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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering if anyone can help me out please So 9 days ago I planted my 2 blackberry auto seeds (ungerminated) into 11 ltr pots with coco/perlite mix, using a cup with the bottom cut off, only watering around the cups, as I know these pots are too big to start in! A couple of days, and the little sprouts had popped their heads out, looking healthy and strong, they've been under my 300w Marshydro LED lights, temps have been around 27 to 31 degrees Celsius....I also added some Rhizotonic to the water Id given them , just to give the roots a boost at the start, but only 1ml of Rhizotonic in a pint of water (not using the whole pint...except one day where I did!) Now on day 9, they are looking strong, leaves are a dark green, and the second set of leaves are just showing, but the first leaves are bending in on themselves rather a lot! and look puffy to me (A sign of over watering perhaps? I'm not sure) There is no yellowing or discolouration (besides a brown bit where the seed shell was stuck to a leaf) the leaves just look very "curled"...both plants are about 1.5 cm tall at this point. I just can't tell if they look normal, or if something is wrong, any advice would be greeeaaatly apreciated!
  2. Hi everyone, basically my 5 plants (critical) just entered week 3 of veg, I was planning on vegging for 4 weeks and then transplant into flower. Im growing in COCO, Ive been feeding them every other day but by the time is time to feed, they are droopy. There is a lot of difference compared to how they will look later on today after I fed them this morning. Just wondering do you think I should feed everyday? There doesnt look like there is any deficiency in the leaves, they all look a good colour with thick nodes. Any advice welcome, thanks
  3. My white widow plant is sick, I'm around 5 weeks into vegging under a 600w hps, some of the leaves are turning yellow with some brown markings on them. The leaves are drooping too. 11 litre pots of canna coco, feeding with canna a+b and rhizotonic, using cannas chart. The coco from the plants pot seems to turn the ph solution a greenish yellow colour. When I look down the side of the pot the roots seem to be pretty crammed in there. Any advice please? Will upload some pics now