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Found 14 results

  1. So iv done a few auto’s an been happy with the results but also planted some fast flowering an normal photo seeds, they have grown well since I put em out, an are getting fed on fishmix for now, but when are they likely to start flowering an needing some bloom added? They are showing there sex with white pistols but don’t think they ready for bloom yet but wanna double check, thanks
  2. Outdoor blueberry auto

    From the album Blueberry auto soil outdoors

    Growing amongst my chillis Unlike the chillis this is in soil. Have a few seeds so going to test mediums and compare results
  3. What’s my best seed options for growing outdoors(small tunnel or greenhouse), iv got some auto’s to try but what’s the craic with the other type. Do I need to put them in dark when time comes? I could sort that but would want to do it right? Where’s best place to order seeds for outdoors in uk??any recommendations for a strain for outdoors north York’s ?? Cheers
  4. about to start my first grow! just put a bag seed in some soil and it sprouted so thought id have a go at growing some plants properly. I bought 3 feminized autoflowering diesel kush seeds which sounded like a easy grower, and got two free auto OG blueberry seeds, but wandering what the best balance equipment to yield would be? I dont necessarily want to grow all 5 at first, maybe just 2 or 3, and don't mind not getting the biggest yields but yeh would love to be able to get at least a decent yield. I dont mind spending a bit, but dont want to want to spend loads. i do have a south east facing kitchen with big glass sliding doors which probably get about 5 or 6 hours direct sunlight everyday, but i also have a loft/cupboard under the stairs and would be willing to set up something basic if that amount of natural lights not gunna cut it. Also id rather not be using huge amounts of electricity which is why ideally any light set up would be minimal. any advice hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone! New to this forum but I’m currently growing two Blue dream autos that are in flower and I can’t remember when I germinated the seeds so I’m struggling to know far along my girls are! I have a picture of the seedlings with there first true leaves on the 30th of June. Any idea how much longer I’ve got till harvest?https://m.imgur.com/a/pA5GoVN
  6. ... guerrillas Not really a guerrilla grow but all grown by that candle in the sky so thought best in this section as can't see a backyard/windersill section?.. Iv stuck 3x auto in a back garden (not mine) just thought I'd share how they are doing.. I started them in white plastic cups about half filled on the window sill about 10-14days before they went out on the 23/7/19 ..the window only gets around 6hours direct light at the very best but at the time light wasnt great and they looked rather weak &runty for 10days + but they was in minimal soil and like i said didnt get much good light.. I used recycled soil from my indoor grows I reckon about 8/10l containers with drainage holes about 1or 2 inches up from the bottom of the pot around the sides to leave a little res of water just in case ..so I crossed my fingers and left them to it... They Took quite well.. I was surprised ..bare in mind the day I put then out was day before we had high winds and storm... I gave them a dose of fishmix at 5ml /L on the 21st that was the first time I watered them before that we had enough rain to keep them going I also gave them a water on 24th as it's been scorching lately it's a pitty we are losing daylight hours now really but will see how they do ...iv got a few snaps of a few autos done on the windowsill aswel that il upload soon
  7. I am a novice grower and i have a outside grow about 9 plants at 6 weeks old i read in a book i bought about training them in the book it says i have to train them to get the best harvest from them i have them in fabric pots one website says about putting netting over them another says to tie them up i have never done it before so should i be training them and what is the best way to do it. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am Tom. Could anyone advise me if Tomato feed is good for my 3 outdoor plants? Any Feed suggestions would be helpful. cheers
  9. Well, seeds arrived. https://www.realgorillaseeds.com ( I chose "The 7" feminised, x6 and they sent me x3 feminised fast diesel too for free, (yay ) So, being pretty new to all types of growing, i not only underestimated how long it takes for seeds to germinate, but also the fact they would germinate at different speeds, even though under the same conditions. I had hoped to plant them all out at once, but seems they'll be staggered over a 2 week period. If anything this will make it easier when it comes (if it comes, fingers crossed) to harvest. I put x5 Sevens in peat pellets on the 23rd of march, only put x3 into the medium, x2 on the 28th and x1 on 31st of march. That leaves the other x3 of The 7, which have sprouted the little white finger, and are almost sprouting a green shoot, and x3 of the fast diesel which are the same. Hopefully, they should be ready to plant within the next few days, for i do not have the ability to keep them inside for a few weeks to mature properly, before then gradually getting them used to outside weather. The three No 7s that have been outside now for 3-5 days, seem to be doing well. I had a very heavy down pour last night, and was a little worried how they fared. ( they're fine ). There growing between 1inch-2inch at the moment, with the stem thickening. I have/going to plant the No 7s into x5 10l fabric bags, to then transplant into 40l fabric bags after they reach around 2feet or 25-30inches in height, x1 No 7 and the x3 fast diesel are going straight into a Fish box with 140L of medium between them, (lack of space). I chose to use fabric bags/container, because of the shale like ground + my thinking is it'll be easier to control the medium for my first grow, with this method. I've got some Sensi A+B Grow on order once they've started to get going, however the compost am using does have feed for up to 2 weeks. Well, that's all for now folks. Ive kept my expectations low, being my first try at growing cannabis, and it being outside. I'll post a picture of the infants in a few days on my next visit. Happy growing-
