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Found 15 results

  1. Well a friend of mine takes rso oil for medicinal purposes but we got onto the topic of adding rso oil to a drink such as fanta,cherryade, orangeade ect ect would anyone be able to help on such a subject if its even possible at all, would be looking at 100ml bottles and a stronger dosage is preffered
  2. “Medicinal” version of our Sweet Afgani Delicious S1® (SWS02), now featuring high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD). This strain is the result of the cross between our appreciated and widespread elite clone of Black Domina ‘98 and a clone from the Diesel family very rich in CBD. The THC:CBD ratio of the resulting genetic from this cross stands between 1:1 and 1:3. The plants show a “different” psychoactivity, soft and gentle, adequate for cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of other type of strains rich in THC. This kind of CBD-rich genetics are appropriate for the treatment of multiple illnesses given the therapeutic and medicinal properties of both CBD and THC. Among other medicinal uses, CBD has been used to reduce anxiety, convulsions, nausea and vomits, inflammation, pain, and a long etcetera of pathological conditions. This variety has a typical Indica structure, with a big central bud, multiple side branches and large production of flowers and trichomes. The aroma of this genetic is very pleasant, sweet and musky, with fresh tones of cypress and a soft background of hot spices and wood. Variety SWS60 Indica/Sativa: 60%/40% Commercial Name: S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious CBD® THC:CBD Ratio: (1:1–1:3) Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 375-600 g/plant Indoor Blooming: 8-9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: late September Buy S.A.D. Sweet Afgani Delicious CBD®
  3. Hello uk420 gang, On Sunday at the old age of 24 years old I had a TIA(mini stroke) due to a small bleed on the brain caused by my previous bad habits on party drugs I suspect. Anyway I have been a daily smoker for the past 2 years but I am currently not smoking due to the situation. My question is it safe to keep blazing? I’m pretty uneducated on the effects weed has on a damaged brain but surely it wouldn’t cause any further damage? Should I ditch smoking for a different method of getting that sweet THC? I appreciate any advice or if anyone has been in a similar situation hmu. I have been extremely lucky to only have a small stroke and fully recover I just don’t want to have to give up the herb! Thanks in advance.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-46374191 Bit of a read, some points leapt out at me: “Corporations have also expressed interest. For example, Altria, which owns cigarette brands including Marlboro, has made a $1.86bn (£1.46bn) investment in a Canadian cannabis company. Over time, as the US demonstrates, it is quite possible that the medical trade could quite easily morph into recreational sales - potentially opening up an even bigger market.” “But it seems a virtual certainty that more countries will change their approach to cannabis in the coming decades. As such, domestic and international rules will need to catch up.” The effects of cannabis Can cause confusion, anxiety and paranoia If smoked with tobacco, can increase the risk of diseases like lung cancer Regular use has been linked to an increased risk of psychotic illness Used in some places to treat side effects of multiple sclerosis and cancer Trials under way to look at how it might be used to treat other conditions including epilepsy and HIV/Aids M
  5. Hi all, first of all I have to say how brilliant this community is! So much useful info all in one place. So I am very close to starting the process of creating medicine for my nephew who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, this time in his neck, stomach and chest. He has had chemo each time and has beaten it but this time it has come back worse hence turning to cannabis medication.I have done endless research on the different ways to create the extract and it seems like every way has its own risks involved so after much consideration I have decided on the method below and just want to run it by the experts before I get going.So here we go...... 1) lightly grind and decarb the bud in the oven between sheets of grease proof paper (will double check times and duration before hand) 2) Leave to cool and grind to dust3) load dust into extraction tube using coffee filters over the open end secured with tape/rubber bands? (Any more secure method anyone could suggest?)4) blast the product using DEXSO - DIMETHYL ETHER near zero impurities into a Pyrex tray(This is one of the main things I would like advice on, does anyone know much about this product? I’ve looked into it as much as I can and sounds as though it would be a much healthier option than butane, it’s even used to collect natural oils in certain food preperation)5) soon as the oil/dexso mix stops dripping from the extractor, move the Pyrex tray to a hot water bath for the mix to evaporate until it stops bubbling6) collect the oil with razor blades on to grease proof paper spreading it thin and even(the nice and messy bit!)7) place collected oil on the g/p paper into a vacuum chamber 8) place chamber on a gentle heating device and turn on vacuum pump. (Not sure what to use yet as the heating device but I have my laser gun thermometer ready to make sure the oil doesn’t get to hot)(Should have mentioned that I have made oil (BHO) before but not for medical use hence the extra precautions this time round. I’ve always purged only using heat before so from the vacuum chamber onwards it’s all new to me)9) oil will bubble and expand which I plan on just judging by eye when to stop the pump, letting the oil decrease in size, popping the large bubbles with the tip of a razor and repeating until I am happy that I have got out every impurity that I can.10) place final product in fridge to solidify (I am hoping for something close to the consistency of shatter when cooled so that I can snap and weigh easily, if the final product is too soft I will most likely opt for empty capsules to easily control dosage)11) weigh out doses that will also be left in the fridge12) take doses as you would a tablet with ice cold water so the oil doesn’t start to liquify until it’s in the stomachAny advice from anyone that has solid knowledge would be much appreciated, especially on the solvent (dexso) that I plan on using and anything else that I could improve to create as clean of a product as possible.Thank you for reading.
