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Found 14 results

  1. Holy-Grail-Day70.jpg

    From the album DeltaMeltersPostStuff

  2. Hi guys, Smoked some of this from Prix d'Ami in Dam 3/4 years ago and absolutely loved it. Smooth creamy chocolatey skunky goodness with a happy up high. Just gone to look for some regular beans in the hope of maybe finding something similar and can't seem to find them in stock anywhere. Plenty of fems about so I guess they haven't discontinued the strain? If anyone could shed any light on where to acquire some regs that would be amazing. Also any info or tips on growing this would be greatly appreciated! I understand she gets tall, but I was planning on topping and a bit of LST anyway. Hopefully be ok! Aphat Spliff
  3. I’m planning popping a packet of 12 regular Tangieland seeds to sift for parental stock. Does anyone have any experience with this strain? I cannot even find info regarding weather it’s an F1, F2 or so on. One thing I do know, popping a 12 pack could very well lead to finding something special with the said genetics. TIA.
  4. Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    From the album Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    Kosher Dawg (DNA) in flowering period
  5. hi guys, wondering if anyone out there has /is growing anything from the relatively new sorbet range?? im going to buy a pack of seeds(need to be fem cause of space issues) shortly and i fancy the banana sorbet, its a difficult decision as iv had great stuff from dna but also had some kak..... in fact feedback on any fem banana strain would be appreciated....was also looking at royal queen seeds fat banana and double banana sherbet from the plug.....cant pay silly prices.....70 is my max.....any comments welcome guys....... forgot to add, if i cant find a decent banana strain, i ill just go back to RP sour kush, best chem var i ever tried, pishes on most of the star/guava dawg kicking about here.
  6. Chocolope Kush

    From the album Chocolope Kush

  7. sour tangie,tangie and gsc

    From the album crockets tangie, dna's sour tangie,clone fairy surprise(strawberry cheese)

    front left gsc back left sour tangie right 2x tangie
  8. Just thought I would share this here as I'm sure a few people will find this very interesting and informative. enjoy Phylos Galaxy Phylos has the world’s largest database of cannabis DNA featuring the genetic identity of thousands of varieties from over 80 countries. The Phylos Galaxy is a 3D population genetics visualization of this data, offering the public unprecedented scientific insight into varieties that, until now, have only been categorized by street names. Anyone can submit a variety to the Galaxy with Phylos Genotype, a DNA sequencing test that offers permanent placement in the Galaxy, a “living” digital genetic report that updates in real time, and digital marketing tools to share your exciting varieties with the world. The Cannabis Evolution Project The Cannabis Evolution Project was a two-year collaboration with Rob Desalle, a curator and phylogeneticist at the American Museum of Natural History. Thousands of ancient and modern cannabis samples were collected from around the world, and serve as the foundation for the Galaxy you see today. We’re still working hard to tell the evolutionary story of this diverse and amazing plant. How does it work? Each node, or star, in the Phylos Galaxy represents a single cannabis plant. The distances between nodes show how similar they are. The lines show how related they are. Samples that share a lot of genetic variants will be very close, and different genetic populations are represented by colors. How did you make the Galaxy? We sequenced the DNA of over a thousand cannabis plants and compared them. We mapped those relationships into three dimensions using Principal Components Analysis, a well-established technique in the field of population genetics. We combined this approach with other statistical genetics methods that generate “heredity lines” connecting closely related samples. Then, we made an interactive visualization. These techniques have never before been used to visualize a single species. Why is Phylos sequencing the DNA of different Cannabis varieties? We want to know how Cannabis has evolved, what its history was like, and how it has co-evolved with humans. We want to know what domestication does to the shape of evolution, and to better understand the complex diversity of hybrid strains. We’re investigating where they came from, why they’re so different, and what makes each one unique. And most importantly, we want consumers and patients to finally know what they’re getting and be able to find it again without relying on inaccurate names. http://www.phylosbioscience.com/the-phylos-galaxy/
  9. KayDog's Return - New Seeds!

    From the album KayDog's Return

    Barney's Farm - Critical Kush - FEM Humboldt Seed Org - Purple Trainwreck - FEM CH9 - Super Haze - FEM DNA - Sour Cream - FEM DinaFem - Moby Dick - FEM

    © UK420

  10. #finishingupnicely day 54

    From the album chocolope grows

    day 54
  11. #finishingupnicely day 54

    From the album chocolope grows

    day 54
  12. SLOG2

    From the album 2013



  13. SLOG 1

    From the album 2013