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Found 81 results

  1. Ca Deficiency? 2

    From the album Ca Deficient?

  2. Deficiency Chart

    From the album Misc

    A chart of deficiencys
  3. Posted here as our plants aren't ill (hopefully). Any ideas whats the problem, understand there's a slight lockout but note sure what esle is happening. Temps day 26-28c night 19-21c 50-70rH 600w HPS Living in 11ltr coco, fed formelex & maxicrop stim All new growth is fine and healthy, I'll get full frontals of the ladies later, Thanks in advance for any help
  4. Deficiencyproblems

    From the album Our girls

    Any ideas whats the problem might be, only showing signs on old leaves, otherwise plants look healthy, Thanks
  5. Hello to all and thank you in advance for taking the time to check out my dilemma. Info about the grow, I have just the one plant which I believe to be Thai Stick (female), overall age unknown but still in veg state and I'm wanting to put into flower pretty soon. Last re-potted just over 3 weeks ago using J.Innes # 3. Only fed the plant twice since I got her, last fed with a weak solution of generic tomato feed 3 weeks after re-pot. Watering whenever top inch of soil becomes dry (about once/week) - I water until I see first signs of run-off coming out of drainage holes. The plant was started outside but brought in when saw she was being eaten. Looked like symphalids so used an organic bug spray once and put a light covering of pebbles over the top of the soil. 1 week after this there was no further sign of bug attack, ever since the plant has been brought back inside. Growth has been very fast, pinched the top just after re-pot and since then lots of pistils have formed... it's this fast growth that makes me think there's a deficiency of some sort and the tomato feed was pretty cheap. The main concerns are the browning/necrosis of tips & edges of fan leaves and the new shoots are looking a little deformed. The browning isn't isolated to just lower leaves but seems to be catching sporadic leaves all the way up to the top few nodes. The top new shoots are deformed but no browning. Some larger fan leaves as well as new shoots are showing what look like rips or splits. Thought this could be a case of nute-burn but not too sure. Going to buy a ph tester kit and check the run-off this evening/watering water this evening... thought I had some already but ran out ages ago by looks of it... school boy error I know. If my watering water is 6.5-7ph then I'm thinking of flushing the plant regardless of run-off ph, I have been putting off a good water until I was able to check ph. Anything else you need to know please ask away. As said before, if you're reading this then thank you for taking the time to check out my post. Rokks