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Found 8 results

  1. 28 may

    From the album Dinafem 2018

  2. So my mission begins, a big thanks to all at Dinafem and a big to Mark, once again pulling out all the stops for us seasonal growers I've suffered a real lot the last few months, after herniated disks in the spine, quacks discovered I have aggressive PsA, never experienced so much pain before hence my GG selections are for once..My own saviour. I've chosen Original Amnesia Auto for that personal favourite heavyweight hit and I'm gonna sample OG Kush Auto CBD as my second selection. Also have a few tins of Critical Jacks and other strains from the Dinafem catalogue that I've collected the past few months. I'll be germing in clear pint cups, bottoms removed and placed in coloured cups, transplanting made easy for autos. Pics and video to follow on that. Soil is all native with very little in the way of amendments. Will update on that as I go, just getting started here, well when all this snow retreats Wish you all the best for 2018, may the wind be at your back and the sun upon your face
  3. GROW-3663.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

  4. Let's get this show on the road shall we? First of all a big thank you to Mark and all at Dinafem for making this possible. I hope I can show my gratitude by producing a stunning summer show. I'm currently trawling the net for completed outdoor diaries of the 4 strains I'll be having a go with, none of which I've grown out before. A bit about the environment first. I'm at Lat 37N, on the coast, hmmm...OG!! I'm pretty much guaranteed blue skies from April through until November and the sun is intense to say the least. Last summer temps went way up into the 40'sC for about 3 weeks non stop which didn't suit everything so I may run into some problems if that happens again. Can't order the weather as you all well know. I'll be growing organically using either Compo or Flortis Eco veg & bloom nutrients which served me well last year. They're basically the same as BioBizz but about 40% cheaper. BioBizz light mix or Grotek, not sure yet. I'll also have some seabird guano which I'll use as a top dressing once flowering is underway. Today DPD arrived with my new wormery, a Wormcity 100 4 tray setup and 500 worms went into it this morning. They take a while to get up and running but I should have some lovely tea by the flowering stage. The strains. Pre'98 Bubba Kush. Sounds right up my street, I do like a good knockout indica for a relaxing evening. I rarely smoke during the day - too busy looking after my girls & boys and when I'm not doing that I play golf 3 or 4 times a week. I've read it's short, stocky, average yields, best topped, notoriously slow in veg...among other things. Let's see about that shall we! I may start this one off earlier than, for example, the OG Kush as I can probably trust it not to take over the whole neighbourhood. A 40L Smartpot will be perfect methinks. OG Kush. I picked up a pack at the Canamoexpo in Sevilla last year so it's time to get going with them. I'm toying with the idea of growing one of these using a SCROG. I have 2 sturdy 'nets' 1M x 1M that I could place either side of a 40L Smartpot. Why not? The other one I'll start off in May. I can't have 2-3m plants so starting towards the end of May will give them enough veg time without me ending up with triffids. Original Amnesia. 'It needs high levels of Ec and light. Those seeking the highest quality, it is best to grow it organically' 'The breeder recommends that it is with respect, as it is said that it's power is very high and to be careful with it, because it can cause temporary memory loss'. I'll smoke this when I need to forget something White Widow. Not much to say that hasn't already been said about this strain although I have yet to grow it. That's got the ball rolling, first update when I get the beans sprouted. Good luck to everyone else taking part, here's to a great outdoor grow in 2017 !
  5. GROW-2398-2.jpg

    From the album Outdoor Grow 2017

    Dinafem Original Amnesia at 3 weeks
  6. well hello there this is my first crack at growing my own rather than giving some little scroat my hard earned cashish it all begins (was hoping to get some pics here but ill get there) with a purchase from a friend of a complete grow setup that included a bunch of seeds, tent, pots, lights, fan and filters, heaters and even a little advice i soaked the seeds in water for about 18-20 hours and they all sunk in the end so i got to potting them into starter pots in room temp compost(verve) and thats about as far as i am at the point of typing this i have 3x white widow and 5x original amnesia autos i will be starting some regs soon but this grow is to tide me over till i move hopefully soon i dont really know what else to say apart from im finally doing it and i will keep everyone updated as events unfold thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings oldsmoker (sorry about grammer/spelling im not to bright)
  7. Hey, Got an otherwise healthy Dinafem Original Amnesia 3 weeks into flower under a 400W HPS in a DR90II with 3 other plants. 7 weeks Veg and now 3 weeks Flower, no problems at all up to now. Only noticed the markings on the leaves as i was closing the tent up tonight. I've fiddled with the EVO levels to brighten the pics. The ones where it looks darker are closer o how it looks in natural light. The markings are dark brown and actually quite hard to spot. I could only see these two affected leaves, which were quite close to the top of an otherwise healthy plant. 3 more plants in tent (different vars) which are unaffected. Like i say, there have been no problems other than this so far. temps are steady between 18-21C, PH is 40-45. I can't see anything like it on the sheet of deficiencies on leaves that does the rounds so, any ideas UK420 heads ? They've been on 3ml per litre of new type PM Bloom for a week, with PM Grow before that. Every other feed i've been adding 1ml per litre of PM Cal-Mag+ and 1ml per litre of BB Fishmix too. The Amnesia showed the slightest touch of tip burn from the last feed, and the leaves are a good, dark green, so i might be leaving off the Fishmix from now on. Here are the pics. Like i said, it's just the two leaves affected, and i've messed about with the lighting to try and make the markings visible as they're quite hard to see in real light. as i also say, i'm happy with the environment guys, and the plant otherwise seems very well. It's just there were these two leaves all of a sudden, and now i'm mildly panicking. PICS : Any help gratefully reveived....Cheers guys.