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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys. I'm a newbie. How goes it? I wondered if if anyone has used thieves oil (combination of essential oils - clove, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and rosemary)? I've used it in a diffuser glass, in high humidity, with success but I may have been lucky. I want to use an exhale bag, but wonder if the thieves oil will destroy the fungal activity in the bag or not. It's a sealed room. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Cheers !!
  2. I am by no means new to this, but it feels like it now because I can't seem to figure out what's wrong with my plants. I had a terrible germination rate this year (1 out of 8 or so), which I think was caused by over-loving (over watering) leading to seed rot. Anyway, two that survived I transplanted: one bubblegummer and one sour diesel. Almost immediately they went into transplant shock. Their leaves began to yellow, droop, and curl and I suspected over watering again was the culprit. The roots were not growing out, even when I trimmed back the leaves. Eventually, they both died and I was gutted. Now, I'm having a similar experience with the other new transplants, despite watering considerably less. Some show signs of nute burn but I haven't added too much, just some root stimulator, organic fish based feed, some organic raw sugar, and some potash based ferts called Sugaree. The soil is organic with homemade compost. I also added lots of potash and phosphate rock and some rose ferts with chicken manure, alfalfa meal, mycorrhizae, and similar stuff. I will add some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. Please help. This is a significant investment of money, time, and effort, and I can't buy medicine.
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to try to help me with my latest grow problem. Anything in the past I have been able to identify online or through personal experience but this time I have no idea.... I was convinced it was fungus at first (and this is still my best bet) but nothing I seem to do keeps it away. I first noticed it about six months ago and basically chopped everything, bleached, h2o2'd and sulphur candled the room x2... I then got brand new plants from a clean environment, unfortunately these were nute burned when I received them so it was hard to tell if the problem started straight away or came on after a couple of weeks. But sure enough, the exact same spots started appearing and the ends of the leaves began to brown. At this time I bought a sulphur vaporiser (sulfume hotbox) and this did seem to hold it at back from ruining the whole crop but it didnt clear it up and it was massively reduced yield with super airy buds....gutted twice on the trot. So I started a new load of seeds. Clean environment, and started treating them with a preventative neem spray....but guess what happened? Yep it back. So I kept with them, tried sulphur, copper, chemicals, neem, citrofresh and ACT's....nothing works. I am about to buy some plant magic essence but tbh I am at the point where I am not sure if its something else entirely. I have run myself around in cirlcles, lost two crops and keep popping seeds only for the to die... Its killing me. I am sure many of you feel my pain but hopefully one of you recognises these signs. Thanks
  4. Hi all. I noticed what I would call rust spots on my Sweet Seeds Auto SAD couple a days ago and wondered if it was Leaf spot fungus. The offending spots are on the larger fan leafs which started out at the bottom up and not limited to the older fan leaves i.e. spread to other nodal stems' fan leafs. Some pics of the spots: A picture of some leafs I removed a couple of days ago. They started out in 500ml pots which were started in B&Q seedling soil. Was water and some PM beneficials (root stim, catalyst and bio-silicon) every other feeding. They were transplanted to 6.5ltrs, with some PM granules. Since then they've again had PM beneficials every other feed, which I stopped last watering and decided to put 1ml /ltr of PM Bloom. They are fed 3L of this mix at the moment every 3 days. This particular plant was closest to the inttake fan which is directed upwards at a 6" clip on fan that's directed towards the HPS. I'm curious whether my decision the other day to put the intake duct from the window has affected them. I did this because temps were getting slightly hot due to radiators, Room temp as a result, hotter than usual from the cold lately. The intake is usually just taken from outside the room rather than from the window/outside. ETA: temperatures - at ground level, ~18 to 23C; at canopy level, ~20 to 25C (the day I took the duct to the window drawing fresh air in was at 28C); Humidity is around 40-50% Lights are currently ~25cm away. Can it really be nute burns? Seems strange from just water and beneficials up to their first feed of Bloom... Or Mg deficiency ? They're not in a "praying" shape though... and not really yellowing from the tip. ETA2: added some whole plant photos:
  5. Polysorbate 20 - Why you need this in your nute mix. Introduction: (feel free to skip this bit, the goodies are down a ways) A couple of days ago I was up all night with the flu, the aches of that through my nerves on top of the normal pain is beyond anything I've experienced prior to ten years ago. That includes acute peretonitis as a kid, and torsion of the testes as a youth (). Nut was like a grapefruit. Still, a mere tickle compared to what my super-nerves can feel. I was only semi lucid, not nearly stoned enough. I have to limit myself to an eighth every two days as I've been buying it. Growing has been too much work for a while, but I'd just made the decision to start again down in my engine room. The boat won't be moving for a while, until I can re-prop her, so I have a light-tight, blower-ventilated grow room sitting empty. The cops will never bother about seeing a heat bloom from a boats engine room. I asked a friend of mine who has been storing my grow gear to bring it over and he mentioned the air pump. A 150lpm monster for aerating Koi carp breeding ponds. 20 airstones, it'll run. Anyway, I digress. I was sitting there and these lucid gaps in the mental fog opened, and I could see a new setup that would give me healthy plants that didn't turn into trees and was low maintenance (vital nowadays). Instead of nutrients being pushed around the system by a diaphragm pump, I thought of using my hugeous air pump to push massively aerated nutrient solution round the system. Have it bubbling away in an enclosed cylinder with a funnel on top and a short as poss hose leading to the root zone of a freedom type bucket (netpot in the lid, drain in the bottom). If I had a plant-safe surfactant I could blow a stable FOAM of nutes to the roots. You can't get a thinner nutrient film to hit a root than a bubble, thinks I. Then, thinks I, the air injected into the system, still moist, will be forced through the clay pebbles to the surface, where any remaining foam will pop. All the nutes will stay in the system! Quite often with these night-time lucidity brainwaves they turn out to be utter shit by morning. This time by morning I was actually excited (not sexually!) about the idea, because I had first looked at the bottle of Ecover washing-up liquid on the draining board. Our sink waste goes straight overboard, so no chems that don't at least pretend to be safe-ish get put down there. Hmmm, a blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants. I didn't even know what a surfactant was, let alone a non-ionic one. I googled: non-ionic surfactant effects plant biology health. One of the first results was the study I shall be posting relevant sections of in this thread. Not only does it turn out to be safe, has been used in horticulture/agriculture for generations and without which our food would require far more water than it does currently to grow. Without further waffling ado, I proudly present the work of one Xiaomei Yang of Auburn Uni. Here is her intro: (lots of reading, full version here: http://etd.auburn.edu/etd/bitstream/handle/10415/1203/Yang_Xiaomei_2.pdf?sequence=1) More to come soon.
  6. Hello All, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. A little background: I would say that this is my first grow, however it would be a little more accurate to say that my setup and attention was never going to be right (for many reasons) for about 3 months, but I decided to "break the kit in" by doing a sort of "test" grow whilst I sorted my life out Kit: 2m*2m Budbox Titan Tent 8*11ltr WILMA System with CANNA Profesional Soil 4*400W HPS Lights Optomiser Vega Reflectors Extraction fan, carbon filter and 6" intake fan I have only been able to be on site once every week (or so!) Strains Growing: White Widow * 1 Super Skunk * 3 Northern High Lights * 4 (clones) + 1* Mother (which is now in flowering with its offspring!) Mother was started from seed and grown outdoors for about 6 weeks in soil/compost/perlight mix. Seeds Propagated, clones rooted under T5HO light - ~2 weeks Veg for ~4 weeks under 2* 400W HPS lights on 18/6 cycle Nutrients: Aqua Vega Currently in flowering 4/5 weeks and counting Nutrients: Aqua Flora Main problems encountered: 1: Mother has been abused and neglected: Whilst I have attached an extra drip feed from the WILMA system to the mother, the first time I left it (whilst in Veg stage), I came back to find it hadn't been watered properly and it looked so wilted I thought it would be dead - it recovered (brilliantly and completely!!) 2 weeks later - same happened but worse. It partially recovered ( growth on the inside of the plant shriveled and died, but the outside has recovered and as there is sentimental value attached I have kept it going, though I know is will have been seriously stilted!!) 2: I made the mistake of using almost full strength nutrient during the first two weeks of veg - I got nute burn (in varying degrees per strain - but all in all - mild (I think)) After adjusting it was all better by next time. 3: Got a little nute burn again when switched into flowering and changing nutes - but again - all seemingly recovered. Other than that - it has all been amazing so far - until now. Just returned after leaving my babies for 2 full weeks. I thought the water tank would last as I had a top up (water only) tank feeding it, but I think the feed was set too low and I estimate that the water ran out 2 days ago. My concern is around various discoloration of some leaves. I have attached photos as examples of what I am seeing and hoped I could get some feedback on what these are, should I worry about them, what should I do, if anything? The vast majority of the leaves are absolutely fine but there are a few that look like the pics, and it would seem that the little spotting you can see on the two photos showing the least "damage" is more widespread (say 10% of the leaves) All feedback, advice, comments welcome.