  10. https://goo.gl/images/URSedn Hi guys, First of all I’m not from the UK , I’m from Hungary but we don’t have awesome sites like this and I would apreeciate if you would help me out. I’m gonna start growing for the first time 6x Royal Queen Seeds autos. Since I live with my parents I cannot start growing inside, I can only germinate the seeds and leave them indoors for 2-3 days tops. So I have bought this mini polytunnel for the seedlings/vegetative stage. I will be growing in a forrest near a river with the sun shining on it. I wanna ask you approx. how many degrees will the polytunnel bring the heat up? Should I put it outside now so it can heat up and in a week or two I could be able to use it? I will be growing in 10L pots and I will plant the germinated seeds directly to their final pots,with a 70/30 soil perlite mix. I will visit the site every 3-5 days. Any tip and advice is really apreeciated
  11. Big thanks to Dinafem, sorry been very ill, and busy trying to help others with chronic pain etc. I NEVER BELIEVED that THC & CBD help stop nerve pain....but they do , I think them synergize with opiates ie oxycodeine to help my pain levels! Been able to find old skool quality hash helps....some high thc some low...dabbing with WAX HELPS!!! I have some cbd oil black (saying 70%) WITH BIG X ON>>>Im sure the colour is not good sign, still I used last of cash on some golden one for us all to try. Thanks to DInafem I didnt just get a chance to show off my skills, I started perfecting my shatter/crumble etc ....oh and went under glass 2 month late,,,,,and blew everyones mind !! DROPOUT PRESNTS DINAFEM GROW DIARY BUBBA KUSH & CRITICAL+2 Inside & Outside 2015 PART 1 It was JULY and temperatures had shot up JUST as I had built a new grow room was panicking about frying the seedlings just in case had got something wrong (they came out fine!), when a friend of a good friend mentions he grows outdoors but too late now, whilst doing dabs…..now to me a good friends mate is to be treated like a mate. I explained no issue and plenty of time with the RIGHT genetics to still get a good harvest. He then added he hadn’t bothered as although uses medically for Migraines, his wife was not happy when he did 8 and said max he could do was 2 this time so hadn’t bothered I seized the opportunity to show off what the Dinafem strains can do. I knew both strains finished approx. 8-9 weeks MAX unlike many that never finish in British weather or produce so little quality bud. The Critical was very mould resistant and in for the long run BUT COULD A KUSH REALLY FINISH IN THE UK? I have smoked many kushes but I find Bubba to be amongst my favourites….a lovely night time KO which with the Critical which is perfect as the Critical is a motivational strains. As a Disabled Chronic Pain patient a range of cannabis is essential. My mate was convinced his wife would be happy as a max of 2 plants as she said he only gets a bit and that with 8 plants!!!!!!! He cleaned out his greenhouse and he said its fine…..after identifying spider mite and some other bugs…he removed all plants and started again…. We spoke about nutrients and he used tomato food….I explained for £20 I could got him some BIOBIZZ Grow & Bloom and gave him OT1's schedule with a little epsoms once in flower & my personal favourite Verve compost from B & Q...had odd bag wasnt keen on out of 40+ He was low on funds so many people donated from Drying tents, fan/filters, net, hydrometer, bonsai spring scissors ……SO THANK YOU GUYS N ONE GIRL!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! His wife was not ready for an experience grower to help him grow 2 plants. She imagined 2’ Lowrder style….NOT GIANT BEASTS OZZING WITH RESSIN!!. Still was happy from a legal viewpoint as only 2 and her husband really does need it sometime...Now the fun starts They all popped and shot up in height, within 5 weeks I had topped/fimmed (cut /squeezed top of plant back) themem and yet still the lower leaves where not getting any sun and there was danger that when the stretch in flower started they were going to be too high and too awkward to super crop (snap stems in flowering) as taken over most of greenhouse. So we used a scrog net (5)to tie the beasts down donated by another Chronic Pain Patient I had shown the ropes!!! Suddelly I get a call HELPPPPPPPP SOME THINGS EATING THE PLANTS I was round before he could put phone down…….MMMMM In his defence it looked bad…it was JUST A LITTLE water that had come through open vent !! This made some leaves water damaged as the hot sun hit the greenhouse...My organic spray went away and I put copper tape round the pot to stop slugs or bugs getting up and eating the buds! Approx 7-8 weeks they had been re potted a few times and into their 40-50L ish pots (donated by me)….they were just about to start flowering…… MORE TO COME SOON WAS GOING TO DO A COMING SOON PIC BUT RAN OUT OF SPACE.....YOU WONT BELIEVE SIZE OF THESE!!!!!
  12. ey up, got a quick question for anyone who has tried guerrilla drying before. done all my research for growing outdoors this year, wanna take my first crack at it. there's pretty limited info about on drying outdoors, and what there is makes it sound impossible. has anyone got anywhere with this? there is no way I can do this in my house/outhouse, I have a shed perfect for this but it backs onto a well used public pathway (loads of noses less than a meter away). was thinking of going down the trim n tarp route in the shade. its way above recommended drying humidity here (Lat 53), and my riverside grow site will probably get a lot of low lying mist on a morning - bud rot heaven right? in the past i've dried lavender hung up over a paper bag (not touching the sides) without any mould, but this was in an outhouse. my fam don't mind the stench of lavender though! i'd have to try this outdoors w/ weed if it works better than hanging under tarp. any advice would be great,feel as if theres no point putting any work/dollar into this if i know from the off i wont get to finished product stage. cheers
  13. Supercrop knuckle

    From the album cannybuzz's cannabis's

  14. Hi everyone, I'm new to Sweet Seeds, there's a huge choice, was hoping you could help me narrow it down: Do we know which auto gives the best chance of reaching harvest outside without moulding up? Over in the guerilla grow forum I've heard Big Devil #2, anything more resistant than that?