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Found 11 results

  1. Hi , looking for some advice on what light to get for my green qube 1.2x1.2x2.2 please guys ... Thinking of one of the smaller gravitas ... 600w single / 6/750 w double ? Or the hellion defender 750 adjuster wing . Do you guys think I've got enough height for any of these or would you suggest that I go for a 600w lamp . thanks in advance
  2. Any Gavita growers running with the EL1 or EL2 controller? Which one should I be looking to get? Am I right in thinking you can control external devices with the EL2? Well after you spent £90 on the add on Though read there has been some faults with the EL1? Really more interested in the auto dim feature for the warmer months, but does the sunset/sunrise feature really have any benefit apart from saving a bit of leccy? Also is there much point if my CDM supplementary might will just go on and off as normal anyway. Cheers
  3. Gents, I have used the standard maxibright magnetic ballast for years, never missed a beat, with a Powerplant Ultra Hexagon reflector. I can't really afford to pay £500 plus on 630W of CMD / CMH, however I am noticing a few Gavitas and Dimlux coming up on Gumtree, Craiglist etc (no doubt as a result of the CMD releases) and I am wondering whether it's a decent swap over my current kit. I'm not particularly disappointed or blown away with the current set-up (I've only recently carted back out one 600w set-up after a 18 months + of growing uner 250w, mainly due to a drop in consumption due to famiyl & work, but things have settled down now and I am running out of weed fast, so back in a 120 tent and 1 x 600w). I am reading that the pro 400v set-ups push out a couple of hundered more Umols, but what is the real world translation of that like? Does it genuinely mean better weed, less issues, faster growing and more yeild (if I can do 2 grows rather than 3 a year that makes a huge difference and pays for itself with leccy etc). Does anyone have any views on whether these digital ballasts are pretty solid in terms of buying 2nd hand as well? Cheers!
  4. So I've been toying with changing my setup slightly, I usually run 4 x 600W in a 2.4 x 2.4 x 2m Darkroom tent but the tent is fucked (not even very old), so I'm thinking that after seeing my friends Green Qube in action that they are far better and far more worth the money and look like they'll last for years and they also do 2.2m and 2.3m high tents so would be more suitable for 1000W lights like Gavitas. The one I'm looking at is GQ150S which is 1.5x3x2.3M so pretty spot on for 2 x 1000W lights So anyway on to lighting I was looking on a site there I won't name names obviously and they are advertising the new Adjusta-Watt e-Lite 1000W 400V which comes with the 1000W Sol Digital Super HPS DE 400V bulb and a double ended Adjusta Wing type shade. Spec wise it has 4 settings 400W, 600W, 1000W and 1100W and PAR value of 2050 umol/m2/s. They say coming soon so not actually available quite yet but at a price off £255 a hell of a lot cheaper than Gavitas . I understand Lumatek are on the verge of releasing their double ended equipment as well, not sure on any prices for them yet. Do you think Gavitas will come down in price because of these? And are Adjusta-Watt a good brand? Seen them about but don't seem well used on here.
  5. Gavita

    Hi guys, been using the master controller for the last 4 weeks, now for some reason it will not fire the light up on lights on, the ballast just flashes a continuous bleeping orange light, as soon as I trip the power on/off the light fires up Was having this problem a week ago, so I unplugged everything and checked all connections, nothing wrong from what I could see and it worked fine for 3 days,then wouldn't fire up on sunset/sunrise mode only standard output, if anyone can offer any info or help it would be much appreciated
  6. I haven't been on here in quite a while, just been quietly plodding on with my grows and not kept up with new equipment etc. so need some advice please. I think it's time for me to renew my lamps. For the past while I've been using 2 x 600w Sunmaster lamps in parabolic reflectors and have 2 dimmable electronic ballasts, my tent is 1.2 x 2.4, and they have done OK. They are fairly old now though, and my plants do suffer from some discolouration near the tops. Now, before I read a thread about Gavita I intended to just change the lamps for new, but now not sure. Can someone please advise me on - what Gavita would I need for my tent? (still to decide if it would be worth spending that much). Also, if I decide to stick with my current set up and just change the lamps, which are the best these days?
  7. Light height maxed

    From the album Killerskunk

  8. Gavita 1000w de

    From the album Killerskunk