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Found 18 results

  1. Hi so its day 56 (start of week 9) on my auto amnesia and im worried about when to start flushing each water.. the website says 10weeks to harvest for them but obviously its plant dependant not website. She hasnt got any orange hairs but im not sure what the trichs are like as its my first grow.. Ive got some budshots and loupe shots to help.
  2. I want to get peoples opinions on the final flush. Do people flush or not? And if so how do you flush? Do you use flushing agents such as flawless finish or final phase? There are many methods and opinions and I want to hear them all.
  3. Hey guys, Im currently growing 4 autos in coco (70/30) and using GH tri-part nutes. All around 6 weeks in. Growing under an SF2000 LED. Only in 6 litres pots due to limitations. Temps regulated around 25 daytime and 20 at night with around 50% Humidity throughout. Two are in earlyish bloom (Cheese & Amnesia Haze - RQS) and two are in preflower (Bluematic & Northern Lights - RQS). Im feeding around half the recommended dose from GH along with Rhizotonic, Cannazym (and Boost on the flowering plants). Nutes are PH'ed to 5.8 before watering. Ive been recording the runoff ppm and Ph and the Amnesia Haze is slowly drifting up from 6.9 a week ago to 7.1 today. It looks a bit short and some of the leaves are a bit blotchy. I know I made a few mistakes early on (under-watering for a week and flushing with non PH'ed tap water). Heres a canopy view: Amnesia Haze Auto The PH runoff for the others is fairly consistent and they all look healthy and larger: NL - 6.7-6.9 Bluematic - 6.7-6.8 Cheese - 6.5-6.6 Is this likely a PH issue? Seems i might be getting nute lockout. What is the best way to deal with this drifting PH? Is it a bad idea to flush when in early flowering stages or are there any other options/suggestions? I know some people dont bother with monitoring the runoff, but I have been as this seems like it could be a PH issue and i want to keep it under control as much as possible.
  4. Good evening all, I am wondering if someone can be kind enough to advise on how to flush plants when using an auto-pot system? I read on someones article it would damaging to fill the res with plain water and leave them? Many thanks in advance. KR Gunsmoke
  5. Hey Guys and Gals , First time grower and afternoon a bit of advice. Growing SensiSeed White Label, White Diesel Haze, I’m getting close(ish) to harvest and I’ve read trichomes is the best way to time your harvest for max strength and yield. Now I get the thinking behind it, just wanted to know what stage you wait for before you start flushing. Im growing in coco, so I’m thinking a 10 day flush, a lot can change in 10 days. So I’m wondering at what stage trichomes colours do you begin the flush to time it right, not too many ambers, nice and milky. here’s a few pics of my trichomes , these pics are from the actual bud , not the sugar leaves as I’ve heard the leaf trichomes mature earlier than the bud. Just want you opinions and thoughts on timing the flush
  6. Mong-u-mental flush

    From the album Summer 2019

  7. I have been doing much reading and there seems to be some conflict of information when feeding pk13/14 and AB during flower, I read that pk13/14 reduced yield and taste quality, I have just given 2 feeds of it at a low dose of .5ml per 2.3l and .75ml per 2.3ml... I am on day 24 shortly, should i stop using it now ? wait until week 5 ? would continuing with a tiny dose like stated be fine and drop out week 5-6 flower ? I really want a good smoke, I choose that over yield, how much would pk 13/14 make? I also read that it played with flowering times ? not sure if that's just a dodgy pheno etc ? any help would be appreciated, all looks good now just don't want to mess things up my diary is up if you want to check in more detailed.
  8. Greatings growers, im ready to flush for harvest. So i thought idd make a post for tips and advice. Whats your method?
  9. Black DOG

    From the album Collection of old and new photos

    Black DOG at probably around day 53 flower. I'd guess about 7 - 10 days flush at this point
  10. Something I've always wondered is when flushing in the last two or so weeks do you flush the plant then leave the soil to completely dry out before flushing again, normally I just flush one a week regardless if the soil had dried out or not. Am i doing this right?
  11. this is probably in the wrong area but it wont let me select a different category. ive been using plant magic old timer and my ppm is at 186 for my solution, this seems wrong, cause it should be getting 900 in flower right? my ppm pen isn't x10 cause ive checked other things that go up to 1000ppm and above. Please help!! this happened after a week of flushing cause i thought it was too much nitrogen,, turns out i been starving them and its a deficiency caused by one feed per week. (ive since found out plang magic should be used every watering) how can i raise my ppms to 900 if my solution is only 300 at most? shitloads of molasses? thanks in advance for the replies
  12. GG4 x Leeroy OG

    From the album Random Uploads

    This is a special pheno of a breeder tester pack Mother GG4 (from clone) Father Leeroy OG Rare Dankness from Seed. Think it's the favorite thing I've grown and smoked in 5 years, the dry sift yields have been massive.
  13. Recently completed my first grow. Really pleased with how it's turned out but only one problem, some of it doesn't burn very clean when smoked! I did 4 cuts in coco, using Bio Bizz nutes. The bloke in the shop said I didn't need to flush with organics and also read the same here. I still decided to feed just ph'd water for 2 weeks before chop. Yet when smoked it burns mostly light grey ash but some bits black. Not hard ash but still not pleasant and a few friends commented on it. 2 of the 4 plants seem to be worse for whatever reason. Bit more info of the grow. Bio Bizz bio heaven, grow and fish mix, bloom and algamic used. Wouldn't bother with the bio heaven or algamic again and won't be using grow and f mix together again either (too much N!) will stick with just fish mix and bloom in future. I also top dressed with a little bat quano and watered in around week 2 or 3 of flower. The plants dried in 5 days in tent with the light off and extraction low. A lot faster than I was hoping to be honest but have since found out it was probably due to fluctuating temps and low humidity. I would have thought I'd have been fine with 2 weeks plain water before the chop, I know it's not a proper flush but considering you supposedly don't need to flush with organics I can't understand why it's not burning white ash!? Any help or thoughts where I may be going wrong? Cheers, Aphat
  14. Hi Chaps. I'm nearing the end of my first ever grow it's been a steep but enjoyable learning curve for me. I'm trying to figure out when to flush my plants (I now have clear trichomes and 75% of pistels are now brown). What I really am trying to find out is if I start to flush too early will this affect my 'yeild', will giving them simple RO water adjusted to pH 5.8 - 6.2 stop any more bud/trichome growth? plus will the trichs turn cloudy or amber whilst being fed just water? I'll try & post some pics on here later to show where I'm at, but I think it's week 20 for this first grow. Sorry if it seems a bit of a garbled question but I can't find any good info on this subject. Respect, as always Cmoon
  15. i have flushed my plants for a week tomorrow, but most of the leaves are dead on my plants now, and one of my plants seems to have died completely, i am just wondering is it ok to harvest after just a week of flushing?
  16. I have been using 40 mls A, plus 40mls B and 40 mls cana boost, in 10 litres of water. In coco fibres.