago to plant photoperiods in undiggable plots. Could I get away with smaller with autos? 30L? Absolutely any advice would be hugely appreciated. I know there are already discussions about fabric pots and autos etc. on here, I just want to know if there's any glaring problems with my plan. Sorry!
  3. Good afternoon fellow growers. So I am now awaiting delivery of various orders, (tube heater) and considering what size and sort of pots will be ideal for my grow conditions. I have the 80x80x180 grow tent and am wondering whar the ideal number of plants to grow in this space is. I have a Mars Hydro II 400w. I am planning on root riot to start in a propagator but the questions are how many should I fit into this size tent with the light I have and what sort of potss and size would be ideal. I was thinking after the root riots (hopefully I will be successful with germination) that 3-4 plants would be good. Is this too many ,would it reduce my yield? Would I be better going for two plants? What about the size of the pots? 15 litre or 22 litre, which is better. I am hoping to do some topping or LST to encourage an even canopy growth. Any answers would be very welcome. CSensi.
  4. Pot noodle grow Bubblicious

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. Pot noodle prep

    From the album Summer 2019

  6. Pot noodle drainage

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. DSCF0738

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    #2 pot is a 9.5litre airpot
  8. now then people im a first time grow about to start my first time grower and just fishing for some top tips. i have m1.2 x m1.2 x m2.0 tent which will contain 4 plants in 15L pots with a 60/40 coco mixs which i will be hand watering. i have a 600w light extractor fan and circulation fan. i am using dutch pro nutrients original grow a+b for first 2 weeks and then on to original bloom for the last 8 weeks. also will be using tack root for the first 4 week and explode for the last 6 weeks key questions CO2 how important is it ? is there a cheaper way then buying a canister and distribute ? (i heard that you can spry sparkling water on the leafs to help emit co2) not sure if this is true or false watering how often ? how many ML? (now i know it depends on how big and old the plant is so just a rough estimate) any other tips and advise you can think of will be greatly appreciated thanks for reading
  9. Just uploaded a few pics to my gallery. They're not particularly good quality. Shite phone camera, so apologies. I have just the one plant and considering I probably did everything wrong from the beginning, I'm surprised it's grown at all. Started from seed indoors and potted up outdoors in back garden late April. I've not got a clue as to what strain I'm growing except that it looks like a sativa dominant strain to me? I'm about to re-pot for the last time. What size pot will I need? Recommendations on compost/soil mix and will I need to add feed at any stage? I'm also wondering how long it will take to flower fully as I'm near the East coast and it can get get quite nippy early on. I've noticed the nights are really drawing in already now. Any help and advice greatly appreciated!
  10. hi people i have some extra room in my veg cabinet roughly around 40x40 in width and depth, with about 80cm height (50-60cm in grow height) i have some Sweet Seeds Black Cream Autos available, as well as a freebie Auto Seeds Auto pounder with Cheese my plan was to stick 2 in the cab, so i need to make sure that they dont grow too tall. my guess is that pot size will have a great influence on how tall they get, So what size pots do you guys recommend ??? i have 1L, 1.5L and 5L pots available cheers Gmaan
  11. Hey what up, wanting to know what pot size to use and how long to veg so in coco/perlite (60/40 mix) 9 clones currently in small 3 inch pots after showing roots in jiffys they will have to be under 130w of CFLs in 60cmx60cmx80cm for at another 4-5 weeks then they have 400mh or 600w hps to play with my set up is 120m x 120cm x 200cm tent planning on flowering with 7 plants 600HPS / 400mh parabolic canna AB, rhizo, pk13/14 hand watering POTS - 1.5L, 5L, 10L. can also get 1L, 6.5L(which seems very popular for coco) and 15L if needs be (but ideally not 15s) so i want to reach full potential with what ive got, i plan on topping and bending to fill canopy upto max 50cm height as these clones will pretty much double in height when flipped to 12/12 i was pondering what size i should pot up to and what to use along the way and how long i would need to veg to fill out the pots my thought, from the 3inch, to 1.5L to 10L with them been under the CFLs for those 5 weeks, then 400mh for 1-2 weeks, then flip them so what would you guys do ??
  12. Hi all, I am 4-5 weeks away from harvest and have my new clones well on the way in my tent. I plan to harvest my current grow then put the clones into the big room. I have a huge interest in giving SCROG a go and have the materials etc all ready. Something I'm not to sure about is the distance from the pot, to the net. Is there a good average or do I just lower it down until a few tops throught the net ( due to my clones being 12" tall by then ). As always any info really appriciated. GV.
  13. Shell finally off the breeders boutique

    From the album Random

  14. Plants love the feeding from the Aquaponic greenhouse. Using a couple of heaters to keep the Pond temperature up and the Fish active. I have a re purposed Large Topsy Turvy being irrigated with water from the pond. The plants , cuttings, and seedlings are nice and green using only the water from the fish. The aggregate which can be clay balls, river rock, coir, Perlite, is whetted with the fish water during irrigation cycles and air and Bacteria work to break down Ammonia in the Fish water and converts it to a Nitrogen the plants use to grow. This is a Win Win as You just feed the Fish and the Fish feeds the Plants and the Plants clean the water for the fish. Eco-Friendly and it works.
  15. Hi. I currently have a 600w HPS in a 1m *1m grow area. I have two plants. Is this too much light for 2 plants. Thanks
  16. Power Africa 3 FT

    From the album Power Africa Grow

    Power Africa 3FT 02/12/13
  17. Power Africa 3FT

    From the album Power Africa Grow

    Power Africa at 3ft 2/12/13
  18. I am currently growing 1x power africa and 1x g13 haze. I am growing both under a 400w MH/HPS combi bulb. They are both growing ok but i think they could do better if the grow area wasnt so hot. I have an in line extractor, the doors are left open to allow fresh air circulation and i have a oscilating fan in the grow area. Question is. i am in veg but have heared HPS runs cooler than MH.. I also have a 600w HPS bulb that i could use but will this be cooler than my 400w combi?? Secondly can i use HPS for Veg? If changing bulb wont help has anyone got any suggestions to reduce the heat? My humidity is also pretty consistent around 28% which i know is low for veg but will this slow growth? Alot of questions but help is much appreciated. thanks
  19. A few of the leaves on my Power Africa have started developing a few yellow spots. I have moved the light further away now. 16" away 400w MH/HPS combo But after a few days the problem still persists. Can anyone with more experience give me any pointers as to what this problem could be.