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Found 12 results

  1. Beer can plant re pot

    From the album Summer 2019

  2. Bombay bubblicious boy

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. LEMON ZKITTLE (Feminized Strain) By Automaster. (TxT Abbreviation =) LZK (Lemon Zkittle) The LZK had 100% germ rate inside 3 days at 21c in clingfilm covered 3ltr pots, filled with Gold Label Special Mix, perlite, thats it. And have been fed the matching nute set from gold label "Soil A&B" NPK 6 2 8 inc Ca 2 Mg 5, + Ultra Pk 0 11 12. Tap water buffered RO water used, buffered to 250-280ppm Ec 0.2 to 0.35. Ph down in flower is phos PO4. Here is the HT write up, for one of the most potent strains to be hybridized by Dutch Passion in 30yr. cant wait to try her out x An evening with Dutch Passion at the 2018 Highlife Cup Dutch Passion at the 2018 Highlife Cup The Highlife Cup is one of the real highlights on the cannabis calendar for any serious cannabis breeder. It began in 1994 thanks to the Highlife Magazine (the sister magazine of Soft Secrets). What makes the Highlife Cup so special is that judging is done by independent judges in blind trials. Coffeeshops and cannabis companies enter their samples, after which they are labelled simply with a code. The samples are given to a jury of 15 cannabis connoisseurs, handpicked by Soft Secrets editor Clifford Cremer. The jury has 2 months to sample each and every sample. The jury only knows the categories of the cannabis they are smoking, but not the name of the samples nor the companies that entered it. The Highlife Cannabis Cup. Europe’s oldest and fairest competition The Highlife Cup evening is a very civilised affair, with music and BBQ food and of course plenty of top quality cannabis to enjoy. As well as being a relaxing social evening there is a serious side to the Highlife Cup. Some 135 samples of cannabis and hash were regarded good enough to submit to the judges, and over 8 weeks the judges assess and compare all the varieties. For many this makes it the fairest of all cannabis cup competitions, as well as being Europe’s oldest. The judges do their best to be as objective as possible, which makes the prizes all the more valuable. USA Cannabis genetics play a prominent role Radio 10 DJ and Highlife Cup veteran DJ Cobus Bosscha helped the evening flow smoothly along with Ed Rosenthal, who had flown in from Los Angeles. Ed is one of the USA’s more prominent authors/gurus on cannabis, and he must have felt at home surrounded by so many varieties with USA genetics in them. One of the benefits of the USA legal cannabis market has been the emergence of some top quality new genetics. These have been gratefully received by European breeders such as Dutch Passion who are bringing some of these classy USA varieties to European grow tents. Overall Highlife Cup Winner 2018. Top honors for Lemon Zkittle Dutch Passion’s Lemon Zkittle won 1st Prize in the Sativa Category, and was also awarded the Overall Highlife Winner Trophy. It’s a real tribute to the top grade feminized photoperiod genetics which come from Las Vegas Lemon Skunk which was crossed with Zkittle. With such outstanding parent genetics the chances of an exceptional hybridisation were good, and thats exactly what happened. This is one of the strongest varieties seen by Dutch Passion for several years, with extravagant resin production and a rich, penetrating aroma. The judges loved the top strength high and effects, and to win against such top strength competition is a real honor. Will take some pic of the LZK.......... at 6wks into flower and post them up in next thread. But all has been fine with the grow, coming into wk 7 of a 10wk flower, so ready for the finish line. Performing very well during veg and flower, with 3-4wks to go to flush, she is very trich laden at the mo....Automaster
  4. Hey everyone.....how's it 'growin'? Much to my dismay - I lost one of my HK AutoFem girls today! My greenhouse is mastic sealed, inside and out....this is the first time that I have encountered any of our 'slimey' friends (this dude must have been some kind of stealth ninja Snail) I found him this morning....chillin' just inside one of my gardening gloves. I carefully relocated the little warrior to the other end of the garden and left him to it. (Last seen heading into the long grass....but I can't blame him - house on his back and a head full of THC, I'd do exactly the same). Good luck to him, but now it's time to protect the girls. Copuios amounts of copper foil and chicken wire - all's looking well and I'll see how they are in the morning. A quick squirt of nutes on the leaves and they're smelling great - probably grateful of the added security lol. More to follow. Happy Growing
  5. Serious Protection of HK Auto Fems!

    From the album Serious Protection!

    Extreme measure taken, against a 'Lone Ninja Snail'!
  6. so my local seedbanks has stocked some of the pheno finder sunset sherbet. 5 regulars in a pack, im just worried im gonna get hermies and males. i am gonna be having a couple backup seeds just in case, im gonna pop with em just so i dont waste 5 weeks waiting for pre flowers. any advice guys ? iv been obsessing over this strain so bad aswell.
  7. KayDog's Return - New Seeds!

    From the album KayDog's Return

    Barney's Farm - Critical Kush - FEM Humboldt Seed Org - Purple Trainwreck - FEM CH9 - Super Haze - FEM DNA - Sour Cream - FEM DinaFem - Moby Dick - FEM

    © UK420

  8. Indoor 8,5 Feminized cannabis seeds Greenhouse L 16-18 % Indica Dominant Hi all Time to do new Diary again , i have 2 Jorges Diamonds at 4 weeks veg and will be switching to 12/12 today Grow set up is : Green Cube Roof Tent 120x120x180 600 Watt HPS AllMix 23 litre pot and 11 litre pot Biobizz Grow,Bloom,Fishmix, 24 inch desk fan rhino filter and extraction fan and intake oil filled rad for lights off heating I have given no nutes except 1 mill grow last week here is a look at both And the 11 litre pot Hopefully they wont stretch to much but if they do will tie them down temps are all good 28 lights on 20 lights off Thanks for looking
  9. Been looking at some strains for my next run, heard really good things about Rare Dankness and see they got Ghost Train Haze#1 in Fems. Anyone done these, what's the smoke like? The reg version is supposedly super potent, was hoping the fem line would be to. Cheers
  10. Day 8 Devil Cream

  11. Hi in week 6 of flower, my Ice cream has produced what looks like nannas on the main cola? My other 3 plants, 1 is only days from finish (Cream Manderine FV) and the other 2 approximately 3 weeks away, Cheesy Jones and Psicodelicia. Are these nannas and should i be worried. I can only put it down to a bit of heat stress, from leaving the heating on for a day or two. All other plants appear fine. I have removed the affected part of the bud, pics below.
  12. Hi peeps, im desperate for some help, i have been growing on and off for many years now, just had a little break for a year nd set back up again. My problems is i have now waisted £100 on seeds that havent popped. is this a Fem thing ? i used to buy regs and never had a problem, i have used three differant stores and all of them grow the smallest of tap roots ever, but none of them take ? Im doing it the same way as ever, wet tissue in a Tupperware box with holes in the top in a dark warm place (on top of my clone station, which i use for vegging) my current grow is 4/5 weeks off and im desperate for help ! any anyone help me out please ? thanks