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Found 28 results

  1. During my current grow, which is currently at week 4, I accidentally snapped the main stem while performing LST. Attempts to splint it back in place were immediately unsuccessful as the break was just above a node, literally just a couple of millimetres. I couldn't hold the top in place to graft back on. So I inadvertently topped the plant, but she's doing fine. I took the top, popped it in a tub of water to try and keep it alive. I then placed it in a small amount of water in a ziplock bag in the salad crisper in the fridge. My thinking is to try and make a clone of this plant because it's a nice strain with vigorous growth. Having done some reading, I know it's possible to clone autoflowers, but with the caveat that the genetic clock is still ticking. I'd like to try it as an experiment. I got hold of some rooting powder, and I plan to try and root the "cutting" in compost. I just checked in the salad crisper, and no-one has eaten the cutting, which is good. (Labels in capital letters saying 'NOT FOOD. LIVE PLANT. DO NOT OPEN!' probably helped). Also she has perked up from the wilted creature of a couple of days ago, looks really fresh. Whaddaya know? Salad crispers work! So Operation Clone is Go. As there will be no room in my wee grow cabinet if the cutting roots successfully, I bought a small tent in the sales. I have a spare fan, filter and ducting, also my backup InkBird, heat mat and circulation fan can be put to good use. I also have a spare grow light, which believe it or not I picked up in a charity shop last year. Unused, still in packaging, basically brand new. It's another interesting design by Chinese manufacturer Fecida. Basically consists of four 'sunlike' full spectrum COB style LED boards, rated at 50 watts each. I tested one and it draws 47 watts. Now what I like about this design is it is modular. All four units can be used individually, or daisy chained together to make a larger lamp. You can just use one, or connect two together, or go for all four. I think four would be too much in my small tent, so I'm going to join two together giving me 94 watts of LED. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start the cutting off in compost in my heated propagator. I'll just set it on a table near the window, out of direct sunlight. Then wait. If it roots successfully (and signs are good as the cutting looks healthy) then this will be my first ever tent grow, as well as my first attempt at cloning. That's why I started a separate diary, because it's not very stealthy, and it's not in the cabinet! Thanks for reading and I'll post again when I start the rooting process. Link to my diary of the current grow if you want more background:
  2. Has anyone ever grafted 1 cutting onto a different plant
  3. Hi All, hope you are well. I took some clones from my last run and have now got them settled in. Half of which are looking like they're hermaphrodites to me. I was wondering if anyone else here could please confirm or deny my thoughts? Original seeds were Barney's Farm Blueberry Cheese. I've read that they can go hermi if under stress, I haven't knowingly put them under any abnormal stress, and half the batch of clones seem to be not showing these traits below. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
  4. Took her 7 days ago and sat her in PH'd water - she's looking a bit worse for wear. The next challenge is to reveg!
  5. Hi, I am a first time grower of photoperiod Amnesia Haze. I have successfully rooted a little clone and I am wondering how to proceed. I would like to just keep this quietly vegging until the end of January if possible. My only grow space is now in 12/12 mode. Can I take my clone and put it by a south facing window and just keep it reasonably warm? Will this ensure it vegs? Should I keep the plastic bag and elastic band in place? All advice much appreciated, thank you!
  6. Does anyone have any ideas why I have found a couple of seeds at trimming stage All plants are female and have flowered and produced resin as normal a couple of the plants are clones from a previous grow that i have taken as flowers then put back into veg I have found 1 seed in a strain called critical and another seed in a strain called ZZZ (neither of these are clones) other than finding these seeds everything is as I would expect Next question would be As these seeds have come from a female plant from a feminized seed would the 2 seeds i have grown be female? I thought in order to get seeds you needed a male so unless 1 of my clones as hemmed where have they come from also if a plant has hemmed would you still get a crop off it? Thanks for any info
  7. IMG-1440.JPG

