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Found 4 results

  1. So the 2021 season is now upon us, and the time has come for us gorillas to get at 1 with nature and do what we do best... so let's do this... Big thanks to @panik for inviting me into the RGSC outdoor competition and also for all the hard work put into creating these vars for guys like me to grow. First time in a comp for me so I will do my very best to do these beans justice and hopefully grow some beautiful plants that make my fellow guerrillas proud. Good luck to all and everyone entering the comp, I look forward to reading all your diarys and sharing your experiences as the season moves on.. exciting times guys and girls So the vars I will be running in this diary are as follows.. Affiedaze Purple freeze bx1 Fast zkittles Opg x freezeland The plan for these is to grow them out on my main plot, the plot is pretty established now after a few seasons and always seems to produce big fuk off trees as opposed to plants so this should be interesting.. All my plants will be grown and fed organically and watered from the nearby brook if and when needed. Germination will take place in the next week or so as temps are still very low for this time of year. I want to give these beans the best possible chance of rewarding me to there full potential so feel this to be the correct approach to take. I will be documenting everything i do in growing these girls out including pics from start to finish of there progress. I welcome all advice from anyone who wants to give it as we will never stop learning in this game.. questions will always be answered so feel free to reach out if there is anything you want to no that hasn't been explained. I just wanted to get this going so will be updating in due course once I got some beans wet.. anyone interested in the finer details I have another diary running that will be getting updated regularly with practically everything I have done and the steps taken to achieve it. So there you have it welcome to.... Revives RGSC outdoors antics... let the games begin To be continued... Peace out dudes and dudettes, have a cracking Bank Holiday and keep it green
  2. Right then guerrillas I’m back once again with my seasonal grow diary for all you green fingered outlaws. I hadn't planned on doing a diary this year , but I thought it would be fun to share the journey with everyone. For all the people who no me . I said goodbye to my dad at Christmas, he passed away from throat cancer. Last year I used various outdoor projects to distract me from watching my fathers impending death. I miss the old boat so much and it's been a tough few months adjusting to life with out him. I haven't quite felt the same since he passed away. Anyway , Enough of the that ! It looks like the forum has gained lots of new and enthusiastic guerrillas so hopefully this season will be a fruitful one for us all. Lots of new faces and few old ones are still here chugging away in the background. This May has been wet and abit cold, but have faith . This year I’m going to try a new approach. Instead of going balls deep into the diary. I'm going to attempt a more systematic explanation of the whole project lifecycle and explain some techniques I use to deliver a successful harvest year on a budget. Here’s a breakdown of how I’m going to do the diary this year Introduction Useful rules I've leant the hard way Last years work Seed selection Approach plan Equipment and Money saving techniques Plot hunting techniques (do’s and don’ts) Germination This years grow sites Plant out Maintenance Prepare for harvest and harvesting Drying and curing - Hash Making Smoke report Sign off I'll be back next week . Have a great weekend and wish everyone all the best for this season.
  3. Hey All Happy New Year! Seems a good time to start a diary Thanks to all at Sweet seeds for running another great competition and Joolz for hosting. Good luck to all the competitors, hope everyone has some fun getting their jars full. I've had a few issues uploading pics but with that sorted I'll whip through the first couple of weeks and get up to date. Cheers
  4. Looking forward to the new Real Gorilla seeds strains coming soon. I should imagine most outdoor growers in the UK especially guerilla growers are waiting for this to drop too. If like me, the suspence is killing you. This thread is for you. If not, then why not. Every grower should have least a couple of RGS in there collection. I was hoping for some pure indicas, and maybe something with a bit of cbd in it for 2021. What you looking for?