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Found 93 results

  1. just a heads up that ALLDI have vac storage boxes £10 for the vac pump £5 boxes / bags
  2. Truly part of the anointing oil, I'm sure. Holy it is, blessed are we, the ones who enjoy. Thank each and everyone of you for your hard work and dedication and helping us achieve our goals here on this planet. I may not spend much time here, but I'd like to let you all know the impact this forum has had on my life. And it is great. I started my hash processing journey, becoming famous on this forum for being a "Dr. Frink," and a ten year thread bump. Hash and Hash oil has come a long way in 15 years, but I want to let you all know I love you all. Cannabis is the only medicine that can clothe, heal, and feed us... that we all have the opportunity to grow as much as we need, on our own small amount of personal space. Never forget that. Tell everyone you know. We could literally be building houses, utilizing sustainable architecture techniques, combined with modern 3D printing abilities... out of the cannabis waste from processing hash. Let's start thinking outside the box, aiming to build a better future for everyone on this rock sailing through space. It's our spaceship, let's help make it sustainable.
  3. Hi, I've had my Frisian Duck outdoors, but in a pot, since May. First in a greenhouse, then the wilds and now back in a greenhouse since the start of October when the heavens opened. The pistils on her little purple buds have started going red/brown in earnest now. I'm not 100% sure when she will be absolutely finished and I am in no particular hurry. Information about her usual finishing time is vague, of course it always is, but never more so. Some sites say they start flowering at the start of October (I think they might mean finish). Some say they are ready mid-October and some at the End of November. Even the breeder - Dutch Passions own website is vague saying harvest is somewhere between the start and middle of Autumn, presumably meaning around the third week of October (2 weeks time). Quite a few leaves have yellowed and dropped off, but it is far from the majority, so I assume there are plenty of nutrients in the plant and in the soil. I am using Biobizz nutrients and have it reasonably dialled in I think. All that said, I was wondering if organic outdoor pot-based growers bother with a flush? If so, would you assume that there are about 2 weeks left and start to water without nutrients for the last couple of weeks? I am torn between carrying on with nutrients as I have been and going to water only for 'the last couple of weeks'. What do you think? Should I go to water only, carry on giving nutrients, get the microscope out and only go to water once I have the ambers coming on properly or Option X? Midge
  4. So the top cola of my most mature auto seems almost ready as seen in the following pic . Is it that bad if I start curing just that cola now? It's already past the date specified by the seller by about 1.5 weeks. It feels like I've been growing this forever and I still would have about another 20+ colas on this plant and another 5 plants, so I thought it wouldn't be too bad? Shouldn't it already be like at 80 or 90% of its peak potency? I am not a believer in amber trichomes by the way: they should be all milky and barely if not at all amber. I don't have magnifier glass but this one is heading towards week 11 since germination for a Golden Harvest Auto Super Tangie which is supposed to be 9 weeks from germination. I plucked a single one of those tiny leaves for a tiny puff of smoke and the high felt too strong for a placebo effect, though I have no proof for it.
  5. GROW REPORT - Tent - 4x4x7 ' Light - Mars Hydro TS3000 450w LED Medium - Biobizz light mix with added worm castings, dolomite lime, perlite, and malted barley in flower. Feed - Organic dry amendments (4-6-4 grow and 1-4-8 bloom) Water: Tap water with some PH down (no need for calmag as it's very hard here). Fairly straightforward grow. I trained her out hard around week 3 when preflowers started showing, she took to training like a dream, every cola round the outside looks like a main. I don't really defoliate autos, but one thing I did do when I had all those colas trained round the edge, is remove the biggest fan leaf from the inside of each of those tops, which I think really helped get the light down to the middle of the plant and turn those little bottom shoots that normally become larf into proper nugs. I'm confident this plant will be 90-95% nice buds with a tiny bit of popcorn. I planted her a month after the others I had in the tent (I had a samsquanch OG that I stunted and I didn't think would make it so I planted the Pinot, but they both made it - things got rather cramped towards the end with 6 plants in a 4x4!) Because of this, she had the light to herself for the last few weeks which I'm sure helped the development of the lower/side buds. She suffered through some cold nights and underfeeding in flower, and she powered through like an absolute trooper.
