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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys 2nd grow , think different and ultimate were on my wish list ,Cinderella Jack looks good too and the 53e i payed for this mix ,sounded like a good bargain to me.Along with 1 orange punch fem from DP and 2 from delicious seeds as,freebies. Because i m was looking at the tent 2 weeks now and i didn t move my ass to prepare it,i've decided to motivate myself by sprouting the seeds,usually this works with me. So here we go: 1xAuto ultimate 1xauto think different 2xAuto cinderella Jack and the 2 freebies 1xAuto delicious candy 1x auto dark purple. They are on a paper towel today and into the filter box again.4 of them have sprouted already. At least ,the filter is in place and the tent is clean. My armory has: 1,2x1,2x2m tent, 6 x 7,5l DWC pots Coco used for 1 grow,washed 1st with tap water,then RO and mix extra 11l Ugro riza.Has 10% perlite,10% clay pebbles.It s mixed a month ago in a container and will be charged with half dose of BIOBIZZ All-mix .It s also charged by me with Zeolite 5" blauberg fan max 355m3/h 5"x300mm BULL FILTER, Parabolic 1m,with PHILIPS 930 agro for 1st time and i will add 2x600w(real 254w) Chinese leds(they did the job on my last grow)at bloom. I use CFL only a few days,during transplant Various fans,controllers,meters etc..... Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Adwa AD12 pH meter Chinese cheap EC meter CX Horticulture A+B coco(PGR free) CX Horticulture-Mighty bloom enhancer(PGR free) Canna -Cannazym GH-Ripen GH-flora kleen GH-pH down ATA-Calmag,when needed. Bio-wizz-Fish mix TNC-mycor hydro MYCOTERRA-Quimera trichoderma Epsom salts Local fert.-Sea weed powder 1-1-17(250gr,10e) > Local fert.- Amino Acids 20.0%,Organic Carbon (C) 10.0%,2-phenethylamine 2.4 mg / lt,Spermine 3.6 mg / lt, NPK-3-0-0, (1l ,5e) > Local fert.-Root powder with Indolylbutyric acid : 0,25 % (50gr,5e) Local fert.- (Κ2O-12,5%)-( SiO-26%) ,(use it also as pH up (11) (500ml-5e) Local fert.-Leonardite humus N-P-K almost 0. (1l,5e) Local fert.-Foliar bio stimulant(Vegetable oils,Vegetable Lemonines(google translate),Vegetable terpenoids,Steroid glycosides,Sugars,Fulvic acids,Amino acids,Plant hormones,Fe, Zn, Mg, Mn, Cu, B, Mo). Drip feeding(hopefully....) I will feed fish mix,Amino acids and Leonardite humus mostly during veg and move to CX base later,as i did in my last grow http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/topic/392821-black-jack-auto-in-coco-and-ro/ . I m writing the price of the local fertilizers,to show you the difference.There are many cheap products,with similar or even superior quality and more concentrated than the "expert" ferts. Look at your local grow(for farmers)shops and you'll be amazed.Just look the ingredients and compare. I did 1 day flush and after 4 days drying,the weed had no chem taste at all,was full of terpenes,so i will replace in time all my ferts to bio and try to make a stronger pre-charge to the coco....in the Winter. Enough for a start, Atb to your grows .