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Found 122 results

  1. Hi all, Normal post which I assume has been answered many times before but I thought i'd ask again. I am Bristol based and have plenty of experience with weed, but growing seems the next step to try! My idea is to wait until april/may time to start the grow. I have a wooded area of which to start the grow in and plan on 1.5 ft deep holes, lining with black bags and filling with compost and starting from there. The questions being; how hard it is to do an outdoors grow in England, especially with the weather being as bad as it is. What seeds are recommended? I've seen a few types scrolling through the forums but do not really know enough about growing to justify a decision. Will the grow take longer outdoors than it would indoors? I've looked through the forums enough to find guides and such as to how to tend to the plants once the initial work is done and intend to keep looking through them as the grow continues. Does anyone wish to share their first experiences so I can get an idea of what to expect? Thanks for all the help,
  2. I am sure there are many other similar requests, but I am about to embark on my first indoor grow....I have been gifted a free tent and some lights, so I really don't have an excuse not to get a grow on! The thing is I am a complete novice when it comes to growing, having only ever grown once in a pot, outside in my garden from some saved bag seed. I got the plant to full maturity, cropped and harvested. I made a few mistakes, hopefully, I will learn from them. (Mostly the harvest/curing stage) I have a free Dinafem 'Cheese' and 5 Kiwi 'White Island' seeds. I am tempted to subscribe and use those seeds to start off with instead. Is it worth just growing a few different strains together or should I stick to what I already have? Was thinking of starting out with just four plants in total, as don't think the tent and light set-up would be adequate for much more. Any recommendations or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. drobe

    From the album My drobe

  4. MK and his GrowDrobe So as some of you will know i had to give up growing for a while, however i am now able to grow in my wardrobe! Ive never had to build such a device before as I've always Grown in tents so all of your knowledge and help is essential So I've started lining the inside with mylar and sealing all the corners and joins etc to stop any light leaks and also smell. Now my wardrobe is a large built in wardrobe that goes all along my bedroom and i have chose the end corner section as this only has one door. Now i have a few questions 1. Do i leave the shelf in the top 1/4 of the wardrobe and put my extraction fan up there and then put the carbon filter in the main section and somehow cut a whole for the ducting through the shelf? 2.Do i take the shelf out which then gives me extra height and just attach the fan from the roof as i would in a tent and cut a whole in the roof of the wardrobe? I will try and get some pics up for you as my explanation might not be the best
  5. just germinated 3 seeds big bang auto using paper towel method then planted the germinated seeds in bio bizz light mix 2 of them pooped through soil yesterday. 3rd one today and i noticed something strange has 3 seedling leafs, never seen this before anyone had this ? (don't have a clue how to upload pics to keep people updated on it )
  6. Hi all , I have a list of stuff i was thinking of using on my first grow any wisdom put my way would be great. Im in the belfast area so if you know off any shop's pther than HB. Gro-Sure Perlite - 10L 1. http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/gro-sure-perlite---10l-131085 Gro-sure Vermiculite Plant Food - 10L 2. http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/gro-sure-vermiculite-plant-food---10l-136459 Gro-sure Vegetable Growing Compost 3. http://www.homebase.co.uk/ProductDisplay?urlRequestType=Base&catalogId=10011&categoryId=&productId=208927&urlLangId=110&langId=&top_category=&parent_category_rn=&storeId=10201 Fruit and Vegetable Feed - 1L 4.http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/garden/plant-feed-and-fertilisers/plant-feed-and-fertilisers/homebase-fruit-and-vegetable-feed---1l-321139 Or this . http://www.petsathome.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/pets/coco-coir-fibre-brick-650g?gclid=CjwKEAjwrbSoBRDok47Sv6Ci80wSJABFUszT2yZKWwIBLfR9JkuFaJTp8i-hCk8pfpdJY30BrEBFLRoCIG7w_wcB
  7. High guys, below is a list of what I have collected so far / some parts are still to arrive.. appreciated if anyone can tell me other essentials I should get before setting up. 5" fan (exhaust) 5" acoustic ducting 5" rhino pro 4" fan (intake) plant magic soil plant magic grow + bloom plant magic boost + evolution 1.5 L / 5L / 10L pots 400w HPS 250w HPS Lumii dimmable ballast PH test kit PH up and down PH meter Temp / Humidity meter Lumii timer for lights 2 x fan controllers white-black-white sheeting velcro to hold sheeting acoustic foam to absorb fan noise bungee cords to hang filter etc. dehumidifier blocks to absorb exhausted air hooks/chains for lights ona block desk fan This is the space i'll be using and how I plan to set it up. - I have 4 of each pots (1.5L, 5L, 10L) - undecided whether to grow 3 or 4.. also should I veg in each pot size for about 3 weeks before potting on? and for watering/feeding - give them enough until there is slight run off - repeat every 3/4 days as needed?
  8. Drobe Idea