  6. Sorry guys, but I don't manage to decide about them. So would you chop them today ? My brain's stuck, seems like I'm unable to take a decision today so I really need some help. There are a Pineapple Glue Auto (day 91) and Critical Jack Auto (day 98). Pineapple Glue Auto : And The Critical Jack which has foxtailed a lot :
  7. hi, ive been lurking for ages but this is my first post, i couldnt find the answer to my question so ive made an account to ask it myself, i hope someone can help me cz i really dont know what to do for the best right now. my plants are a week past their harvest date according to the seed pack. im growing barneys blue cheese and liberty haze, chosen because they both have the exact same flowering time according to the breeders website, 60-65 days. today is day 69. im growing in coco in a small room using canna nutes- a&b, rhizo, cannazym, pk and molasses as a boost. ive got 12 plants under 3x 600w hps. i was due to chop last weekend but most of them had main colas that werent ready even tho the side colas looked like they were (which is the opposite of my usual experience) so i left them and have kept a close eye on them over this week and found that ive had a lot of regrowth on my main colas. some of them have turned a funny shape and are kind of square looking and there have been new white pistils shooting out and a few small roundish leaves growing out through the bud. my trichs are mostly cloudy but i have no proper loupe so im using my cameras zoom to look at them so its not all that clear as i have no tripod. ive found a bit of info on the subject that says it might be a problem with too much light so i have turned all 3 lights down to 400w and have been reducing the light by 10 min in the morning and 10 min at night (so 20 min per day) for the past week. i have also had problems with my temps being too cold during the dark hours. they were reaching 10 degrees but it does not seem to have had any adverse effect on them, ive had no probs at all until this. this past week ive bought a little heater cz i took one plant down last weekend but have no separate space to dry so ive had to fashion a little cardboard wardrobe to hang my buds to dry in. the little heater has taken the temps in there up to about 14-15 in the dark. i dont think raising the temps during the dark could of caused the regrowth as it started before i put the heater in there. maybe its adding to it tho?? of the regrowth, as of last night there was only one plant that had brand new pistils on one cola, the rest that have white pistils all look to be settling down and turning orange now. as i was planning on chopping last weekend they have now had no nutes for the past 2 weeks and the leaves are starting to turn yellow as expected. so my question is, should i leave them for another week until the hairs on the new growth has turned orange or should i chop them now? i know im meant to go by terps and not pistils but its hard to see what im looking at through my zoom. i dont have the option of chopping odd branches off as i only have one room to use. if the advice is to leave them for longer, should i give them some nutes? i hope ive put this in the right section. tia for any advice
  8. Ok so im around day 53 roughly of 12/12 and Running coco for the first time, curious on what people would advise as to flushing for harvest. Iv currently reduced my feeds down to 1.0 E.C at 60/40 (r.o/tap) so 0.3 E.C+ calmag up to 0.4 then A+B up to 1.0EC PH 6.0. My thoughts were to drop to just the r.o/tap or even straight tap water ph'd. Not sure on weather i can just flush it with ph tap water only or weather it would be best practise to reduce down to 0.8 E.C then down to just a mix of tap and R.O with cal mag for the rest of the flush as this is what the plant has been getting the whole grow with notes added on top. Im thinking to flush for probably 7 days
  9. Finally jarred up.

