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Found 16 results

  1. Hey all, I started work on my new drobe today. I wasn't going to post the build, but now that I have started I thought maybe it ouwld be better for me to post so I can get advice as I go a long. I have already started some of the work and I don't have pictures of everything I have done yet but I have just started and will be much better at this from now on. This project is going to take a little while so I will update as I am going along. First off this is the wardobe I am looking to convert (excuse the fish tank and fish pics please, I'm a bit of a fish fanatic!) The general idea currently, is to use the bottom section for flowering and the top section for a mum or 2 and clones. First step was to go in and strip everything out of the wardrobe. While I was stripping things out I found 2 false panels in the wardrobe both of which appear to give me access to the outside. My imediate thought was to incorporate this into the build, using one to extract outside and the other as maybe an intake? This is the bottom panel: This is the middle access panel: I have gone through and cleaned up both of these holes they are linked I am wondering if I can place the carbon filter in the bottom section and the fan in the middle section this would increase the floor area of my growing space. Will need to have athink on the best way to use this. Now that everything has been stripped out I am currently sanding everything with some 400grit sandpaper in preperation for painting.
  2. After many months of gentle persuasion I finally got the green light to grow indoors garage only mind, and no plants allowed anywhere else, not garden,patio,greenhouse etc. I'm planning a drobe build 2m x 1m x 0.6m (1.2m3), with LED lights (F strips), in the garage which can get to less than 5C so prob won't be able to grow in the winter. Fan and filter will be outside the drobe to maximise space. Intake will be passive. Just wondering if anyone has experience of the K Fans from Systemair preferably the EC versions. I read a lot about fans and hum and controllers. I need a fan that is temp controlled cos the garage temp can vary wildly. The K100EC (4 inch) can flow more than higher rated RVK 5 inch. That's 277m3 per hour at max speed with 4 inch Carboair filter. The K125 EC can flow 360m3/h with filter. Back to the fan question. I would need about 150m3/h air flow, so the 4inch fan should be OK but not sure how noisy it would be as dont want the fan to at full speed. If I went to the 5 inch version it may flow too much air, that wouldn't be a problem except that the garage can get cold. My thoughts are that the K100 EC would do the job without too much noise but, fans are pricey so want to get it right first time.
  3. Simple germenation and early veg box

    From the album Skunk #1 & Applejack

  4. After recently doing a drobe i just wanted to show you all who are thinking of doing it how easy it is! I'm no capenter/joiner but managed it with basic tools to get up and running within hours First thing i did as get myself a solid pine wardrobe, i looked for something solid with lats in-front of the doors to help block light and with door clips to keep the pressure on when they are shut, both things can be added later if required though so its not a must. I built it up and left the back off to cut holes for extraction, passive intake and power cables I then gave it a lick of paint in a flat matt white and fitted the carbon filter and fan, think its important to do this first! I also cut cooker hood carbon sheets to size, doubled them up and put them over the passive intake holes. This stuff is great, got the idea off @@Joint hogger and it really is the dogs nuts. Lets F'all light in but plenty of air. I'm using a 150mm extraction here which is overkill for this size room but it gets hot in the summer and i like to be in control of my temps, also i run it on about 40% which keeps noise down. I then sealed the doors which made my drobe 100% lightproof, you literally cant see any light escape with my 250cfl in there when the room is in pitch black. I used some P-profile stuff thats designed to seal 3-5mm gaps. I used it between the doors, on the lats and on the doors external edge. You can get it off flea bay or local diy shops After fitting my CFL i did some trial runs to check temps and all was well, i put a heated propagator in there and set it on a timer to come on at lights off because temps were dropping to 19. Here it is with my ladies in it Im using PM Soil Supreme with PM nutes and got some Barneys Farm DNA in at the mo which i planted straight into soil with 100% success rate Any questions fire away, im no jorge cervantes but ill stick my 50p in if i think it'll help ya Cheers
  5. drobe

    From the album My drobe

  6. The Drobe

    From the album The Drobe

    Near complete Drobe.
  7. MK and his GrowDrobe So as some of you will know i had to give up growing for a while, however i am now able to grow in my wardrobe! Ive never had to build such a device before as I've always Grown in tents so all of your knowledge and help is essential So I've started lining the inside with mylar and sealing all the corners and joins etc to stop any light leaks and also smell. Now my wardrobe is a large built in wardrobe that goes all along my bedroom and i have chose the end corner section as this only has one door. Now i have a few questions 1. Do i leave the shelf in the top 1/4 of the wardrobe and put my extraction fan up there and then put the carbon filter in the main section and somehow cut a whole for the ducting through the shelf? 2.Do i take the shelf out which then gives me extra height and just attach the fan from the roof as i would in a tent and cut a whole in the roof of the wardrobe? I will try and get some pics up for you as my explanation might not be the best
  8. smile f2

    From the album sy100276

    Fifth week veg
  9. Ho ho hoe time to get this grow show on the go. So my set up has been the same since the drove was born but here's the run down Drobe 250w HP's 5"extraction fan Passive intake Clip on fan for circulation Now then what have we got in store for this years winter stash? Let's see; 2x Fast Bud (6.5ltr pots) 3x Cream Caramel (11ltr pots) I have around an oz of Think Different left that I'm trying to spread out until a fast bud is worthy of chopping down, will sacrifice the weaker of the two and then plan to chop the rest around Xmas. Looking forward to this winters fruits :-) I will post pics shortly the young ones are 10 days old today.
  10. High guys Right im currently growing in a lil wardrobe under a 250 hps im in 3rd week in flower and my humidty is around 50/60 how can i lower this i have a 4" rvk outake n lil clip fan and a 4"inch hole with duct as intake could i get some of them damp trap things in the drobe n at each end of intake duct would this help do u no? Thanks pf
  11. Drobe Idea

    From the album Plans

    Grow cupboard plans: 1 x 250w HPS 3 x soil based plants 1 x 5" Ruck fan - high power - extraction 1 x 5" Ruck fan - low power - intake 1 x 5" Rhino carbon filter 1 x desk fan acoustic ducting..

    © ©

  12. Hi all, absolutely fantastic to be back and planning my next grow. My plan this time is to grow just one single, large plant in my cupboard in a 20 litre pot and uner a 400W hps. My qustion is does anyone know of a suitable strain for my needs? I'm not ruling out normal photo-period plants, however I have been looking a lot at these so called 'super auto's' such as dutch passions 'think different' or 'autoxtreme' Any input appreciated thanks
  13. drobe october 2nd

    From the album Drobe pics

    smile, bbxsmile, ot1, c3, L5E, KQ
  14. drobe pic 1

    From the album Drobe pics

    close up inside the drobe. plants have recently had cuttings taken.