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Found 8 results

  1. CBD

    Evening all, I’m trying to do as much research as I can before I start a grow. i was wondering if anyone knows how to get a high CBD and very low THC plant. Do I have to get specific seeds? A certain method of growing? my work industry is incredibly hot on drug testing but I take CBD for health issues and it helps, but it can be quite expensive and I’d like to have a go and growing my own
  2. As suggested by @RandyBoBandy in a different thread - Always comes to around this time of the year and have people asking if its to late to start etc Idea is to log down all information from your late starts from this year or previous year's - picture's and as much info as possible. Strain & year you ran plant : what they are/were planted in terms of ground/sacks etc and what you have amended with if you have? : when they were germed and when they were put outside : harvested : additonal info : as randy said, would be good to keep this thread as clean as possible for next year's late starters to be able to source information from without having to start a thread asking if its to late.
  3. Good evening everyone, going to start growing two new plants on friday as i think ive got to cut my losses with my older plants (stem snap). My first few grows ive used Westland compost with added John Innes. The growth was slow i felt and wonder how much the compost may have effected the grow. Does anyone else recommend anything else? Many Thanks for any advice received
  4. good evening all....... ive decided id like to try a run of auto flowers soon, after lots of reading and searching i now understand the theory and have decided on the beans i want but i still have a few questions that i cant find a solid answer to.... now, the beans ive decided on: now my set up will be...... 1.2 x 1.2 600w hps 6 inch ramair exhaust 4 inch rvk intake with a pre filter sms fan speed / temp controller 1 0r two small fans oil filled heater with thermostat for night time period ( maybe depending on lighting cycle ) does anyone have experience with seeds from " fastbuds " good or bad ? good yielders? im thinking 5 x 10ltr pots? with a coco / pebble / perlite mix? and cannab a/b coco base nutes? and how much to feed etc? apart from that i think im good
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum i am just looking around to see if i can find a start up guide of any kind. basically i just want to grow for personal use only of a maximum of 4 autos, what i am wondering is if anyone could help me or even list me through the stuff i would require to do so. Thank you in advance if anyone is able to help. SmellTheEssence
  6. I've got two under a 600 watt now, just out of interest any maybe for a future grow? How many plants could you grow under a 1000 watter. Do you get a lot more bud from growing under a more powerfull light?
  7. i was just wondering if they where the only two different types that exist and can any one tell me wha the properties of them are please?
  8. Hey me fellow farmers I've top dressed about a couple table sppons of PO per plant and just got some Bat Guano 1-10-1 how much should I top dress ? a small hand full? These will be for my Purple Marocs, easy Sativas and Frisian Dew. Last year I put some at the bottom of the hole with good results but thought in a last attempt give my babies the best I can afford Peace YOC