    From the album My first Diary

    © Shumroom

  8. henrietta

    From the album 20/20

    © mk11

  9. widow clone

    From the album Seedsman

    one white root at moment

    © bluntz27

  10. Hi, I have four cuttings of Elvis - very robust and problem free grow - and all four are showing yellowing new growth. Problem in more detail: - Yellowing from the stem, outward to the tips - New nodes growing tight together (stunting) - Central leaf viens and stems sowing purple - Some leaf tip burn Background: - The cuttings were held small for around 8weeks. - Potted up into 3lt pots 10 days ago - problems showed in the last 2 days. - Feed is ec1.2 - 10ml Ionic grow and 1ml calmag (mum was on ec2). - Pots are 22.4c at base lights on and no less than 20c lights off - I have not been able to probe into the middle of the medium. Ambient temps are nice. - Water ph is a little alkaline, but Elvis mum showed no issues at all - perhaps the water supply has changed?? I have some ideas - nute lockout causing iron def - or possibly mag def (doesn't really look like mag def to me though) - but hope someone can confirm or shed light on the problem... Their mum grew out in an 11lt pot (so better resistance to temp shifts) and had no issues whatsoever throughout the whole grow - water and feed are the same for the mum as for the cuttings. I lieu of a better one, my plan is to flush tomorrow and start them back on a 0.7ec feed... Many thanks for any thoughts!
  11. Hi guys (and girls), I am just in the process of building myself a small secondary room in my loft for purpose of clones/seeds/ and general vegging until all is good to go into my main room. My camera is broke on my phone so I can't show pictures at the minute, but out of beams of wood, 18mm loft paneling, and some mdf board I have my self a little box room that is 1.25m high, 1.7m wide and 0.9m long. Will be insulated and then reflected with mylar or radiator sheeting. White plastic sheet on the floor. (kinda proud of myself tbh) I just want some opinions as to whether extraction and filter is neccessary, I will be running a 300w CFL with a basic reflector and im hoping that keeps the temperature up during the colder months, light will be on between 20-24 hours a day to also aid to get it near to 21-22 as possible. If I can maintain the correct temps, and a correct humidity (for clones and young plants) with just the light and an osclillating desk fan, is extraction neccessary while theyre that small. I only want them around 10 inch max before I swap into my main room. Its all speculation of course at this stage, but I will be able to test in a day or two. Any advice always appreciated, as always.
  12. Any help, direction etc very much appreciated... I have three clones, doing very nicely, though stuck in a small veg area while their mum flowers... I staggered taking the cuttings, so I can experiment to a degree - the first clone was potted from 0.5 to 1lt 3weeks ago and is becoming or is, root-bound. I do not have the option of potting up so plan to trim its roots and re-pot into 1lt. If it all goes to crap, I have a couple of weeks to work out what to do with the other two - worst case, one lives and is potted up. Can anyone advise on good practice for root trimming or direct me to any relevant threads, please? I have found a few discussions, though on hydro trimming, which isn't really helpful - I guess bonsai'ing a mother would be the closest to what I am trying to achieve, though temporarily. As I say, the aim/hope is to put these three in for a few additional weeks veg and turn them to 12/12 when mum comes out... Many thanks in advance.
  13. I decided to clone my Elvis plant as an experiment and because its such a healthy, good grower! I took five in total and all at different times - three are going ahead fine just now, one never rooted (taken wk3 in flower) and the other I put on 18/6 before it had really got its regrowth going. Of the three that remain one had a broken stem and it was the first taken and quickest to thrive. The next taken has also come along fine and the third, taken later, has only just been potted up. All are vegging now. Question: The first two were taken when leafs where showing 7 points - when they started growing back, the first leave were five pointed though now, their growth has ramped up in scale and speed, and new growth is showing three points. I know cuttings taken during 12/12 have a tenancy to show odd growth, so should I just expect these to g back to five and seven etc.? Here's a pic - though it could be a little clearer - it looks hungry, that's deliberate - it was cut from a plant on ec1.6 to being fed 1.2 - no at 1.4. Its being kept under 30watt CFL and at a roughly constant 22c - lowest drop was 18.4c last night. Top right leaf also shows the wrinkly characteristic that presented itself in the first few weeks of the mother's growth... Question: Space is a real issue for me, so I am trying to keep these clones small for another 3 - 4 weeks! That's going to be tough, so, how harshly can I cut back... in the pic below, for example, there is a long stretched space between lower leaves and upper (cause by low light levels) - is it possible/advisable to cut from the bottom of that stretched stem? Sorry if that is not a clear question - I can post an illustrated pic if need be. Many thanks for any thoughts you might have to share...
  14. Elvis_C1_canopy-3-prong.jpg

    From the album Skunk #1 & Applejack

  15. Hey guys. I'm just about all set up with my grow space, ready for my second indoor grow (first at this new place). I'm growing from seed in coco, but ideally, I want to end up with a mother I've selected after flowering them all, that I can reveg and then take cuttings from, to then grow those genetics exclusively. Now at the same time, I want to maximise my currently very limited space of 1.2mx1.2m, by applying the ScrOG method. My question is: would it be best to get myself some feminised seeds that I can ScrOG almost immediately and keep the best mother to reveg (or clone in advance if a scrogged mum would be problematic), or is there a way for me to grow 2x the amount of regular plants that I can sex and remove males from, while still simultaneously scrogging them all? I'm thinking it would be best to just do a preparatory grow by cracking as many regular seeds as possible, remove males and let the females grow untrained, just to maximise my chances of dankness with a sizable initial genetic pool from regular subs and UGORG seeds. But with 4-5 months between each harvest, I'd like to get a mother going in as few stages as possible. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks! SVS
  16. 58f670e1dded1-van3(2).jpg

    From the album Hindu Kush

    week 3 of flowering, but it seems to have stopped, have put liquid oxygen in with last flush, and flushed them again with straight h20, radiator in room producing 80$ F, good natural air flow, and great filter out take, but not budding bigger as i had hoped, any comparative pics or suggestions?

    © Bertie the Biro

  17. Cloning Cabinet

    From the album Amnesia Kush, Kings Kush

    This is my little cloning and seedling nursery. Lighting is two 24W T5 Sunblasters
  18. ok so i take a 3 - 4" clone cut 45 degree at the node, sometime scrape it 1"from bottom of stem, dip in in clonex, then place in either rockwool, coco i tried both, i then stick em in a propagator under a 125w blue cfl in a dr60, i spray with nitrozyme 1-2 times a day they never root ever so far sometimes the bottom of the stem gets all these white scab looking patches but no roots, any advice appreciated, thanks
  19. hi im looking for some help as im new to this i have some clones and a few of the leaves have turned yellow and have gone brown all the way down the middle cell of the leaf..ive being trying to find some help reading and trying to find a diognosis but cant seem to find anything any help at all would be much appreciated also i dont know how to upload a picture if anyone could help with that? thanks in advance
  20. Jamaican Dream day six 12/12

    From the album Wizards Drobe 2.0

    © Stoner wizard

  21. Jamaican Dream clone growth

  22. I'm looking to buy some seed's for my next grow and I'm bored with the Cheese's and things like that I want something rare something extra special. It doesn't have to be something extremely strong or yields loads I'm after quality not quantity any suggestions?