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    • vince noir rock n roll star
      Thank you for your input and apologies for late reply been mad busy at work all week    so I m going to run either 1 600w and a 1000w light in this tent although it could be turned down to 600w as it dimable ballast. I was going to use 2 600w but picked up a good deal on a 600w dimable and 1000w dimable ballast I just need to source to power cables for them    Im unsure in fans as Ben looking at  8” isomax acoustic fan moves around 900 but been looking at a big 10” box fan that moves 1500 and maybe stick it in loft with ducting come down into tent onto filter    
    • delagdo
      Hello! The plants are growing nicely. Here they were on day 5:
      The compost plants are the larger ones on the left. They only look so dry as they'd just been topped up with a bit of coco, they were moist underneath.
      The coco plants were not given any food until day 4 besides the seaweed-based root stim, which is why they are smaller.  Eventually I gave them food and they have started to grow. Hopefully they will just be delayed a couple of days and not more permanently affected by the slow start.
      The coco plants were watered on days 4 and 7,  EC 0.8 (base 0.4). The compost plants were watered on days 5 and 8. Here's a pic from earlier today, day 9:
      I've been moving them from the tent to the windowsill each day, but I'll stop that soon and leave them in the tent permanently. The environment in the tent seems really nice with the new humidifier. I have been trying different settings, and I like the tent set up like this:
      The humidifier puffs out a vapour cloud, not directly at the plants though some of it drifts across. The black USB fan (top left) blows the cloud down and around, circulating the wet air around the bottom of the tent. I am keeping it with the mist level set at 2/3, and without heating the vapour, and my extraction on at 55%. The sensors measure around 24-26°C with humidity of 50-60% where they are placed (in front of the plants, shaded by the shoe box lid). Using heat level 1/3 makes the temperature more like 25-28°C, 50-60% RH.   This is much better than last grow where temperature was 25°C and the meter stopped measuring humidity because it was too low.
      I had blasted the vapour directly out at the plants for the first few days, they seemed to like it, but I wasn't sure if it was too much. I was still getting similar readings on the sensors but there was obviously a lot more water in the air directly around the plants:
      I plan to pot them up soon in to their final air pots. There are already lots of roots developed in both the coco and compost seedlings so it will happen in the next few days.
      On top of the tent, Ganesha is our lucky mascot:
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      but still more than most .....   what a recovery ..he shoots he scores