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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys .. I up this thread where all of us can share our dried buds pics, Seedsman strains only please Thanks & enjoy!! White Widow fem grown with 200w LED & 2 Liter pots grown with 400w HPS & 7 Liter pots
  2. I've put this here to focus the chat on hydro nutes but I guess it will apply across the whole range of grow media. I'm also not trying to start a shit fest while I acknowledge one of the senior people here said of nutes, "it's all down to how you use the nutes and the environment" - otherwise nutes across the board are much the same. Which gets me to my two points I'd like to understand better.... in the pursuit of getting proper dense nugs as opposed to those that are a bit airy (but crystally enough and a good smoke). 1) Given that ghe don't do boosters and additives but canna do (expensively so) - am I really missing something here? 2) A long story short - it seems to me competent growers who use 1000w lights get dense nugs against those who use say 325w cmh whose nugs are much less dense - am I mistaken? I'm genuinely puzzled - and really not wanting a shit fest over this! Thanks and stay safe!
  3. So my oldest son was telling me about Moonrocks. Never heard of them so he should me. Basically you take ripe cured Nugs of the diggity dank, coat them in BHO then roll them in Kief made from some other icky sticky. He said he first tried them in Washington state and got a few more from a dispensary in Cali. So the first time it was Pineapple Punch dipped in BHO made from some Humbolt Indo with a beautiful sweet fruity pine taste and smooth finish, dipped in Kief from a blackberry mama Thai hybrid. then he showed me a vid they look so crusty so tasty, all those flavours fruity resinous pine sweet Indo. I was also thinking on my mrs some high CBD nugs dipped in BHO dipped in high CBD strain kief. Has anyone one tried this, got any tips, before I go wrecking any choice nugs, I would love to hear experiences tips hints. I have a wicked vacuum sealer with jar feature so I can purge, and purge again, zero atmosphere should turn any moisture into vapour, and in theory draw resin to the surface as the water escapes due to the lack of atmosphere. Any thoughts?
  4. Weed

    From the album Nug Shots

    New Buds
  5. Hi all, looking for a bit of advice please. Got some Dinafem cheese on the go, they are at 75 days now and budded up nicely, covered in trichs and smell sweeeeet. whereas the main pistils have come out and withered and turned brown, now I have noticed loads of pistils have started protruding from thetip of the nugs, sort of in bunches of 5, 6, 7 etc. Is this normal? This seems to be happening on a few different plants. Trichs are clear at the moment and I keep checking them every few days with a x30 loupe. Just concerned they are not ripening?? plants are under a 600 watt HPS, growing in 11 litre airpots, using PM bloom (grow and root stim during veg) any help would be appreciated