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Found 5 results

  1. Hi so im going to do a small experiment, I will leave this Glass Vial of THC weed in sunlight for as long as i possibly can ideally at least 2 months worth possibly longer. I checked under the microscope and the trichs were abundant and mostly cloudy not really any ambers , with the odd clear trich . I cannot take a before picture with the microscope apologies im just not that savvy, but i will check the trichs again and write here any differences i notice The idea is that THC is meant to convert to CBN via degradation from : Sunlight, Air and Heat So for this experiment we'll mainly be going the sunlight route , although someone please clarify here if the corks let air in or not? Insomnia is a bitch but ive been able to tame it somewhat with 80mg+ CBD a night all within a 30 minute session before bed via CBD flower and mixture of flower and CBD isolate. From my experience so far on that the CBD flower has been the winner though . Looking for a way to help me to fall asleep in the first place and not wake up groggy like sleeping tablets and anti psychotics etc do
  2. Hello Hello ! A tiny quizz for today : What is CBN and is there such a thing as a CBN Rich Strain? The CBN cannabinoid (cannabinol) is one of over 100 compounds estimated to be present in the cannabis plant. It’s these cannabinoids that stimulate a range of effects, from the psychoactive ‘high’ of THC to the relaxation of CBD alongside an array of medicinal qualities contributed by these and other cannabinoids. More in the article Beautiful day Everyone !!!!!!!!
  3. What-is-CBN.jpeg

    From the album blog

  4. Hello I was wondering if you were to grow say, something nice and easy like Northern Lights which is heavily indica, and leave it for a long time in flowering making most of the trichomes amber some cloudy, what kind of effect would this weed have if you were to smoke it? What happens if you let them all go amber, does the THC degrade into CBN ? I found this information on another site, is it correct? Not really looking to get high, just want to fall asleep " Trichomes Start Turning Amber If you’re looking for a more relaxing, ‘couch-lock’, sleep aid-type high you can leave your buds to mature to a level where the trichomes turn a darker amber from their previous cloudy look, with almost all of the white hairs on the bud having turned a dark orange or brown colour. At this stage, most of the THC has naturally converted to CBN, which has very relaxing properties and will produce far more of a body-high than a head-high. This can be ideal for growing for pain-management or insomnia treatment, as well as reducing some of the more powerful psychoactive effects that we all know cannabis to possess. " Thanks