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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All I need some education on how are you guys balancing pH in your systems. I need to make sure I can leave it for few days from time to time so I need to learn how to do it best way possible. My pH is constantly going up so when I replace water im my reservoir I try to get it to 5.5 from 7.2 (as I ma sure it will go up). Yesterday I have filled it with 80l of water and all the nutrients and it took around 15mils of pH down (Growth Technology if that matters) to get it to 5.6. Today its 6.1 so I have tried to get it lower (for my own learning porous only) and added 3mils of pH down and an hour later its 4.7. How come one day it takes 15mils and the other only 3? is it that I should wait much longer with pH down then 30 minutes after mixing nuts? How you are doing it and maybe I should use different pH down?
  2. Hey guys, I need a good PH Down for my 2x 10 Gallon DWC Res. The only nice one I see is General hydroponic's and its 40$ Should I just use vinegar? The one I currently use is way too strong it made my fucking shelf melt. For reference, At first dosage I put 1.25 (1/16 teanspoon) and the ph lowered to 6.7 Second dosage, hoping to lower to 6.1 I added another 1.25 (1/16 teanspoon) and my res went to 3.8!! Now my gg4 cut is nuked and my grow is postponed.
  3. okay, hello everyone. my first post to coincide with my first grow. I am growing in Allmix and before getting started I checked the PH value of the Allmix. 1. using Allmix +distilled water gave me a reading of 5.5 2. Allmix +tap water (which I measured at 7), gave me a reading of 5.5 again. according to my research so far, there is no need to adjust organic prepared soil PH levels as they are meant to adjust to nutrient take up by the plant of themselves. Is this correct given the results above or given the results (which I have checked about 3 times) should I up the PH? If so can the PH be increased using chemical additives to the water and if yes can this be added with any nutrients that are being added to the water or would this causes problems? Any replies greatly appreciated. thanks.
  4. PH Down.jpg

    From the album Baby's First Grow

    Looked everywhere, trying not to leave too many pawprints on the interweb or visa. Found this in a great hydroponics shop called London Grow in Finsbury Park.
  5. I recently found out that since the start of growth cycle up until the end of week 2 flower i had been measuring my PH with a broken PH reader and have been watering plants with a PH of around 4.... The plants seem to have been growing fine and look healthy and green. If the low Acidity had started to effect the plants, what signs should i have noticed by now, if any. And what problems may occur because of this now. Basically, 1) if i have hurt the plants (due to low PH) should i be able to see signs of that by now? And, 2) since everything looks cool so far, have a caught the problem early enough for the plants to turn out as fine as ever? Thanks