    From the album Plans

    Grow cupboard plans: 1 x 250w HPS 3 x soil based plants 1 x 5" Ruck fan - high power - extraction 1 x 5" Ruck fan - low power - intake 1 x 5" Rhino carbon filter 1 x desk fan acoustic ducting..

    © ©

  9. Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. Doing a grow set up for a mate in an attic, I have maybe 10 grows under my belt. Only done a year in an attic, winter was easy, summer brought botrytis through my in ability to control heat / humidity. So I've got to plan well this time and I don't have anyone to talk it through... So here I am. I'm planning a sphere of scrog using 4 plants around a vertical 600w or 1000w in a cool tube with out a reflector as I've read this is best for lumens reaching the plant as there's less reflected light and I can get the plants closer. I had success with my modified scrog from one plant, flattening it out into a hemisphere and putting it at a 45 degree angle opposite my 600w with a reflector behind. I got average of 17oz per plant. With regard to heat and smell I'm thinking about either having the cool tube running its own feed from fresh air out the roof to fresh air and using co2 enrichment to reduce my need for air exchange. I figured a small 4" carbon filter with inline fan ramped down low to keep a negative pressure on the tent vent that to a separate small tent in which I'd have baffles to make the air travel further, an ozone generator, some ona gel maybe an odour neutralising spray and another 4" carbon filter and fan venting up the chimney. I'll use air con / dehumidifier in main tent as necessary. Either the above way or ditch the co2 enrichment and have massive air exchange using a 5" filter on the end of the cool tube venting into the aforementioned separate tent when my ozone generator and all that stuff is. Any thoughts and criticisms would be greatly received. Tent size and equipment is all changeable as it's not all bought. Thanks in advance
  10. Jamaican dream trim bubble bag hash

