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Found 17 results

  1. From the album Current Strains

    Exodus Cheese 03/10/2018
  2. From the album Current Strains

  3. From the album Current Strains

  4. From the album Current Strains

  5. From the album Current Strains

  6. From the album 9

  7. From the album 9

  8. From the album 9

  9. From the album 9

  10. @panik Hi all and welcome to this 2018 indoor diary competition entry for Realgorilla seeds https://www.realgorillaseeds.com For this I shall be growing Fast Diesel https://www.realgorillaseeds.com/products.html#!/Fast-Diesel/p/83327785/category=23228166 Exodus https://www.realgorillaseeds.com/products.html#!/Exodus/p/99332070/category=23228166 Seeds arrived safely today Signed for Royal mail in a "discrete" plain white jiffy bag. Not a hint of it's possible contents
  11. So I've been on the cheese hunt, looking for the best options from seed. I've narrowed it down to 3 strains which I'm very excited to try out! UGORG #1, Psychosis BX2 and Exodus (by Seedism). There's loads of information and grow reports on the #1 and the Psychosis but I can't seem to find anything much on the Exodus! I read somewhere on here that Seedism kept their cheese cuttings from over the years and made S1 seeds from the best one. Does anyone have any experience with this strain?
  12. Calling all exo cheese experts! Hey all I have a cheese cut I acquired off a friend of a friend the middle man doesn't know a lot about strains he's only a casual Smoker so all the info I could get was it is cheese I can definitely Confirm that as iv had her a while now. So I wondering if anyone here can confirm if shes the exo or just a decent cross by looks and description. Im not to bother if she not because she still a keeper either way So here's what i know she reeks to the point even when bagged several times can still stink a room out I find it a very fuely pungent cheese & slight sharp blueberry smell and taste. The high is clear active racey mind and very talkative .she grows with weak stems likes to go sideways with out any training, not very long colas more chunky ball nugs long foxtails only when finishing,big calyxs, and she surprises With yeild always more than it initially Looks . Clones great, handles stress very well never had mold or nanas(when other in the same environment Have) Iv smoked a lot of the exo (only grown commercially) and this Is better but that maybe because I prefer organic grown and the commy stuff was badly grown but she definitely Has that same real cheese smell as I have tried a lot of cheese crosses such as Ghs cheese: Found it almost a soapy cheese smell Bb cheese: Its ok very few stinky cheese phenos more compact most pretty bland Bb blue cheese: Found smeller phenos but not so cheesey in this also both bb version have a very different structure. Barneys farm blue cheese :. Found this very similar to the bbb cheese Dinafem cheese: Nice but not quite it a good pheno is like a dulled cut and grows different. Dinafem cheese n kush: This was surprisingly the closest smell taste wise I had a pheno that stunk very close to my cut it grew a lot more foxtaily tho Also tried a good few other crosses that are not even worth mentioning when comparing to exo. So Il post some pics and if anyone can give there opinion will be much appreciated I know there's some exo experts on here
  13. Exodus Cheese Bubblehash

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Exodus Cheese Bubblehash
  14. Exodus Cheese Bubblehash

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Exodus Cheese Bubblehash
  15. Exodus Cheese Bubblehash

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Exodus Cheese Bubblehash
  16. Exodus Cheese Bubblehash

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Exodus Cheese Bubblehash
  17. Exodus Cheese Bubblehash

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Exodus Cheese Bubblehash