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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I noticed there was a Chavski and Hull Tigers fan thread, and a lack of the Mighty Reds one here. So I thought I'd ask if there are any Liverpool tokers here Since it's transfer day, my attention has been locked on the potential signing of Yevhen Konoplyanka from Ukraine's FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. The latest news as of 3:57pm is that the deal is: But hope it goes through. If it does we can play Coutinho as a #10 behind Suarez and Sturridge, and we all know how good he is Medical has been done to save time, and I believe Ian Ayre is over in Ukraine to try and broker a deal... Seems we didn't go for him because Salah was a cheaper option, which is why we didn't want to pay as much as Chelsea for him. Thought I'd leave this here and 2005 HT Istanbul YNWA
  2. Hi all So i thought i would start a thread just so we could chat in general and vent about the tournament that started today with Russia beating the Saudi`s 5-0. Man of the Match Cheryshev (yes i had to google it ) looked good i loved his touch for the first goal. No predictions as of yet from me being this early in the tournament but im looking forward to it, it will be my sons first world cup he will remember too which is a bonus Cheers guys and lets hope its a decent world cup !! Farmer e2a; Portugal vs Spain tomorrow should be a tasty game
  3. OK, in an arsey mood cos we're losing against Man U But something in the game has prompted this post. Salah was in the area, United defender had his hands all over him, pulling him back, impeding him. Had he gone down it would have been a penalty, but he didn't, he was only thinking of scoring. So he doesn't go down, and doesn't get the penalty. If he'd gone down under the contact it would have been a dive (because clearly he could have stayed on his feet, because he did stay on his feet), but it would have won the penalty. So he was penalised for not diving. I see too much of that - players that have been fouled (because a foul doesn't need to bring a player down, it just needs to impede him unfairly), trying to stay on their feet, and not winning the foul. Getting penalised for fair play Of course that encourages players to dive on contact, cos if the ref isn't going to give a foul when a player tries to stay on their feet, why bother trying ? And if you're not gonna bother trying, then you'll go down easy. Shit refereeing leads to diving - it does my fucking head in, tackles that are fair 50/50 tackles (or when a player gets the ball but then clears another player out) given as fouls (and even yellow cards) when they were perfectly fair physical challenges, while defenders with their arms all over a player in the penalty area, pulling them back ,impeding them (which most certainly IS a foul) not given unless the attacking player goes down. Sorry if that don't make much sense, vodka for breakfast
  4. Normally don't really bother with football friendlies, but I'm watching this one. Not because I have any England vs Scotland feeling, but just because the wider thing of 'the auld enemy' and the history of the fixture means that this is more than just a friendly for the players, which means it's gonna be a proper competitive game (which is what other friendlies never are, they're pointless games that nobody really cares about). It's kinda a friendly that 'matters' to the players, which makes for (hopefully) a proper game of football, none of this all the substitutions at half time cos the coach is just treating the game as a training session to have a look at different player options for real games.
  5. IN UK420 league; I am Uncle Woody, owner of Hell Hole Fire I also started 2 private leagues. If anyone wants to play H2H or add another private classic league to Thanksplay in. PM me with emils for invite. Make sure to tall me which league; Points, or H2H