  11. Hi. i want to establish a grow area in my roof and would like to purchase a grow tent. What i'm unsure about is the density of plants vs tent size. I would like about 8 plants growing but how is that reflected in the size of tent, fans etc? So for example, with a 1.2mx1.2mx2.0m setup, how many plants could i realistically grow in that, assuming all the plants would be growing well? Also, i realise that this is strain dependant, but what if you took an "average" type strain - not too small, not massively big. I guess it's also cultivation dependant - i.e. if you top out etc - so that needs taking into consideration. I see from peoples' pictures that their plants are really densely packed together, as you'd expect where space is a premium, but a bit lost on this question hence my post. Also :-), so many fucking questions, sry folks, height is an issue. I can make the 2m no problem, but don't really want the tent in that area. Perhaps i am coming at this from the wrong angle - i need to pick my strain first and judge how big they're gonna get then plan the size of tent around that? Finally - i guess we're not allowed to link directly to online products, but i see the full starter kits online - ie tent, light, fan, filter etc. Are any of them any good, or are you best off cherry picking based on peoples' recommendations of the individual components (as i've seen in other posts). Call me lazy, but if there's a good one of these kits then one click is surely better than 15. PM me unless we are allowed to publish links to products? Cheers community!
  12. Ok, so this is my first ever post on uk420. What inspired me to post is my experience so far preparing for my first GG. Just a quick introduction, i first smoked weed when i was 14 enjoyed it with friends, all innocent fun. Come adulthood i learned to potential in cannabis' medicinal qualities and so was inspired to be a part of the uk movement in some way. Although its not currently legal or reasonable to set up a medical farm and dispensery in the UK i wasn't to let it stop me so i came across GG'ing and knew i was going to pursue it. After much research and revision i'd come to understand what an undertaking it was going to be, or so i thought, first tip: its likely that until you've completed your first grow you will not understand the amount of work and discipline it will take to pull of a successful harvest so bear that in mind. So anyway, i'd "scouted" many locations i thought suitable on google/bing maps and saved them (maybe not advisable, instead write the co-ordinates somewhere safe) and had begun to see them on foot. Tip two; never rely on a spot if you've only seen it on google or bing maps, you must go to the location and walk around, inspect and analyse: Are there any signs of human activity? rubbish, footprint, snapped tree branches ect. My experience was that some locations had changed drastically and were no longer viable and new plot locations had opened up, this is because the pictures on these programs are out of date. So ive picked my first plot, ill make it quick, due to too much human activity (snapped braches and tyre tracks) plus unsuitable ground (it floods) and little light this spot although discreet wasn't viable. (This was the same with many others, i'd visited several spots before i found the best ones, google maps was still invaluable). A spot near by however got my interest peaked; an island. I'd read about people suggesting island grows but never seen anyone who had attempted it or at least journaled it. So that same night i decide that early morn i will go to the island, balls to it. I got our blow up boat, a spade (which i stashed in a guitar bag) wellies and all the other gubbins and headed of on my bike. All was going well, my routine was i would arrive, inflate the boat as the sun rose and paddle over with my spade and start digging and prepping, get tired, paddle back, deflate and return home before i was ever missed. The islands was perfect, plently of space, surrounded by trees, and vegetation that cover the raised grow bags i was gonna use and 8 hours of direct sunlight. However, one day, in my blind enthusiasm disaster struck! So, i'd bought my fbb, my steaks, slug pellets and copper tape, ready to take it over and stash it on the island, i put by bag on the boat and slide on after it spade it hand. I pull the spade up and the corner tugs agains the boat, it loses buoyancy and i realise ive gashed the boat and its deflating rapidly beneath me, my bottom half ends up in the water and i'm out of my depth lets just say. I get back to land, bottom half drenched, i wasn't too far out luckily because me and my bag would be under if i were. I get back to shore, stand there in disbelief, seeing the dream melt infront of my eyes and drip down my jeans. I take of the drenched clothing wring it out and mark it down to experience. jokes story i thought, had to share it. I always wonder what would have become of me had i burst the boat returning from the island, i'd probably still be there drinking my own piss and trying to eat the local wildlife. So its not all bad news, turns another area that i hadn't explored deep enough came up trumps and i've found a enormous field of disused land literally carpeted with nettles so the ground must be good. Tip 3; exploring is the key, you can look on google and bing maps for hours but the key it exploring on foot and finding those places that are truly worthy of your plants. My northern light are ready to go out, so i'm gonna scatter them deep into the field in large holes, im looking for some monsters. Gonna get some PM's and they can go out start of may. Reason why the NL's are going out early is because i'm housing them in diy mini cling film greenhouses to help further acclimatise them and hold the pest of till they're ready. Any questions are welcome, and have you got any calamity stories while growing.
  13. Hi all. This gonna be my first grow, Im gona use a 250w Dual Agro CFL (6400k/2700k) with a CFL reflector from the top of the box. For the side, im gona use 4x20w cheap 6400k CFL for veg and 4x20w 2700k for flowering. The box size is 40x80x200 I want grow 2 or 3 plants. this lightning system could work?
  14. Hi guys I'm a first time grower. I have 1 plant (Chem dog ), shes about 4 and a bit foot, 3 weeks into flowering. I have her under a 600w HPs with carbon filter and fan. 120 x 120 x 200 grow tent. just looking for some advice on how the plant looks. I just don't know how to add images onto this topic ???????? anyone help ??
  15. Jamaican Dream

