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Found 2 results

  1. Recently completed my first grow. Really pleased with how it's turned out but only one problem, some of it doesn't burn very clean when smoked! I did 4 cuts in coco, using Bio Bizz nutes. The bloke in the shop said I didn't need to flush with organics and also read the same here. I still decided to feed just ph'd water for 2 weeks before chop. Yet when smoked it burns mostly light grey ash but some bits black. Not hard ash but still not pleasant and a few friends commented on it. 2 of the 4 plants seem to be worse for whatever reason. Bit more info of the grow. Bio Bizz bio heaven, grow and fish mix, bloom and algamic used. Wouldn't bother with the bio heaven or algamic again and won't be using grow and f mix together again either (too much N!) will stick with just fish mix and bloom in future. I also top dressed with a little bat quano and watered in around week 2 or 3 of flower. The plants dried in 5 days in tent with the light off and extraction low. A lot faster than I was hoping to be honest but have since found out it was probably due to fluctuating temps and low humidity. I would have thought I'd have been fine with 2 weeks plain water before the chop, I know it's not a proper flush but considering you supposedly don't need to flush with organics I can't understand why it's not burning white ash!? Any help or thoughts where I may be going wrong? Cheers, Aphat
  2. So I wanted to collect all my thoughts on this irritating problem, and try and get a grip on what exactly is going on. So many different opinions, and clearly there are some threads running through all of the conversations - it's just not as simple as 'over fertilising' or 'chemical nutes' causing this. Clearly. So... What exactly does cause it? Or, rather, what collection of factors cause it? Here's my thoughts, after many months of researching (my last grow went terrible, two hermies chucked and the remaining cheese ended up with a terrible burn, blackest of black ash and a salty, tangy, shit taste - I really want to avoid that ever again!) *I grow organic in soil, with PM soil supreme, granules and OT nutes...* Obviously most weed doesn't always burn to a pure white ash, and I've found that even white ash producing weed can still make you hack and cough. It's a weird minefield, this topic, and I'd love to hear everyone's two cents. Terpene content will also massively affect 'flavour' and smoothness, so it gets even more complicated. I've had tasty ass weed, easy on the inhale that burned dark grey, near enough black, and goes out pretty quick. So when we talk about 'black ash' here, I mainly mean the REALLY bad ash that tastes disgusting, and really does not burn well at all - even if the bud has some nice terps when sniffed before smoking. 1 - Over fertilisation. This is definitely key to the problem - but it's not as simple as just over fertilising. Flushing the soil may flush out built up nitrates and salts in the soil, but not the plant itself - although it will then start feeding on its stores (is this scientific fact?). So, sure you can feed less, and feed only water, and the plant will use up it's excess nutrients to a point, but it seems that 'flushing' (which is also hotly debated over its usefulness) has limited use in avoiding the black ash ultimately. It's also worth mentioning the plant that I had the wost black ash on was the first plant I'd ever bothered to flush and only feed water for the last week!). So what gives? Different genetics may use different quantities of nutrients (N/P/K) so feeding your whole grow the same rough amount of nutrients may result in some burning well, others not. That's where i'm starting to go in my thinking on this. Plants do not always show signs of over fertilising either, if they're tough. 2 - Light intensity, and subsequent utilisation of fertiliser. The grow that went bad for me - the bulb was running out, and past its best. Way past. This may factor in, and makes logical sense. 3 - Some genetics don't mind being overfed, and don't necessarily show it as burn. This could also be why some growers find that a bunch of plants getting the same feeding schedule end up with a mixture of black ash and white ash. Some plants may use up more of the phosphorous than others, and some may end up with more minerals stuck in tissue. 4 - Cutting the plant while she's still full of water. Not sure if this is a factor, but the one that was the worst for me was cut a day or two after flushing her through with gallons of tap water. Could that effect it? I.e. better to let her 'use' everything in her system before she's cut and hung to dry. 5 - Mineral content of the water? I'm not sure about this, but it makes logical sense. Water has varying degrees of salts and nitrates that could also potentially accumulate in the plants tissue structure. 6 - Nutrient make-up & Soil make-up I'd wager this also factors in, fairly heavily. And which nutrient(s) specifically causes the slow burn, black ash?? I'm just trying to chuck ideas out there. It's a weird one. I've read OT 1 say he's smoked nice bud from people who were using up to 7ml/l of OT Bloom (!) and the ash was white?! So there's some other factors here that mean it's not just the nutrients. I defintely think light intensity must play a part in a discussion about over fertilisation, because one plant under a 400w HPS taking the same nutes as a same size plant under a 1000w LED or the like will be using different amounts of energy, and, thus, food. No one seems to discuss this element, and we all talk about nutes without factoring in our lighting situation. Seems to me that if you have less intense light, you need less nutes too... So....I dunno! Would love to hear what people reckon especially anyone who had this problem but figured it out to the point it never happens anymore... Cheers, AJ.