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Found 42 results

  1. Hello everyone, I popped a Zkittles bean about 4 months ago and in an attempt to keep my electricity costs down, it has been happily growing albeit extremely slowly by a window. On sunny days it went outside, always watered from the bottom and the soil was never left damp for any length of time. Now I'm ready to veg it properly and finish it off, I'm concerned about bringing pests inside. Is the couple of weeks of low wattage vegging worth the risk? Is there a fail safe method of cleaning the soil before it comes inside or should I just take a cutting and start a fresh? This is also going to be my first attempt at living soil after years of cocoir. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, dotz
  2. Pests again. Holes in leaves.

    From the album Pests

  3. Pests eating holes in leaves

    From the album Pests

  4. Does anyone have an experience with dealing with broad mites, I’m still in veg so I can deal with them by near enough any means, I dont grow organic so any chemical sprays that work I’ll be happy to use them, I can get access to CO2 to do a heat treatment of the full area so the plants can survive it but may struggle getting my temperatures up to the 46 degrees required to kill them as I’m running maxibright daylight pro led lights and don’t have other heat sources any previous experience or tips or ways of definitely killing them would be massively appreciated
  5. Got some brown speckles on one of my plants, cant really see sh*t with my eyes or a loupe, the iphone camera seems to do the best job any help? or a pest?
  6. Last year on my 2nd grow I was plagued by fungus gnats. Horrid things. I have since seen a lot of different growers who believe that their infestations came from the compost they had purchased. With this in mind would I be sensible or mad to buy 30 L of compost and treat it from the offset with nematodes? I want to do 2 plants (photo fems) finishing off in 11L pots, so I am guessing I will need around 25L-28L through the cycle from seedlings to final pots. My plan is to fill 2 x 1L pots, 2 x 3L pots, 2 x 5L pots and then put just 5L in each of the 11L pots and treat them all in one go. I am assuming the nematodes will live for the duration of the grow - roughly 15 weeks ~ 5 veg/10 flowering. Pros and cons please guys, all opinions most welcome.
  7. Hi everyone, just a quik question as I'm gonna grow in Clover Multi-Purpose Compost should I worry about bugs or pests and what should I do to prevent them eating or messin things up? Thank you.
  8. Its been a while since I posted - hope all is very well with folk! Wee bit of advice please! I'm around 2wks, maybe 3, from harvesting a girlscout cookie plant - sensi seeds... Its been growing just fine in coco with good stable temps (until two nights ago, when it dipped to 18c!) Today, when feeding I noticed a ton of fungus gnat larvae in the run-off!! No sign of damage on the plant as yet - as it s the first time I've seen them, I reckon, at best, I have about 10 - 14 days to kill them, or pull the GSC early! So, I know I can't spray neem on the plant at this stage, but, it is cool to nuke the fuckers with neem oil by passing it through the coco at this stage? Cheers!
  9. Hi Everyone, this year I’m thinking about doing my first outside green house grow. I have only ever grown in tents with lights before so I have a couple of questions. Seeds Can I please get a couple of recommendations for seeds please, I live in the south east UK. The green house is about 7-8 ft high at the top of the apex. preferably something not too smelly, the neighbours are always blazing away in their garden so probably wouldn’t notice anyway but obviously I’d rather they didn’t know. High yielding would be nice. Should I use auto flowering? Ive never tried autos before. When would you put them out if using autos? when would you put them out if using normal seeds? Spiders There is a couple of big spiders in there, one of them I’m sure is a false widow. I was going to clear all the spiders out but then thought maybe I should leave them as they might kill any insects so your thoughts on that would be much appreciated. If I only get one bit of feedback from all that then I would love a recommendation on the strain. Thanks a lot guys
  10. Hello folks and happy new year! Devastated to have learned I'm now experiencing my first bout of thrips. Got a clone delivered two weeks ago that appears to have brought them in. Sadly i'm just starting week 6 flower! Please don't tell me to bin the crop I've purchased some Dr Zymes as it's seemingly totally safe during flower? Can i spray it ON the flowers as I'm reading they also like to hide out in the flowers? If not, any other suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  11. Greetings all, problem is, i have a mole looting around underground dangerously close to my herb, he'a already taken out one of my Grabba plants (tobacco), anybody know of a good humane way of making mole move far away from my yard? If i would have known i would have lined the holes with wire mesh, but i didn't know he would come. I know you can buy mole thumpers that go in the ground and require fat-ass batteries, but they pricey. Some say ferrets, but thats not an option for me. I don't wanna kill it or hurt it in any way, so sensible suggestions only please. Also what about if it has a family in my spot, surely it ain't gonna leave all behind if it's set up home in my yard, mmmm!? SubSpecies
  12. Hi all, Doing a check of the plant I’ve encountered these very small bright yellow things on the undersides of my leaves, I’ve managed to rub them off incredibly easy, but obviously want to prevent them returning. Has anyone encountered these before? as always thank you guys in advance!
  13. Hey 420 Please help, my plants have been under the weather for the last few days, so today I decided to test some run off to see is ph was ok..... I flushed some ph adjusted water though the pots and I was a bit bummed it came out reading 6.7. I’m growing in coco and aim for 5.8 6.2. Any hoo after draining the runoff I notice little small white things popping/jumping about in the runoff.. I’ve been researching and it looks like I have springtails!! Ok so it says they’re harmless, don’t panic! But wait..... there’s more! At even closer inspection I can see tiny tiny translucent worms wriggling about in there as well... internet suggests fungus gnat larvae... Thing is I have no gnats in my garden, well except 2 that we’re caught on sticky traps couple weeks ago.... I have at least 10 traps dotted about and they’re all clean?? I see nothing of the above on top of the soil.... they must just be inside my pots? can anyone please help me get rid of these things... any suggestions what I can do to kill them off and return my garden to full health? Thanks guys
  14. Springtails

