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Found 18 results

  1. Hey all, I'm 5 weeks into my first grow in a tent, in the loft. As predicted temp control has been challenging and a big learning curve! Had an idea and welcome thoughts - I may build a small Ply/MDF box/room around the tent, maybe a foot or so bigger. Add in cut outs for ducting and a hole for the wiring, then run a fan from the house into that space - either adding air in when its cold or extracting in the summer. My thinking is its probably easier to regulate the air temp around the tent - which should stop the extreme swings without having the expense of insulating a massive area of roof and loft. I could just insulate the box room. The total air volume shouldn't be too big for a 6inch fan to supply as obviously the tent will have its own air supply to it and takes up the majority of the space. Think it would work?! My loft temps this last month swing between 12-13 and up to 37-38 Finally I'm regretting not getting a temp probe controlled extract fan as my night time lights on temps fall if the fan is left on the same setting as during the day......
  2. Hi guys I'm starting to build my new grow room soon and just looking for some ideas. I'm boarding out half a 20ft container as I'm not keen on my tent and want to use the space a bit better. The plan is to put 4 x 600w hps lights in there with 12 plants. I'm using a alien rdwc system so plan on having 3 rows of 4 plants with room to walk between. Does this seem realistic for the space 10ft x 8ft All equipment will be outside of the room leaving space for the important stuff inside. Anyone done anything similar and have any tips. Thanks in advance
  3. I have a 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m tent and only 2 wall sockets, each socket has an extension lead plugged in. currently only running 2 x mars hydro ts600 for veg with a total power draw of Just over 100w each. for flowering I’m filling one side of the tent with 2 mars hydro ts600 and putting a 600w digital hps in the other side, (potentially removing the LEDs and replacing with Another 600w hps if safe to do so) so my question is would it be safe for me to use the HPS’s or am I risking a fire? I’ve read that a extension lead should hold 3000 watts so I shouldn’t have a problem but wanted to ask just to be safe, checked my fuse board and the maxiumum amp for the house is 100a
  4. Hi everyone, Got a bit of a timing logistic problem, as you do. At last, my new tent is all set up and working well, I also have a grow cupboard I have 2 flowering plants in already. The new tent is bigger and taller and would be better for flowering, and has 2 clones vegging nicely. I want to swap. So the flowering plants go in the tent, on 12/12, and veg in the cupboard 18/6 up to 20/4 depending on how cold it is. (I keep it the same, dont worry) Cupboard is 8.30 am lights off, back on 8.30 pm. Tent is 5.30 lights on and off at 1.30 pm. I usually do 18/6 but struggle with lights off temps. Radiator coming from Argos very soon for active intake for tent, so will be warmer at lights off How best to time moving of flowering plants? Just doing it anytime won't work. Im struggling to work out the best time of day or night to do it. Hope this makes sense!! All suggestions welcomed with open arms. All the best, in challenging times, Fry.
  5. Evening everyone, I've had a combination of large to small clip on desk fans in the tent. Currently, I use small 6in fans in each corner. I was thinking to get some standing venturi bladeless fans much like the Dyson fans. Just to save on space somewhat. What do people recommend? I'm trying to keep noise down to a minimum as well lately. With four big fans, I feel the noise might be too much. So was thinking a selection of smaller fans or bladeless for noise. All thoughts welcome! Tent size is 3mx1.5mx2m.
  6. Hello everyone, Is 60cm grow space enough height? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Croc.
  7. Hi all and happy new year. i am currently moving my Grow area from a wooden shed to a concrete outbuilding attatted to my house and currently I grow autos under LED/CFL,as I am moving Grow area I am going to change my lighting over to x 2 maxibright 315w cmh with Agro lamps and not sure on what sort of reflectors I should be looking at as I have never run a hps/cmh lamps In small Grow spaces? should I go air cooled or open ended/supernovas/LEC/parabolic? i already use 150mm ducting with a 1000m/h gekko box for extraction controlled via a SMS 4A hybrid controller/twin fan and never have probz with heat in my wooden shed(7x5)insulated with 75mm cellotex. i currently use a 900w VIPARSPECTRA and a 300W CFL in my current wooden shed so was wondering is x2 315w cmh’s Gona kick out quite a bit more heat then my current led/cfl set up,obviously it’s Gona be a bit warmer from the new lighting but I’m hoping my current extraction will Handel it? Obviously I am going to insulate my new slightly bigger concrete shed. so I was wondering what sort of reflector would be suit me?,all help and advise would be massively appreciated guys. i was think I would be ok??....and was deciding between supernovas or adjust a wing avengers? thanks
  8. So, after a very poor start on my new grow (link below) I decided to get a little ahead of myself by building a small space for germination and early veg (up to three weeks tops) in a small bedside closet... http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/topic/383478-skunk-1-applejack/ The aim is simply to get a few seeds germinated and vegged to a point where they can go under HPS without needing any special treatment (e.g. high hanging lighting) that might upset anything growing there. The hope is, I can get back to having more than one plant on the go now that all attempts to germinate my applejack seeds has failed. Its all very basic and its pretty much just begun - lots still to do: vent in will be passive, extraction likely passive too as I'll only be running 30 - 60watt CFL in there, could still get warm I know... we'll see. The box needs to be light sealed everywhere, at present it is as shown in the photographs, a flat white interior space with 30watt CFL and the beginnings of a passive intake i the bottom left. I plan to keep seedlings elevated above that and to add a small tube should things get chilly! OK, its not stealthy! But that's OK, its going to be covered - besides, its not the most obvious growing structure in my place and its going to be placed well away from any eyes. So, all I have done so far is to remove the floor of the drawer, paint everything inside flat white, drill four holes for lighting, add a hook to suspend lights (original ideal was to fit them to hang horizontally - hanging gives me more flexibilty in terms of placement), the beginnings of an intake can be seen in the lower left corner - still to drill out a few more holes and ten drill extraction in the upper right corner - if need be, I'll add a computer fan for extraction, but I am hopeful that a small fan at floor level and convection will move enough air in and out without that - we'll see. Burning a full 30watts, that's right, a full 30watts of CFL! I may up that to 60watts, though given my aim of vegging for 2wks (3 tops) 30 watts might be enough just to get things moving. Any thoughts, anything obvious I have missed! Cheers!!
  9. Simple germenation and early veg box

