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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to my new grow..... I'm on a mission this time. My Landlord is about to start building a new house next to ours, so we have lost our privacy We are definitely gonna move out in the next month or so, and supplies are running low, so I wanna grow some strains that I know can deliver a sizable harvest so we can move halfway through and get a good result. Right off the bat, I'm gonna do a Daiquiri Lime.... consistently a winner as I managed half a kilo last time I grew her. Toofless Alien did well last time, and I really love smoking Night Queen (my last seed). So on 26th June, I put up the tent, and made up three 20L airpots with H&G Coco and soaked them in a EC 0.6 nute mix. I planted the seeds and covered the pots with cling film and some dark card, leaving them under a couple of Skyline 400Ws for warmth. I didn't have quite enough coco (as always) so I ordered some more to top up the pots in a week or two. The seedlings sprouted on the 28th 29th and 30th.... Toofless Alien first, then Night Queen, then the Daiquiri. Here they are on day 5/4/3.... Then the new Coco arrived, so I topped up the pots, and thought I may as well fill another airpot up and plant a new Think Different from the batch of seeds I won from AFN. I also received a new Skyline 400W unit (thanks Mate!) so I had my 3 seedlings under a Skyline each, while I waited for the TD to sprout. She eventually showed her head on the 10th June, 12 days after the Alien.... so a bit of nute juggling will be going on these next few months! Here they are now..... Toofless Alien day 17 she really is flying away! Night Queen day 16 looking really good and healthy. Daiquiri Lime day 15 she started sluggishly and has now picked up. She did this before, so no worries They older ones are on an EC 0.8 nute mix and the TD is on EC 0.7. Think Different day 4 early days yet! I have now put a Photon 126 over the TD. She should take off! Hope you enjoy following this grow, more updates on the way!
  2. All grown in ecothrive coco & GA nutrients. Night queen was first down at 12 or so weeks.
  3. nq.jpg

    From the album dutch passion autos

    © hydrogen water

  4. Day 72 #4

    From the album Bigger tent, more autos

  5. Day 57 #2

    From the album Bigger tent, more autos

  6. Day 46 #3

    From the album Bigger tent, more autos

  7. Day 39 #7

    From the album Bigger tent, more autos

  8. Auto Night Queen Lights - 600 watt hps Soil - Bio Bizz Allmix Pots - 11 litre Nutes - Bio Bizz Bloom,Grow,Topmax,Bio Heaven Rhino Fan & Filter extraction Rhino Fan intake 12 inch desk fan 24/7 Hi all ,new grow time again i dont know anything about this strain but Night Queen fem looks like a lovely plant Will be growing under 20/4 light cycle the seeds are in seed pots in seeding compost ,just potted them yesterday I have 1 Auto Blackberry Kush and 2 Auto Euforia also but this diary will be mostly about The Night Queens with a few pics of the others I dont know if i will be buying a tent this grow i would love one to be honest but 185 Euros is a lot to be splashing out and i need it to be no bigger than 6 foot high and 4 foot wide or it wont fit Well here is a boring pic of some seed pots I dont know if i will use all these nutes maybe just Grow and Bloom Well looking forward to this the BlackBerry Kush looks lovely as well and the Auto Euforia is a fantastic smoke
  9. night queen 2

    From the album night queen

    day 9
  10. night queen 1

    From the album night queen

    day 9