    From the album Pests IV come across

    Zoomed in spring tail I caught
  15. Hey everyone So as the title says what preventive action do you take to keep pests at bay in your mother room? Particularly interested in the organic options to keep mites away but all regimes welcome How often,what do you use,method of use & for what reasons you use them? Or do you just treat when notice problems ? I'm thinking of using neem cake in soil & a regularly spray (not decided what spray)......At the moment I don't use any, I just treat when pops up which has happen a couple times in last few years
  16. Hello community, i kinda feel stupid for asking as im sure this is probably a very common problem but im unsure what my options are, iv noticed a couple of my outdoor, greenhouse pots have little black flies in them (im guessing gnats from a little research). Are they damaging? If so how bad? The ones noticed them in most are around 1 week into flowering (autos) can they be treated? Etc etc much appreciate any advice guys!
  17. Good Morning Guys, hope everyones well! I flipped my tent over to flower last week and checked last night and noticed some insect damage to a few of my plants. I have 9 in total of 3 strains and the insects have been on atleast 4 of the plants. I didnt actually get to see an insect in action even though I looked, but i did see a small orange larvae crawling around on one of the plants if this helps identification. Ill attach pictures below to show you the damage theyve caused but I want to nip the problem now early in flower before they start attacking the flowers!! The Temperature in the tent is around 80Farenheit with RH around 45%. There is good ventilation in the tent so I am not sure what could have caused this. As Always any and all help will be appreciated!
  18. Hi, Has anyone experience of Agrothrin Dusting Powder? From what I gather it is a powder that you put on top of your medium to insulate the plant from root insects etc. Is this safe to use as a layer on top of clay pebbles over a DWC res? I would suppose it may seep down and contaminate DWC reservoir? Cheers
  19. Hello, Some sort of insect has been munching on my leaves. Its only a few leaves at the moment, and I cannot see any insects on the leaves stem, but I am wondering if I am better to cut the leaves off in case of eggs etc. I'm thinking the cost of the leaf to the plant is worth the risk of more insects (eggs on leaf, although I cant see any). Appreciate the community's thoughts? Cheers
  20. Hi guys. First timer here. I noticed the tell tale silvery looking leaves and after thinking it was a DEF at first I now know it’s thrips. I’m in the uk so can’t get hold of Spinosad. People say use soap and water but not sure what to use to be honest and iv seen photos of some people half killing their crop. I’m in soil and keeping it around 25.c with 55%rh. Iv been trawling the web for about 5 hours to prepare for today’s assault on them and just want a decent way of fighting them. I watched the guy on YouTube talking about using cinnamon and wondered if anybody had any luck with that. I have some flying/crawling bug spray killer which I was thinking about just spraying around the room briefly. My plants are in veg and I would wash down after half an hour or so just Incase. Has anybody tried that ? I have blue sticky paper coming tomorrow as they are attracted to blue, and going to use double sided sticky tape on the main stem to catch them on the way up but would the spray harm the plants ??? new to the site and not sure how to upload pictures from my iPhone ?
  21. APHIDS.jpg