    From the album Repotted to 8 litre

    After 8 days drying ( a bit less time would have been better but no harm done) the buds of green gelato from RQS (photoperiod) are finally in air tight jars where they will stay. For the first two weeks the jars will be burped once a day for a few minutes.
  10. From the album Repotted to 8 litre

    Day 60 and they are coming down ready or not. Green Gelato from RQS feminised photoperiod.
  11. Hi all, first timer, trying to work out when to chop. having some issues with spider mites, so keep to cut asap. 2 autos, about 80 days in, which is past the recommended date (I know this is just a guide under perfect conditions). Grown in soil (plagron light mix) with AN sensi nutes, under LED. I have been looking through a loupe but am struggling to work out of the tricomes are clear or cloudy. Here are a few pics, not sure if there is enough detail, but any advice welcomed. Plant 1 (first 3 pics) Plant 2 (second 3 images) thanks
  12. Hi guys, My AK420 Autoflower is a week or so within its harvesting window. However the Flowering LED lights are not working anymore, meaning the plant is just receiving a 'blueish' vegetation light. Will having just the veg light on for a couple of days, harm the plants buds at this stage? I haven't got the time to harvest the plant until the weekend. Thanks for reading!
  13. How do you cure when the humidity in the air is a lot higher than what you want in your jar? Like when I burp the jars the humidity ends up going up because the air is so humid. How do you get humidity in it’s down when every time you open them it goes up?
  14. Just checking before I post any pictures, can I post pic for advice on if my lady is ready for chop?
  15. Just an appreciation post for the info this site has provided, as this wouldn't have been possible without it
  16. From the album Katch

  17. I had five plants in my greenhouse (mainly pineapple express autos), probably about a week or two from harvest (about 20% trichomes gone cloudy, rest still clear). The first got mouldy and I pulled it quickly because it anyway was the scrawniest and also had loads of aphids. Mould then got into my best plant which I also quickly pulled but sadly it is now also in my second best plant. I have taken off the mouldy buds but not yet pulled it. I would really like these last two and a half plants to finish properly, and we are forecast that the sun should come back this week so it might just happen. I have put an airblowing heater pointed firstly at some harvested buds to help them dry without going mouldy (mould was near/on these buds but I severely trimmed it away) and behind them the plant that I took mould branches off but left the rest. Next to it (out of picture) are two more plants which I would also love to get to maturity but I'm really scared about the mould getting them also. The drying buds are at 50 degrees C and the plant behind at about 40 C which I figure will protect from mould without killing it. I'm planning to sit tight like this, check very carefully for new mould every day, and cross my fingers. But tips much appreciated - should I just accept mould spread is inevitable and pull the lot early?!? I don't care about taste. I mainly only vape and make edibles. The main things I care about are potency and longevity (I'm still vaping 2018 weed and hope this will also last a few years).
  18. harvest

    Need help. Planning a guerilla grow this year but have nowhere to dry my bud if all is successful. I like to plan ahead and not leave myself stuck so has anyone any experience outdoor drying or any ideas I can do it not in my home it would be a great help.
  19. Hey so I’ve just spotted a few of these balls on my plant. I’m around 2-3 weeks away from harvest and I’m literally freaking out now Here’s the balls ive seen and here’s my plant would it be better just to chop it down now before the pollen spreads ? Or should I just see it out for the next few weeks?
  20. I found a good spot beside a corn field that hasn’t been planted yet I need some tips on growing in or beside the corn field if yous have any experience let me know ✌️✌️☀️ I seen rgsc done this a couple years ago, should I add some soil to the soil that’s in the ground ?
  21. Hey guys and girls. first time growing , and I’m closing in on harvest time. Im growing White diesel haze from White Label Seeds Im getting close to harvest but wanted some extra opinions , I’ll add some photos on the trichomes later on. But judging by these photos how close would you say I am to harvest and when should I start to flush? I’m growing in coco... also I heard autos don’t really get a big yield and I still may not but it’s looking flipping huge , so did I get lucky?
  22. Hey Guys back with another question. I'm nearing harvest time now and i'm super excited about my first grow. All has gone as well as i expected it too , there's been a couple problems, although they quickly got sorted out , thanks to some advice i got on here. so my question , i've seen a lot of videos where the grower has done a pretty major leaf thinning about a week or so prior to harvest and they've all said its so the light can hit the lower buds for a little while just whilst they are ripening up. Although i've never seen this done with Autos .... my girls are pretty bushy so i was wondering what you guys think? will it effect the plant at this late stage, am i get to leave it or do you think it might do the lower buds some good ?