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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone. After a slow start with this years 1st crop (lighting fail and need of a new grow room) all's lookin' nice now. I have decided to give auto's a try (3x HK's and 1x Peyote Crit which was a freebie) As mentioned, a slow start so I used the greenhouse - plenty of heat (which the HK's love) but lacking in light at the start so they've really shot up! But.....I have built a growdrobe - nothing flashy: 2 x fan inlets (both with covers for when needed) 1 x vent outlet above (no external fan or filter) 1 x removable veg shelf 1 x viparspectra 450w LED 2 x adjustable drop ropes & hooks These girls have had nothing but light, a soft airflow and my magic juice! (nothing special really - just pure cane molasses and Tomatorite) mostly foliar fed when really dry. Getting ready for harvest soon - more photo's to follow. The first liquid extraction is really good - although it's only leaf so very much CBD chill gear! Regards, HKD
  2. Growdrobe02.JPG

    From the album Gonna Be A Good Summer!

    In all it's glory.....nah! pretty basic really, but getting great results.
  3. Growdrobe01.jpg

    From the album Gonna Be A Good Summer!

    Growdrobe - work in progress
  4. Evening All, I have had this idea floating round my head and I'm wondering if you can let me know your thoughts and tell me if it is feasible or not. I gave up growing because of landlord inspections, I used to have a 1m x 1m tent in my spare room with a 600w hps and got some good results, I tried to time it right every time but things either over ran or what happened when I made the decision to jack it in I had a huge leak through my living room ceiling and, after almost having a heart attack, had to quickly ditch my grow week 4.5 of flower. Wounded. So my plan is to build what looks like a wardrobe on the outside with a grow box on the inside. I will use MDF to build a box that is 70 x 70 and then build a box around it which is 85 x 85 and fill the cavity with insulation, either the stuff they use in recording studios, rockwool or sound proof plasterboard. I will also have 2 doors with the outer door having same insulation. I will use a 315w CMH in an open air hood, 6 inch TD Silent fan, 8 inch carbon filter, fan silencer and acoustic ducting, a rubber mat under a tote which will be my dwc bucket and will have about 9 plants 12 12 from clone in a sog style set up. I'm hoping that by employing these techniques I can dampen the sound enough that if a landlord inspection happens, I can have a game running on my PC and have the fans mask any sound that leaks out. I don't know if all this will be in vein with a passive intake which is basically a hole that all the sound can leak out of, I only thought of the intake when I tried to draw my design. I am also unsure whether cooling will be sufficient. I have attached a crude drawing of my plan. My budget for the build is 1k and space is limited so I have a 90 x 90 x 200 area to play with. Can anyone throw out some ideas or let me know if you think this will work. Cheers,
  5. Hey…. again, I have gone ahead and made a new thread because the opening on my other thread was pretty messy and didn’t flow well As some of you might have seen from my previous thread I want to get a little grow maybe 3 or 4 plants (might be being ambitious considering the limited space I actually have) but the only room I have is a wardrobe within my bedroom. I have been reading through @Church pinned thread but the pictures are down so hard to visualize what he has achieved but none the less some very helpful stuff in there and I will be using that as a guide no doubt. I want to grow to in order to be self-sufficient and for more strains other than Lemon which appears to be all available where I am and mainly because I need to get a hobby . I don't want to sell, I doubt I even have the room for enough plants to even sell This project is just for my own selfish needs The wardrobe I will be using is a PAX from Ikea and measurements are (Length 100cm x width 60cm x height 201 cm) and is pictured below. Has anyone used these wardrobes? My concerns with my attempt at a growdrobe is that there is no space between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling, so I won’t be able to put a chimney at the top. However, there is a gap at the back of the wardrobe and the wall of about 5inches. Could I use the back of the wardrobe as a chimney? Also, I’m very new to the cultivation of cannabis and it is feeling a bit overwhelming with the amount of information out there. I’m not too sure on what I actually need and I don’t have a clue how much this project will cost, having read a lot on the web mainly from American sources its difficult to work out costs in the UK. This is another reason why I decided to post of here so I could keep track of all the information that I will actually need for my project. I am by no means a great DIY person, I have very basic skills in that regards, so I hope the project isn't too difficult I would like help on with: 1. What can I do about my chimney situation? 2. What equipment will I need and what is the likely cost of it all? 3. How much in electricity will per grow cost? 4. Any useful links and videos in regards to growdrobe? 5. The required skill level needed to build and grown? 6. The wardrobe is in the room I sleep in, will that be an issue in regards to heat, noise and SMELL? 7. My biggest fear/worry is the police, what are the chances of getting caught? I probably have way more questions but those are my main concerns at the moment. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day R.
  6. Evening all, This is the second time I'm attempting to grow my own - My first attempt was gravy up until smoking it It was a harsh smoke with no viable smell in the end. Autoflowering bubblegums .. ANYWAY... Hi all! My Names J. I have a Growdrobe with a new 600w HPS set up, Im growing in Soil and am currently in week 2 of my plants life, They've both been under the lights since Tuesday just gone and by all account look to be flourishing. Keep your eyes open for my grow journal! Thanks for your time