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Found 9 results

  1. The title is the question, I would want a digital one over a standard one if you can really get them cheap, Looking online, all the kits come with HPS bulbs which I dont want. Gumtree = nothing I dont know what is cheap and whats pricey in the 250w range, but I have a small cubic space but can do much better than the 125w CFL im using now, problem is I was thinking the 250 HID way would be way cheaper than a chinese blurple. Quantum boards well out of the price range, for some reason I was thinking I could do it under £40, as it is only £60 for a 600W digital. I have no idea, but is there a section on here where people buy and sell equipment? I wouldnt know if this site allows that or not, I know we dont talk about our percy material entering the market, and rightly so but equipment different maybe? All feedback helps MMT
  2. Hiya People, I have a query hopefully someone can answer; I'm currently running, amongst other things, 3 Girl Scout Cookies in coco under a 400w Sylvania Grolux which I was going to run the entire crop but I'm tempted to swap it out for a 600w Solistek full spectrum halide finishing bulb to up the yield and hopefully quality. Has anyone used said bulbs and is it worth buying one rather than just using the 400w Grolux or a spare Sunmaster 600w "blended" sodium? Fax
  3. Hi all, calling all sparks helping a mate set up his groom, its in an outhouse on a farm which is approximately 50 metres from the house (we recon to using about 53m cable all in) He will be burying an armoured cable of approx that length to supply the outhouse with electricity. he plans to do a 1k grow so all in probably not more than 1.7 KW should be plenty 2KW should be overkill (he has a 600 hps and a 400w halide and plans to combine them symultaneously for dual spec) he might run a 250 as well for veg The most important thing is that the extraction fan never ever stops turning over and pulling through the CF as there will be workers in the vicinity. the question is, will voltage drop be a problem over that distance? could it make the lights dimmer than normal? and would they fire up OK? (neither of us know much about electricity but I read somewhere that HPS have a "surge" when they first fire up?) he will be coming off a socket on a circuit in the house with only one other socket both of which he will disconnect/cover with a spur so there shouldnt be anything else on the breaker at the main board. the socket hes coming off is about 15 metres from the main board. so does that all sound ok? And what type of cable thickness should he go for for the 50m run to compensate for voltage drop/get best results/be safest for approx 1.5KW (to 2KW max for overkill/unforseen eventualities) thanks in advance for any help, cheers MM E2A: he will also be running 4 or 5 maxijet 500 pumps and about 200watts of fans if that makes any dif re voltage drop. and also he will be using one of those kits that send an internet signal down the cable so he can watch things from the main house on a webcam in case that poses any issues. thanks aggain MM
  4. Hello people, opinions if you will please. I want to set up a separate veg tent and my predicament is should I lay out for a metal halide for the veg tent to go along the line of its a better light for them in veg or do I swap my current all round 400w hps light into the veg tent and upgrade to a 600w hps for my tent which is 1 metre × 1 metre. Many thanks oporto
  5. Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this. I started growing recently on Jan 2. My light is a minimax 150, heavy duty plantlite timer on 18/6, bulb is sunmaster metal halide that came with the light. It worked fine for nearly a week, then it did not come on one day. I thought the timer must be the problem so I plugged the light straight in the mains socket and it still would not start. Ergo the timer does not seem to be the issue. I was able to get the light working again by removing and then replacing the same bulb. It worked fine and went off at lights out and I hoped that the problem was resolved. But it did the same thing the next day (today), it didn't come on at lights on. Again I fixed it by taking the bulb out and putting it back in again. I have avoided touching the bulb with my fingers and I am sure I have been properly inserting the bulb. Now I am expecting it to not start again tomorrow at lights on. The light is brand new and only been on since Jan 2. I have emailed the site where I bought it but no reply yet. What could be the problem? Any suggestions? Thanks for reading
  6. From the album SmellyBerry & UGORG#1

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