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Found 5 results

  1. I grow quite well - but I'm making renewed efforts to work better. I did some cuttings the other week and I have 100% success. It's quite rare for me to have a failure. I have an established routine and equipment which I keep to rigidly. Should I take particular note of those cuttings that root the fastest? Would that trait follow if I were to make those fast rooters into mothers and take further cuttings from that in time? I get that chance has a part to play in my cuttings itself and how I propagate it. But over time would that chance reduce to leave me with only a strain that naturally roots faster? tThe fastest has rooted in 5 days. Then There's about 10-12 days for last to root. - if that's any help. Many thanks KayDog
  2. Good evening all, I am well to baked and still searching to find this article-believe i read it in soft secrets. What i remember is they have this new thing out there -still not commercialy used to create these seeds(believe they in capsules?) and as a result every seed is the same as their mum they came from-same as if it was a clone. Anyone heard of this?sounds interesting.... mods please feel free to change the topics name if you find the corret name for this ,well too baked and english is not my first language,hard to come to terms now
  3. So this is a Thread designed for anyone that's testing or working on any outdoor seeds INDOORS. It's all about the Outdoors anyway, right? I myself got some cheese in the making, been hunting down phenos, testing high RH and very low cold snaps through the day & night. Doing a few more projects, Wild 3 to hunt for the CPPheno "Mother" Funki cheeses to find the Lemon Cheese Pheno "Mother" Cheese Round 2. Gonna be a good season, still got 10wks+ to do this. Fav 1 Blue Cheese "smelly feet pheno" More to come later on. So is anyone else doing something like this? SW
  4. Bonsai mums and clones

    From the album Grow Diaries

    4 mums and assorted copies
  5. New Veg tent

    From the album Sativas