    From the album Skunk #1 & Applejack

  10. The title says it all really what's peoples thoughts ? They are both about the same sq Ft the 1.5x3 seems to be better value from the brands that do this size and has a bit more room sq Ft wise but in the 1.5x3 I would be inclined to put only three 600's in there where as with the 2x2 I would put four 600's, has anybody had a go with both sizes ?
  11. 9 autos

    From the album Auto grow Sept 2016

    9 Autos in 1m x 1m growroom
  12. 800 x 800 x 2000 growroom

    From the album oh come on

    My setup. Please advise or comment
  13. Well, here we go. My first real post on this awesome site (or any canna site for that matter). I've said hello in the newcomers section but not to would just be rude. I thought I'd show off my doubledrobe for the admiration/amusement/derision/rape (delete as appropriate) of the community and hopefully get some feedback to act on. This is my first ever grow so please be kinda kind (in a "cruel to be" fashion if necessary). If I've been silly in places I ask you to please, remember to your first grow and see the thinking behind my ideas. So to it. Here's the article in question. A wardrobe purchased by me on Ebay for the princely sum of 20 new pounds from a man in Birmingham. It doesn't have 100% of the features I was looking for but hey, for 2 draw, what you gonna do? I had to dismantle it to get it in the car but I used that to my benefit. Putting it back together in my little 1 bedroom flat involved lots and lots of silicon sealant and many more tacks than it originally had so this baby ain't falling apart any time soon. Notice it does have rather unstealthy (and insecure) catches on the doors. They WILL be going when I find some appropriate looking barrel locks but, for now, they do keep the doors closed. It was obviously a single, large compartment to begin with but I added a chipboard partition right down the middle to create two smaller ones. My ultimate intention is to permanently have a veg and bloom side running side by side. Just two plants in each but on an assembly line basis. The light is a 250W dual spectrum job and, if it does the job, I'll be investing in another for bay 1 soon. I was very pleased with the way it's the exact right size to fill the compartment whilst leaving enough gap around the sides for the air to flow. For ventilation I fitted a 4 inch silent runner and the obligatory carbon filter. From my research I worked out that a little 4 inch fan was enough for such a small area as this wardrobe but, rather than purchase a fan for each compartment I mounted it in such a way that it split its suction between both. I did however knock up a box out of leftover chipboard to blank off the unused side if it's not being used. No sense in sucking where it's not needed right? I did have the idea of positioning the air intakes in the floor of the unit. In my mind it allows incoming air to rise straight up through the leaves in the most efficient possible way but it remains to be seen if I was correct in that. The outgoing air is vented directly through the roof and, when switched off, you wouldn't know it's there. All electrics are controlled by electronic timers (£14 for the set of three from Argos) and there's just a single power lead out the back of the drobe to power it up. I can't say I'm pleased with everything though. The wind shield I used in an attempt to light proof the doors works really well at stopping wind but is a huge fail when it comes to its new primary purpose. I can use the light escaping to navigate around the room at night and, needless to say, that's a bad thing. I need to find a better solution that works with those mad cantilever hinges wardrobes have before I go bloom on the girls asses. So there it is. I'd appreciate and comments, thoughts and ideas your combined experience can provide. I can't say I've seen another drobe quite like this but there may well be a very good reason for that and I'm about to find out. Finally a pic of the princesses in their palace.
  14. im building a growroom thats going to be 2 Meters in height and 2 Meters in length and 2 Meters width. What would be the best way to hide heat exposure from police helicopters? I live in a council estate and there a lot of pricks around so there's always helicopters flying around the place
  15. Hydro Growroom

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Hydro Growroom
  16. Hydro Growroom

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Hydro Growroom
  17. Growroom

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

  18. hi all I havnt grown for over 25 years and due to my depression I have started to grow again I grew indoors under lights with 3 crops a year for 10 years shit wish their was a website like this back then have learn heeps of this site I started 8 plants with seeds I got off freinds as cant import into new zealand so some seed strain hard to get anyway 7 were male bugger have got the pollen in the frezzer here is my room I have built in my shed my one female plant has been flowering for 1.5 weeks smells good already I use a vertial light aswell and turn it 2 times aday so I have good buds on the bottom MY CLONE VEG ROOM I wish I had a site back when I frist started growing 25 years ago I have learn heeps from this very good site steve