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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, This is my 1st grow and about a week into 12/12. I have noticed these shiny patches on a few leaves and some older marks have gone brown along with a deformed leaf. At first i thought water splash but have been cautious and more have appeared and on some higher leaves. They have been fed following the canna coco chart for hard water and normal feeding. So im thinking either environmental or perhaps deficency? I dont think its bugs as i havent seen any but then i dont realy know what im looking for?? My temperatures and rh fluctuated abit since going into flower as we had hotter days and i put in the extra light(250w2700k cfl). At the worst they hit 31°c and 75rh, i have since added 2 pc fans by a vent and temperatures have been more consitant at 27°c 55rh daytime and 20°c 40rh night time, but still varys a little. Im awaiting an extractor and filter when i got the money which im hoping will keep the environment more consitant. They are in a 1x1x2 tent with 2 pc fans by intake vent and a small oscilating fan inside. Lighting is 250w 2700k cfl, x4 55w 3000k cfl and x2 20w 2700k cfl. Thanks.
  2. Hi guys. First timer here. I noticed the tell tale silvery looking leaves and after thinking it was a DEF at first I now know it’s thrips. I’m in the uk so can’t get hold of Spinosad. People say use soap and water but not sure what to use to be honest and iv seen photos of some people half killing their crop. I’m in soil and keeping it around 25.c with 55%rh. Iv been trawling the web for about 5 hours to prepare for today’s assault on them and just want a decent way of fighting them. I watched the guy on YouTube talking about using cinnamon and wondered if anybody had any luck with that. I have some flying/crawling bug spray killer which I was thinking about just spraying around the room briefly. My plants are in veg and I would wash down after half an hour or so just Incase. Has anybody tried that ? I have blue sticky paper coming tomorrow as they are attracted to blue, and going to use double sided sticky tape on the main stem to catch them on the way up but would the spray harm the plants ??? new to the site and not sure how to upload pictures from my iPhone ?
  3. Hi Genius Growers! So first time growing and had one plant already get eaten alive after only 2 weeks of growing. Now it seems that my best plant is under attack. Germinated inside and as the plants grew to be around 6 cm I took them outside. Growing in my garden. I have my suspicions as to what this is after researching but I thought I'd reach out to you pros/experts. What do you think it is? Any good treatment ideas? Attached are the pics. Thank you very much for your help. All ideas are really appreciated. 2 x Mystery Insects Visible Back Of Plant 1 Back Of Plant 2 Front Of Plant
  4. Bugs4.jpg

    From the album Bugs

  5. Bugs2.jpg

    From the album Bugs

  6. bugs1.jpg

    From the album Bugs

  7. Guerilla Camp Fire

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Making my own Supply of Sulphate of Potash and also keeping warm and the damn insects away
  8. Can anyone help me out, I found this floating in my mini dwc bucket today and I've got no idea what it is. Last grow one of my plants went mental and never grew just got more and more bushy. I just thought it was a mutant, but now two of my clones are doing the same thing. its like the are being topped over and over??? I've cleaned it all out and now i'm looking to identify the bug? I thought it might be a predator bug so I put it in a house plant watched it bury itself and disappear
  9. soliloqueen clones

    From the album Various Scrog grows

    two clone took at same time

    © rabthegrower

  10. Sollioqueen clone02

    From the album Various Scrog grows

    this is the other one

    © rabthegrower

  11. Sollioqueen clone01

    From the album Various Scrog grows

    this is one I found the bug in, I did not top this plant

    © rabthegrower

  12. I have found a few horrible looking things eating my leaves, not sure what they are they dont look like the traditional spider mites or thrips that I have seen pictures of. They dont really seem to be causing much leaf damage (yet) but I have found a few thrip like markings. Anyone know what that is? looks like some kind of horrible alien to me but seriously got me freaked out in case it is spider mites or something just as bad. I am in week 5 flower with some 8 weeker clones so I am limited in what I can do. Any advice appreciated.