  6. I don't need no thought control.......Sorry, got ahead of myself there. What if? If I'm just looking for the medicinal benefits and not really looking to get high, would I skip the decarboxolation step? I read that THCa has all the medicinal attributes of THC without the stony, but I'm not sure it's true. I need all the cannaboids, terpenes, all the factors that help with pain, but I need to function too. Thoughts? Respect.........As Always Cmoon
  7. Hi, I just want to throw this one out to you all, first because I am new to growing my own (I am in week 17 of my first grow and although it was a mess at first due to trying to grow too many plants in a tiny tent all is now OK and flowering/budding nicely) secondly because I have angina with narrowing of the arteries and hence an abnormally fast heartbeat. My question is fairly simple:- Does all cannabis increase your heart rate i.e. Sativa, Indica, high CBD, high THC etc.? Use will be mainly for painkilling but I don't mind getting a bit of a high out of it too. I will be making tinctures at first and then rosin extraction when I can sort out a reasonably priced press. Any help on this will be much appreciated as I've had enough of the crap poisons my quack throws at me thinking it solves the problem......It just don't! Thanks to all Respect, as always, Cmoon
  8. New ★ 2017

    5th Generation autoflowering strain. This variety featuring high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) is the result from the cross between a selection of our best 4th Generation autoflowering strains and a photoperiod-dependent clone rich in CBD. Sweet Nurse Auto CBD® (SWS59) is our first autoflowering genetic rich in CBD. The THC:CBD ratio of this variety stands between 1:1 and 1:2. This is a genetic with a different psychoactivity, soft and gentle, adequate for cannabis users who prefer to avoid the psychoactive effects of other type of strains rich in THC. This kind of CBD-rich genetics are appropriate for the treatment of multiple illnesses because of their therapeutic and medicinal properties of both CBD and THC. Among other medicinal uses, CBD has been used to reduce anxiety, convulsions, nausea and vomits, inflammation, pain, and a long etcetera of pathological conditions. This strain is a great producer of resin and flowers, delivering a big central bud and multiple smaller buds on the side branches. It features an intense and penetrating sweet fruity aroma, with tones of Skunk, citrus and spicy notes. Variety SWS59 Commercial Name: Sweet Nurse Auto CBD® THC:CBD Ratio: (1:1-1:2) Indoor Yield: 400-600 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 50-125 g/plant Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination Height: 60-120 cm Buy Sweet Nurse Auto CBD®
  9. The Dáil (Irish Government) has passed a bill to make cannabis available in Ireland for medicinal use. The Irish Government had said it would not oppose the legislation. It aims to legalise and regulate cannabis products used for medical purposes. People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny, who put the bill forward, told RTÉ's Morning Ireland it would be up to a doctor to decide on its usage. 'Concerns' After the bill was passed, Mr Kenny praised the Irish Health Minister for his position in not opposing the bill and thanked all of those who supported the legislation. Mr Kenny said he hoped the medical profession would come on board to support the use of the drug once it has been approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority. Minister for Health Simon Harris has said that although he has concerns about some elements of the bill, he would not oppose its progression to Committee Stage. Mr Harris asked the Health Products Regulatory Authority to advise him on the scientific and clinical value of cannabis as a medicine. He said he wanted to receive that advice from the agency before progressing the legislation any further. 'Sends a signal' The minister also indicated that amendments would have to be made to the proposed bill to avoid the unintended effect of making cannabis legal for recreational use. He said the Dáil debate was important and that he hoped it sends a signal to Irish patients that politicians want to see movement on this. But he added that as Minister for Health he has to carry out the appropriate checks. The legislation is expected to be supported by a majority of TDs in the Dáil (Irish Parliament). Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-northern-ireland-38175172
  10. Dáil expected to pass Bill legalising medicinal cannabis Up to 90 TDs support new legislation proposed by People Before Profit’s Gino Kenny about 16 hours ago Gino Kenny TD, whose Bill for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis has received widespread support in the Dáil. Photograph: Alan Betson: The Irish Times Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to Email App Legislation allowing for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is expected to pass through the Dáil. A Bill proposed by People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny has secured the support of Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Labour, the Social Democrats, the Green Party and his colleagues in the Anti-Austerity Alliance. A number of other Independent TDs including Dr Michael Harty and the Independents4Change are also expected to back it. The Independent Alliance, which includes Minister for Transport Shane Ross, Minister of State at the Department of Health Finian McGrath and Minister of State John Halligan, has also secured a free vote on the legislation. This means the Bill will have the support of up to 90 TDs in the Dáil ensuring its passage through the