  16. Hey, Working out the final details for my loft grow and looking for some advice on ventilation. I will be building two insulated boxes, one for veg / mother and one for flower. The flower box will be a vertical setup with 400w hps around 4 foot square and the veg box will be a bit smaller using only CFL's or maybe a T5. The plan! Draw air from the house through a passive intake into the vegging room, connect the veg room to the flower room and then have a CF and extractor fan extracting out through the flowing box and out through pipe used for the cooker extractor fan. The issue is that the kitchen extractor pipe is only 10cm /4 inches wide. From reading the forum and advice I've been given I would need a 6 inch fan in this situation to keep temps under control especially in the summer. Questions: Can I use a larger fan (say 6'') and still connect it to the 4'' pipe? Will this create allot of noise / problems or will I be able to just about get by on a 4'' fan? The alternative is to extract the outlet into the kitchen below, the worry I have here is that I want to be stealthy and having warm air pumped into the kitchen and living area (it's open plan) will look suspicious as hell. Any advice? Cheers SeaView
  17. ive planted my seeds and i have long thin seedlings growing after a week. I am just wondering how much longer does it take to get a decent sized plant from seeds whilst on veg? I have only used clones before andthey where quite big after a week. Im growing chocolope in coco medium.
  18. Hi all this is my first time growing and I have decided to do it guerrilla style. I'm hoping to have 4 purple marocs as I have heard these are a fairly easy strain to start off with? I will have 2 in one spot and 2 in another. I'm going to mix multi purpose compost with the original soil and plant directly into holes in the ground. I will surround with copper tape and chicken wire at the bases of the plants. Any ideas of how to fend off insects etc? All advice is appreciated as I'm new to this Many thanks
  19. Plants love the feeding from the Aquaponic greenhouse. Using a couple of heaters to keep the Pond temperature up and the Fish active. I have a re purposed Large Topsy Turvy being irrigated with water from the pond. The plants , cuttings, and seedlings are nice and green using only the water from the fish. The aggregate which can be clay balls, river rock, coir, Perlite, is whetted with the fish water during irrigation cycles and air and Bacteria work to break down Ammonia in the Fish water and converts it to a Nitrogen the plants use to grow. This is a Win Win as You just feed the Fish and the Fish feeds the Plants and the Plants clean the water for the fish. Eco-Friendly and it works.
  20. First Grow CFL 9/1/14

    From the album First Grow (CFL)

    First Grow CFL 9/1/14 1-2 week before harvest
  21. Hi all Used to use this site when i was doing an indoorgrow ,that went terribly wrong as upstairs flat flooded meaning the council had to come in Anyway iv decided that i would prefer to grow outside in a guerilla style grow Iv got alot of greenery in the area and the thames is real close so alot of un-touched fields in more remote places that i also fish from iv got a few spots in mind and will be checking out new places on a regular basis so iv been reading non stop for like 3 months on the basics so hoping to continue learning everyday i have around 30 bag seeds from some lovely northern lights , passion #1 , ammnesia , uk cheese , big buddah seeds and some others As its my 1st time im going to buy 10 feminized seeds to learn more before i go all out fem in the years to come What fem seeds have you lot had success from in my kinda lat (51 london) My plan is to germ seeds at home and place in root riot cubes for a week or less then transplant them to their holes in the ground that im going to prep by mixing compost into ground with worm castings , perlite and vermiculite and some gravel any help would be wicked so fire away at me with your expertise and info Many thanks Camo conor
  22. Just a quick question. I have just returned from Amsterdam where i smoked some Purple Haze. in the Bag i found 2 seeds. Has anyone grown any of these seeds out? Alsowhat are the chances of male/female or will it just be 50/50? Thanks
  23. Hi There, I am currently growing a Power Africa and a G13 Haze. With the Power Africa I am 16 days after flipping to 12/12 and have many flower sites. She is 3ft tall and 3 foot wide and currently planted in a 8 gallon Pot and until yesterday she has been drinking around 7/L every second/third day However after watering with 8L yesterday I have just checked the soil and it is dry. I am using the knuckle deep dryness technique and this has been working but i don't want to start over watering her. Can it be possible that she needs 8L/day? Do plants suddenly get thirsty when they start flowering? Forgot to mention that the room temp is still the same. Thanks Tom
  24. Power Africa Day 35 19nov 2

    From the album Power Africa Grow

    Day 35(from Seed) flipped to flower yesterday. Some badly yellowed leaves at bottom which were caused by me under watering but she is recovering