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Found 7 results

  1. 6 days into 12/12 and i am noticing loads of tiny little branches on the lower half of my plant. I tried keeping all secondary branches on the main trunk but the lowest 2 are now way below where i was expecting them to be. Would removing the little shoots this soon after the flip negatively affect the plant in any way? Removing as in pruning of the tertiary branch with its respective fan leaf at the base of the secondary branch that is still attached to the main trunk. Also, would the same apply to the removal of the lowest 2 secondary branches from the main trunk? or should i leave them? they were 2 thirds of the way up, but now 6 days into flower they are below half way. Here's some examples. Main branches on either side that are half way up, never made it past 2/3 of the way to the canopy, full of tertiary branching. Bending or LST is a little bit difficult as the plant is currently a short but wide ball of green (i may have overdone it on a spray that i dont know the ingredients of), wherever i tri to bend to i am bending against something, so i decided to reduce density by removing the little shits that are being atrophied by the second, but not sure i can do this this soon? I will appreciate any and all info
  2. Hi guys plants have been moved into a wilma not doing great. This is the second time this has happened now. Some people saying overwatering some saying under watered. Ec is 1.2 background is 0 0.2ec is calmag, rest is ionic grow. H202 added also. lights on 26 lights off 19 Res is between 20-26 pics below first 3 are from this attempt last 2 are from first attempt
  3. Hello everyone, i have two plants two weeks into flower... a gelato 33 which is doing just fine!!! and a green ninja which has started showing some signs of a problem that I need some advice on please. the ninja’s leaves started to curl down at the tips which I noticed this morning...upon checking them tonight the leaves are completely curling down...I thought it could be one of two things, and thought peeps on here might be able to help me pretty please... basically my ph pen died yesterday! It won’t calibrate anymore so I think the readings are completely off! (I’ve ordered a new one and will be here by Sunday). This morning I had to reluctantly guestimate my water ph as my ninja was in desperate need of water...so I’m thinking incorrect water ph may be causing leaves to curl down.... OR... the plants a bushy beast! In a 3 gallon pot and I can see fair amount of roots underneath via the drainage holes...so thought it might possibly be root bound?? Temps are constantly 26-27 degrees Celsius with lights on....21.5-23 degrees Celsius lights off...with a tower fan and clip on fan moving air around so I don’t think it’s heat stress.... Advice massively appreciated!!!!!
  4. Plant 2 - Pic 2 - Side View

    From the album Mediterranean Outdoor Grow Auto W.W.

    second plant pic 2. Side view. Some good growth on this one.
  5. Hi all, if you don't mind I wouldn't mind your opinions on the growth of these plants and any advise you have in relation to it. The pictures were taken at day 8 (from seed sprouting and breaking through the soil) and I would like to know if they look about right or behind in terms of growth. One of the reasons why I ask is because the stems are weak and I also read that leaves should be about an inch apart but on these the leaves which are developing are almost on top of each other. Since sprouting, growth hasn't been significant in terms of height. It's my first grow and is proving challenging so far. When the seeds sprouted I left them in the dark too long resulting in them searching for light and as you can see, the one in the centre and right of the picture are taller (supported with the straws) than the one on the left. The taller ones sprouted a day earlier and had the lights on 2 days after sprouting (1 day for the shorter one). The shorter of the three appears stronger as it is holding its own, albeit appearing short. If the straws were removed from the other two, due the a fan circulating the air they would fall over. When I did put the light on I put it too close which resulted in minor bleaching of the cotyledons, this doesn't appear to have had a major effect as the other leaves are a nice deep green. The LED is a Bysen Helios 210W SP164D. Another problem I had is that on day 4 (after the light was turned on), an LED blew knocking out 1/3 of the light unit. I have components on order which will hopefully land tomorrow allowing me to repair the unit to get it fully functional again. At present I have moved the plants to ensure they get as much blue light as possible. The light was 20" away when fully functioning, it is now at around 10" as if I move it closer the footprint will be too small. Environment is typically 20C - 26C however on a couple of cold nights it has dropped to 16C. The peak temperature recorded is 28C. Humidity is lower than I would like, floating around 35RH - 40RH but I am having great difficulty getting it higher. Extraction is via an inline van at a rate of 175m3/hr however it will be less as it is extracting through a carbon filter. I also have a 9" fan circulating air causing the plants to vibrate and move. Seeds were placed direct into Plant Magic supreme, no nutes as yet. All three are autos. Comments, feedback and advice greatly appreciated, apologies for picture quality (had to use grayscale due to LED colour). Thanks
  6. Hi guys, Can anybody tell me if my 2 week old seedlings look healthy? its my first grow and im not sure. I have 6 plants in a 1.2x1.2x2.0 tent with 600w hps, 4 inch intake and 5 inch outtake..... Please excuse quality of pics - will have better ones soon. thanks guys
  7. Hey Guys! First Grow - My 6 seeds all sprouted and are now in 10L pots - they have been under 600w 18/6 in my 1.2x1.2x2.0m tent for the last week,they have 2 sets of leaves. What are the most important things I need to remember in the first 3 weeks or so? I'm a bit concerned about the humidity as it drops to 25-30% sometimes, do i need to get a humidifier? Also the temperature is between 28-30 degrees celsius - is this too high? I also have a small desk fan inside. I'm also wondering if they're stretching bit - they seem a bit tall compared to other pictures I've seen. My light is approx 40 inches from plants - should I try lowering it? I've fed the plants half measures of root excelurator and amino treatment, and plan to start A and B etc, when I have 3 sets of leaves.... In addition I gave them almost a litre of water each a few days ago - waited for it to dry out and then did same again. Any advice or knowledge would be most appreciated :-)