    From the album 2018 Dinafem Outdoor Grow Diary Comp

    Aphids. Blasted them off with jet spray mix of garlic and ecover washing up liquid.
  22. Hey All, This is a first time grow. I have 3 plants in a 60cm x 60cm set up. They are Purple Bud from Sensi Seed. Size of strain is meant to be small (so suitable for the compact area). Since first germination to today it has been 43 Days. Grown in soil medium, approx 20 litres. LED 400W The plants are on a 18/ 8 light cycle. Temperature 20-25 celcius (25 day, 20 night); constant CF extraction and a small fan blowing indirectly at one of the sides of the grow tent. Relative Humidity is 55% They were given Nutirents for the first time 1 week ago (only for 3-4 days) PH has been constant at 6.2. I wasn't happy with the nutrients and became worried that they were getting nitrogen toxicity, there was also some tiny yellow/ brown dots appearing on a few leaves; so I dumped the resevoir and flushed them out with PH6.2. They started to go very yellow. The number of spots increased, and then the size of them grew. Since the flush, I have limited their watering, but given them a small amount with nutrients again (this has improved their colour). I have also pulled up the lights, although it was always 18 inches away. I removed a C02 bag that I put in there around the same time as the Nutes. I have also become worried that this could be a pest problem > I have been unable to find any pests (top and underneath of leaves). Attached are some photos of the plants, and close ups of one of the leaves. Any advice would be welcome. I have some mite spray on hand, should this been the diagnosis. Slysir.
  23. Hi, so im not new to growing but in the past year i have been under attack by some sort of pest i cant identify or even see (just the damage it does). Basically it only happens in the 3rd to 5th week of veg and as the new sprouting leaves open up they look like they have been eaten by a Caterpillar or something, mainly at the base of the leaves but as the problem increases almost all the leaf is missing as it grows into full size. There is nothing i can see on the leaves or plants anywhere no bugs or flying insects. I had thrips and got rid of them with a sulphur burner, this worked on the thrips but didnt seem to touch whatever it is destroying the new leaves. And it is only the new leaves, old growth is not affected and looks healthy. So far I have only had this problem in the mid to late stages of veg. Only some strong insecticide worked, only after setting my grow back almost 3 weeks.... Has anybody else had these pests? If so what are they and how do i prevent them? indoor grow in soil with organic nutrients. (my friend seem o think it may be a mutation of the tobacco virus sometimes carried by thrips, but this confuses me when the sulphur works on the thrips but not the other things...) heres a couple photos anyway.... http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/gallery/image/460279-new-unidentified-pest/
  24. IMG-20171214-WA0005.jpg

    From the album Mrnugz

  25. My eyesight is going a bit these days and despite inspecting the plants very closely, especially around the base of the leaves etc. I can't find the culprits anywhere. I've subsequently given them a good spray with Cannacure so hopefully that's killed whatever it is or at least made the plants a little less tasty. Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing the damage.