House. Minister for Health Simon Harris is likely to propose a reasoned amendment to the legislation. Mr Harris is eager to see change on the issue of medicinal cannabis but is awaiting a report from the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) on the subject. It is due to report back by the end of January. Migraine sufferer finds relief in cannabis-derived oil Cannabis a ‘tantalising horizon’ for combating severe seizures Simon Harris pledges to take action on medicinal cannabis The Minister has met Mr Kenny and People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett to discuss the legislation. Mr Harris has asked the deputies to consider adjourning the debate or suspending the vote until the report is concluded. The Bill, which is to be debated on Thursday, provides for the regulation of cannabis for medicinal use so that patients can receive a legally protected, secure supply that is safe and effective. Regulating However, it also proposes the establishment of a cannabis regulatory authority, which would be tasked with regulating the sale, labelling, advertising and marketing of cannabis and related products. A Cannabis Research Institute, which would conduct or commission and publish cannabis-related research, has also been proposed. Once the Bill is passed it will go to the Oireachtas health committee for examination. While a number of parties have agreed in principle to support the Bill, it is likely they will seek a number of changes at committee stage. Sinn Féin is to request the HPRA oversee the regulation of cannabis rather than establishing two new bodies. Fianna Fáil, the Independent Alliance and Labour are likely to seek safeguards to ensure this does not lead to abuse of the law or the decriminalisation of cannabis. Under the Misuse of Drugs Acts 1977 to 2016, cannabis is subject to stringent controls. A doctor can prescribe cannabis products in limited circumstances if granted a licence by the Minister for Health. One cannabis-based medicine, Sativex, is authorised for the treatment of multiple sclerosis in limited circumstances. Legislation could be amended to allow for its prescription on a wider basis. Cannabis for medicinal use is permitted in the Netherlands, Croatia, Malta, the Czech Republic, Australia, Canada and a number of US states. Minister of State with responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy Catherine Byrne said there should be an option for people to access cannabis for medical use. “I have had a lot of calls on the issue with people making very good cases in favour of legalising cannabis for medical use, and against. In my own position, as Minister of State, I would be concerned that there would have to be very tight controls on it,” she said. “I wouldn’t want people to think we are legalising cannabis, which is something I’d be totally against. We don’t want to see cannabis available on prescription and then being dealt on the streets.”
  11. Hello all! Just wondering if anybody here has had experience with the various test kits out there? Most of them rely on thin layer chromatography. Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, As we all know RSO has been proven to show great results at treating people with cancer. We also know this works from the cannabinoids working with the endo cannabinoid system, a system which is present in both humans & animals. My dog was diagnosed with cancer back in September, Squamous cell carcinoma to be exact, which ended up, after months of her limping & vets saying she's just getting old, with her getting a toe amputated to remove the tumour. We was then told by the vet to wait until she's in pain & they'll treat her for pain only. I love my dog & I wasn't going to wait for cancer to eat her up! So I made up some RSO & mixed it at a heavily diluted ratio with coconut. I started her on the RSO caps on 25.10.14. & Believe me you really gotta dilute the RSO! Animals have a very low tolerance & it's horrible watching your dog super high not having a clue what's going on.... It happened on the first night & I've felt guilty ever since haha! We are now 8 weeks into the treatment & she's doing great. Honestly you wouldn't know she's ill. The only problem is a Rottweiler with the munchies can be hard work & she's also got a whole lot lazier. Just a stoner stereotype thanks to RSO! Up until now my starting material has been from high THC strains but I've recently grown out a Sweet n Sour Widow from CBD Crew, supposedly a 1:1 ratio, much more suitable to fighting cancerous cells. We will be starting this over the next week or so. It's a tough one trying to work this out on your own so any help, guidance or support would be much appreciated. Have a Great Xmas & New Year People
  13. Has anyone tried this stuff before? I'm using it at the moment. High CBD 'hemp'. Seems like very low quality stuff to me - loads of seeds, probably about half its weight, and it has a greasy film across it's surface when its made into tea. Tastes alright though, and it seems to be doing the job. But, does anyone know of a better alternative? Failing that, does anyone know if there's a supplier of this stuff in the UK? Postage and bank transfer charges make it a bit expensive to get sent over from Holland on the regular and I'm not having much luck finding a UK supplier.
  14. I've lately been using cannabis as a sleeping aid, so I can fall asleep during this hot weather period. I'm otherwise finding it impossible to drop off to sleep! I'm smoking the Black Widow strain, which is proving to be remarkably effective at making me fall asleep relatively quickly. Does anyone else use cannabis as a sleeping aid, for insomnia etc? If so, what strain have you found effective?